Exclusive: Stitched Up Heart Premiere New Music Video, “Frankenstein”

stitched up heart

Stitched Up Heart have teamed with Revolver for the online premiere of their new music video, “Frankenstein.” Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments.

For more on Stitched Up Heart, visit their official website and their Facebook page.


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  • Dahlia

    What’s the deal with all the violence, blood and people getting chopped up! This is so cliche, has been done a million of times and gets simply old! Plus in days like these of kids shooting people in schools, it probably isn’t the most appropriate thing to do!

    • Fester Adams

      coming from someone named “dahlia” ironic lol

      • Dahlia

        Dahlia is a flower, growing mainly in Mexico. My mother loves them and named me after them. Not sure what you were thinking of?!

        • Tripp Sixx

          Probably,The Black Dahlia?! As in, The Black Dahlia Murder….

          • Dahlia

            Just another proof of how sad it is, to think of the Black Dahlia in the first place.

    • Grace

      Since you asked what the deal was with all the violence, in the spirit of understanding, “Frankenstein” is anything but cliche and does not condone violence. Listen to Mixi’s interview about the song. The lyrics and visuals tell a tragic love story which assails prejudice against outsiders like Frankenstein and the violence it engenders. The heroine only wants to save Frankenstein, an outsider like her, and live in peace. She, Frankenstein, the band, and the dancers, with whom the audience, you call them kids, is supposed to identify, never resort to violence, in fact, they’re victimized by it for being different. They’re martyrs who just want to be themselves free of violent persecution. Kids will identify with them, not the killers. Without being pretentious, “Frankenstein” carries on the great lineage of works tracing back to Mary Shelley’s classic encouraging all of us to honor all lives brought into being, even those that offend us. Hence, “Frankenstein” strikes a blow for weirdos, freaks, metalheads, and other outsiders with a message of tolerance, all the while being a fun, pull no punches music video. “Frankenstein” kicks ass and has a great message. That’s what enduring rock songs do, even if some people with the best of intentions don’t see it immediately.

  • Wolf

    she still hot, they sound harder, video lil fucked still its all good to me.

  • Stitched Up Heart

    Thanks again Revolver! We appreciate you. <x3

  • Tripp Sixx

    I simply love the video!!! I’ve been a fan of Stitched up Heart for a while. I just can’t wait to be able to see them live.

  • Virginia Dupew

    Wow great Video good work… :)

  • ChristopherMoonlight

    I’ve never heard of this band before, but I
    thought the video was great, and the music was fantastic, too. The
    whole thing had a level of sincerity to it that I really appropriated. So, many band’s videos are almost apologetic about what they are, or they spin the irony really heavy. These guys just go for it, and it’s cool. It’s rock n roll. You like it or you don’t. If you have to brow beat it, you’re missing the point.

  • Stitched Up Heart

    Grace completely understands this song and the message it’s supposed to send. This makes us happy Stitches <x3

  • grandmasboi


  • Justin Tierney

    I get what you’re going for here, and for the most part I think its pretty good. Just be wary of the pop monster…that will kill your creativity.

  • Zeke Terror

    This is Awsome ! I love it