Exclusive: Sworn In Premiere New Song, “Hypocrisy”

Chicago metalcore/hardcore band Sworn In will release their debut full length album, The Death Card, on August 20th on Razor & Tie. In anticipation, the group has teamed up with Revolver to premiere new song “Hyposcrisy”–check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments.Β The Death Card is available for preorder at MerchNow.


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  • chris si

    cant wait til the 20th

  • Noah

    Love the riffs but the lyrics are generic and cheesy

    • Frank

      indeed, music is dope and actually a little different. but the lyrics remind me that they are just another metalcore band.

      • Sarah

        They are just another metalcore band. Nothing interesting or “different.”

  • MB

    This song kills, one of the few bands working lately to bring back the nu-metal sound we all grew up on if you’re into this kinda’ music.

    • Pablo Leon

      Yeah, honestly though it’s much more technical than the nu-metal we grew up on, but people don’t seem to notice that as much. I think the drum and guitar parts are fucking sick.

      • MB

        I just mean reminescent, not copy-cat. No one wants a copy anyways, they’ve taken what inspired them and incorporated it and I think the result is awesome.

        • Pablo Leon


  • Alabama Joe

    I love Kingmaker!

  • jon

    I’m digging it. I like the groove to the song. As for the lyrics sounding “generic and metal core” who cares, at least they don’t sound like emmure lyrics.

  • poopjazz

    I dig the song instrumentally, but I’m not a huge fan of the new vocalist’s voice as much as the Start/End vocalist. Does anyone know what the Start/End vocalist’s name was and if he has a new band or anything?

    • Avery

      He’s currently one of the two guitarists in the band. This is essentially the original lineup aside from the bassist.

      • poopjazz

        Cool, thanks. Any idea on why he switched from doing vocals?

        • Matt.

          The old vocalist left Sworn In briefly and formed the band Endmark, which has since been done with. He then rejoined the band as a guitarist as Tyler became the vocalist again, for Tyler was the vocalist before the one in Start/End.

          • poopjazz

            Okay thanks, that makes sense. Last question: what is the name of the dude that did vocals for Start/End and Endmark?

          • cwalloch

            I know his first name is Eugene (goes by Gene) but I don’t know his last name

          • Craig

            Gene Kamlyuk

          • poopjazz

            Thanks homies

    • YOOO

      Tyler was always the original vocalist

      he was on the catharsis Ep

      then he was the guitarist for Barrier

      and now he’s back to Sworn In again

      • poopjazz

        I knew that much, but I was mainly wondering about what happened to the Start/End vocalist, but someone already answered that question. Thanks anyways, though.

        • Objekt

          He plays guitar for them now silly he’s in the photo

  • Robert Nguyen

    I like the new Sworn In. For fans of Barrier, Villains, Kingmaker, Gift Giver.

  • big dong pizza

    this is about the equivalent to flaming dog shit on old dudes front porch in a bag

  • dong cannon

    LAME LYRICS. You guys used to be way harder. The groove thing is cool at parts

  • Wade

    Emmure 2.0

    • Dick

      So, Acacia Strain 3.0?

      • faggot

        Emmure can eat a dick

  • Oh

    It doesn’t go as hard as Start/End but it still goes pretty hard, especially that ending, fuck

  • Wayne

    It leads off into another song and I’m just sitting here like, “fuck man that starts out pretty nice.” Can’t wait for these tracks. Seriously hateful stuff!

  • Opportunist

    Dope song. This band has such amazing potential. Anyone who says this is generic is diseased in the brain. Good shit boys. Preordering The Death Card for sure.


    Mixed signals for the song still I think the album is gonna be great
    first single isn’t always the best song
    Sounds like Emmure and Slipknot definitely influenced on the track though
    idk if that was intentional or not but regardless it’s a pretty solid song and stoked to hear the rest of the death card.

  • poopjazz

    So from what I understand, Tyler did vocals for Catharsis, Eugene did vox for Start/End, and Tyler did the new stuff. Apparently Eugene is still in the band, but as a guitar player. I like Tyler’s voice, but I think Eugene sounds better so I don’t understand why he wouldn’t be doing vocals. Tyler’s heavier vocals sound better than Eugene’s, but Eugene’s mid-range sounds more pissed than Tyler’s, which is what the band mostly does. I just wish either Eugene did lead vocals or Tyler did more heavy stuff, which I think he’s better at. Either way, I love the band and both vocalists and I’m stoked for the new stuff, just my opinion. Thoughts?

    • Matt

      Tyler definitely did vocals on Start/End. Having seen them live and listening to the album, it’s definitely Tyler. If nothing else it seems as though Eugene did vocals on Catharsis.

      • Guest

        Tyler was not in the band during Start/End just cause he plays the songs off that EP live…

      • Ryan

        You are so wrong.

  • Richard

    What the fuck do you guys want the lyrics to say? He’s not William Fucking Shakespeare.

  • Pat

    Eugene still does vocals in the band, he does his his mid ramge screams in other songs like son for the namless. Tyler is a great vocalist and so is eugene. they both should do vocals. that would make it sexy

  • Josh

    Gene only plays guitar in the band. That is Zak the other guitar player doing backup vocals in song for the nameless

  • isaiah

    need that hoodie, shit.

  • ohai

    wah wah wah my friend said boo to me now i want them to die for it -sworn in 2013

  • dad

    is this emmure or sworn in….?

  • dad2

    this new emmure is sick

  • YourGodDamParents

    I love all these Emmure comments. These dudes riff so much more and actual use leads. Emmure does none of that. And I am a fan of Emmure so I actually have a realistic approach to judging this. Fucking retards.

  • MommaCheeks