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Exclusive: The Letter Black Premiere New Song, "Sick Charade"

Exclusive: The Letter Black Premiere New Song,

In the two years since The Letter Black released their debut album, Hanging On by a Thread, they've toured almost nonstop and released two EPs, Hanging On by a Thread Sessions Vol. 1 and 2. But fans are eager for a proper new full-length. That wait will be over in early 2013, when the band drops its followup. In anticipation of that release, The Letter Black are premiering a new song, "Sick Charade," from the album right here right now. Check it out below, read what frontwoman Sarah Anthony has to say about the song, and let us know what you think in the comments. For the latest news on the band, follow them on Facebook.

REVOLVER What's "Sick Charade" about?
SARAH ANTHONY This song is about hypocritical people. It's about those who say one thing and do another. In this song, I talk about my decision to not follow those types of people anymore and hopefully challenge the listener to decide whether or not they will.

What was the inspiration?
Musically, Rage Against the Machine. Lyrically, life experiences. Too many to list.

What part of it did you guys come up with first?
Mark [Anthony, guitarist] came up with the guitar riff first. That's how most of our songs start. It sets the tone and mood for the lyrical content.

Was it easy or hard to write and record?
This song was surprisingly easy all around. We had a blast recording it.

How is the new album coming along?
We actually recorded earlier this summer and just received the mixes from David Bendeth. That guy is magic behind a mixing console! We are so stoked for it to get released.

How would you describe it compared to your previous music?
This release is way more mature and in your face than the last record. We also feel it's more aggressive. Also, the overall theme is more cohesive and less sporadic.

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