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Exclusive: The Word Alive Debut New Song, "Evolution"

Exclusive: The Word Alive Debut New Song,

Phoenix, Arizona's The Word Alive are premiering their new album, Life Cycles, all over the web today, one track at a time.

We're excited to be able to bring you the exclusive premiere of the song "Evolution," on which frontman "Telle" Tyler Smith has to say:

"Seeing the impact that Deceiver had and still has today based off the lyrical direction, I knew that I needed to write at least one song that was just for those people who had some very negative pent up emotions running through their heads.  Reality is that bad shit happens.  People betray you, people try to bring you down, people try to attack you physically, emotionally and mentally.  This song was written in the same vein as 2012, lyrically, and musically Zack just wrote a overall really dark pissed off song.  It's meant to be a continuation of that story and feel in a sense.  It's easily the most brutal lyrics I've ever written, and to be honest, I almost felt like I took it too far.  Maybe I did?

"But if someone tried to destroy your life, or took away everything you loved, you wouldn't shake their hand and say everything was fine.  You would lose your mind, and probably do something absolutely heinous to them.  The darkest point of someones revenge-filled motivation, is this song.  'Evolution' is meant to represent the final chapter in this story, and that after finally ending someones life, this fictional character has evolved into someone who can finally live with peace."

Stream the track below. If you like what you hear, you can pre-order Life Cycles here. You can also stream "For Your Health" over at

Photos: Ministry in Chicago