Exclusive: Trivium Premiere “Strife” Music Video

Today, RevolverMag.com presents the exclusive premiere of “Strife,” Trivium’s new music video, which was directed by Ramon Boutviseth.

The track is from the band’s new album, Vengeance Falls, which will be released October 15 by Roadrunner Records. The album, which was produced by David Draiman (Disturbed, Device), follows 2011’s In Waves.

Vengeance Falls is the culmination of everything we’ve gone through,” says Trivium vocalist and guitarist Matt Heafy. “The representation of struggle endured from within and experienced from the world, every failure and every success has led us to this moment. Vengeance Falls is this moment in time.”

Vengeance Falls is a masterpiece of metal,” Draiman adds. “It is their finest work to date, and a record so strong that it will blow the doors open to a world they deserve to dominate.”

Trivium will hit the road hard in support of Vengeance Falls, kicking off with a North American co-headline tour alongside DevilDriver. The dates get under way September 12 at Boise, Idaho’s Knitting Factory and then continues through mid-October. In the meantime, the Orlando, Florida-based band will spend the remainder of the summer lighting up Europe. For tour information, visit trivium.org/tourdates.

Trivium is Matt Heafy: vocals, guitars; Corey Beaulieu: guitars; Paolo Gregoletto: bass; Nick Augusto: drums.

Vengeance Falls is available for pre-order now. For more about Trivuim, visit trivium.org and their Facebook page.


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  • Justin Collins

    Sounds so good! Can’t wait for the new album!

    • Daniel Lahner

      Where did you get your avatar? Pentacle with Trivium T’s? where can I get it but a bigger size?

      • Justin Collins

        It’s actually Arch Enemy’s logo.

  • W17LY

    How can we see that from Spain??

    • MeltingReality

      We’ll trade you one Trivium for one Horn of the Rhino

  • Doodadoo

    This would have been so much better with screaming on the verse and pre-chorus sections!

  • Jarrett Lewis

    What a terrible snare sound…

  • ListenToProperMetal

    This sucks, they haven’t put out decent material since Shogun.

    • xKillingToolx

      In Waves was a solid album but this is a step backwards.

  • Damian

    Ain’t work in Poland.

  • Paul Quinones

    Why so cryptic??

    • Daniel Lahner

      Its not so cryptic

  • WhoCares

    – Hey! We’ve got 21th century and the Internet and we can show our shit to everybody in the world at the same time!

    – Yeah! That’s great, so let’s limit the amount of countries allowed to do that, because it just seems like a perfect idea!

  • Daniel Lahner

    Great video. #love

  • UchihaName

    Diggin it. The vocals are different than i normally like for Trivium though. I still like the Ascendancy sound really, but this is an awesome song regardless, they still got it.

  • Roland Guardado

    Sick! Cant wait to hear the rest great job!!!

  • Adam James Subitch

    Bad ass vdeo

  • Dale

    I’m still hung up on Ascendancy’s sound, that album is so epic & is one of those famous Iron Maiden – Number Of The Beast or Metallica – And Justice For All….type of sounding albums I think. Obviously it’s not as big as those albums but it’s still a great record. But ever since I seen Trivium live@Harpos in Detroit I’ve been a fan of trivium.

  • Daniel Lahner


  • Daniel Lahner


  • Puku Baker

    my nipples are itchy but I don’t mind because the air is humid

  • Jay Alan Goodwin

    Shogun was Trivium’s masterpiece IMO. This song is solid and enjoyable, however. One complaint: I wish they wouldn’t let their engineer/label brickwall the shit out of their albums though.

    People need to realize that Trivium was done with the Ascendancy-sound four albums ago. If you haven’t moved on or away by now that says more about you then the bands you listen to. Even Ascendancy had “Dying in Your Arms.” It has always been apparent that Trivium wants to be commercially viable. It’s still heavy as hell. They never claimed or tried to be kvlt so move on if you have narrow interests.

  • shadowhog

    Ascendancy quality trivium is never coming back.

    hard to believe that such an apparently talented band keeps making this
    cheesy subpar songs. It’s like they’re not even trying anymore. I
    don’t see what they think they’re doing right. It’s just the 10 thousandth generic song with a stupid cheesy melodeath riff with parallel thirds, an uninpired melody, some chugs, and predictable gang vocals.

    Trivium doesn’t do art anymore. They do stupid bullshit music for impressionable wannabe metal idiots too stupid to tell a chord from their asses.