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Exclusive: Vampires Everywhere! Premiere "Call Out the Dead"

Exclusive: Vampires Everywhere! Premiere

In our never-ending quest to provide you with the best music available, we present the Revolver Bootleg Series. Every month we’ll feature new, rare, and often exclusive music.

This installment comes from fanged metallers Vampires Everywhere!. Their debut, Kiss the Sun Goodbye (Hollywood Waste), comes next Tuesday. They share a brand-new song off the album, “Call Out the Dead,” here. Frontman Michael Vampire  fills us in below.

REVOLVER What is this song about?
MICHAEL VAMPIRE This song originated from a nightmare I had about losing control. I have extreme OCD so the idea of not having control warps my mind.

What was the inspiration for "Call Out the Dead"?
I started off writing the chorus to this song which is my metaphor for walking the earth completely spiraling down out of control. Nothing is worse than being a rotting corpse walking the earth! There's nothing sexy about that.

Was it hard to record?
This song was extremely easy to record. The vocals are in a lower range & the basic idea was there before we hit pre production. I really enjoyed singing this song mainly because we don't have many ballad choruses on our other tracks.

What kind of feedback have you gotten on the song so far?
We have got nothing but positive feedback about the song, however I wouldn't mind some bad on top of the good. Freedom of expression and opinion is a right we earn living in this country and I need something to humor me while in the van on the road.

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