Exclusive: VOLTO!, Featuring Danny Carey of Tool, Premiere Their First-Ever Music Video, “Tocino”

Photo by Tas Limur

VOLTO!, the long-running other project of Tool drummer Danny Carey, is set to release their debut album, Incitare, on July 23 via Fantasy/ Concord Music Group. In anticipation, the rock-jazz fusion group, which also features Don Henley’s session and tour bassist Lance Morrison and Bubbatron guitarist John “Volto” Ziegler, has teamed up with Revolver to premiere their new music video, “Tocino” right here right now. Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments.


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  • Ryan

    Strange video. Digging the band!

  • KrazyKat

    The video is freaky but the music sounds great! Can wait to see Volto at Yestival!

  • modavite

    WOW! Amazing video. Loved Danny Carey camio!

  • Darren

    Wow! The song is great! Who made the video! Weird concept! Perfect for the song!

  • PatoMuerto

    The Mars “VOLTO!” Nevertheless,.. Pretty damn awesome. Looking forward to hearing more!!

  • ToolRocks


  • sunny

    I love this! the video is rad, and the song is great! Congrats on the first video Volto!

  • ThirdEyeOpen

    Is that Blair McKenzie Blake?! Hahaha! Danny cameo… Nice

  • BlackOzen

    Great video Volto! Loved the sacred geometry subtelties.

  • Taslimur

    @d1bdaced5284f03bf0f99c5b26f6117b:disqus The video is directed by Tas Limur and Jacob Roanhaus

  • Reverse Dynamics

    Weird! I had no idea there was an album! I have seen them live. Great video!

  • proghed sarah

    kinda creepy… kinda odd…

  • badjac

    I have no idea what it all means, but i’m watching it again!

  • matt

    this is awesome! loved the video!

  • Gypsy


  • ondarocks

    whats happening??!
    gotta see it again! good stuff!

  • YES

    Great Video!!

  • Jacob Roanhaus

    We had a great time making this video with our friends, glad everyone is digging the premiere.

  • Eden 2.0

    Plenty of Tom drum bashing, as is to be expected of Danny Carey.

  • Glenn Strom


  • Jdawg

    Go Danny Carey and the band!! Song sounds so crazy!! Trippy video too. Gotta watch it multiple times

  • Brain Stack

    Sound very BRAND X like. I absolutely love it.

  • Brain Stack

    If the rest of the songs are only half as good as this, they’ll still be WAAAYYY better than anything on the radio.

  • Rob S.

    I hope this isn’t just a one album project from these guys. I hope Volto becomes as much of a on going project for these guys as a perfect circle was for Maynard.

  • Faron Lovvorn

    Very clean and crisp sound. Wish you guys all the success.

  • Rosie

    Sick! Love the music and the dark vid :)

  • Forsaken

    Great to see a different and innovative take when there are so many boring ass videos out there! Really cool. Can’t wait to see more!

  • El Joy

    Damn! I loved the video and the song was sick! Excellent job guys!

  • Chevez Mcfly

    I love it!!

  • Laura Yasy Galeano Rios

    I adore it, diggin’ it seriously.

  • steve

    That Jazz-Rock fusion is amazing it kind of reminds me of the kind of stuff Jeff Beck does.

    • Chris Gilbert

      That was one of my first thoughts! Reminds me of tracks off of Blow by Blow. A lot of similar instrumentation and tones.

  • Michael Milz

    Reminds me a bit of Return to Forever, digging it.

  • Jamie Silver

    Best new music I have heard in a long time! VOLTO!

  • Lightsober

    WOW.. A lot going on the video. Never heard of Volto before.. A Brand new fan is born! Danny Carey never fails

  • jorxy

    awsome music, but not really my thing. also, hard to concentrate on the music with that clip, haha. diddn’t saw this coming 😛

  • Del Parrish

    That really rocks and sounds fresh. Cool!

  • posiu

    secon new fan is born but mayby first in Poland:-)

  • Motor

    HELLLOOOO NURSE! That gum smackin nurse Nickie Jean is HOT!!

    Sick video!!!

  • stephanie

    awesome work! the video looks great!!

  • Steve Wyman

    Sounds a little like Porcupine Tree in some parts. Cool.

  • Ralph

    Finally an album from Volto! Seen them on YouTube but could
    not get any music or go to LA to a show. Cool music

  • Anrahab

    anyone want to tell me what the particular geometry and ceremony of subconscious development is associated with his 10,000 days album/ I had a tv turn off and on when I would get home from work during the summer that albums release year. I one day saw my entire house covered in shattered crystals(souls) Book of the law was penned the three days in April after my birthday I discovered. I would enjoy an indulgent moment instead of the constant fights of the falsely boisterous sheeple listening to that as a relief from life. Danny is a Kansas home boy

  • Gina

    Badass video! Love it!

  • Q-LA

    Great production value, costumes and FX. Very Cool!

  • Nate Rap

    Love how dark and twisted the video is, I am from Massachusetts so there is no way for me to see these guys play, seeing the video has also given me an opportunity to hear Volto! for the first time, love the music, keep up the good work.

  • KnukeShift

    Love it! Reminds me of King Crimson, a great fusion of progressive soundscapes… Give me more!