Exclusive: We As Human Premiere Self-Titled Debut Album

Today, RevolverMag.com presents the exclusive premiere of the brand-new debut album by We As Human. The self-titled album will be released June 25 by Atlantic Records via Hear It Loud.

Check out the entire album below, and be sure to tell us what you think in the comments!

We As Human consists of Justin Cordle, Jake Jones, Justin Forshaw, Adam Osborne and Dave Draggoo. The new album awaits its road test before countless concert fans. To say Cordle and company know something about the trials of the road is putting it mildly. “We feel we’ve had a long road behind us, and it’s made us the men we are,” he says. “But it feels like even with the team we have, we’re just now arriving at the starting line.”

For more about the band, check out their official website and Facebook page.


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  • Millie Mordis

    Love love love We As Human! Great group of guys and awesome songs!

  • Linda Fau

    “We As Human” new release has some great songs rocking with powerful vocals and an impactful message. The guitaring is interesting and works well with the lyrics. The drumming delivers the movement to the songs that pulls it all together. These guys are outstanding in concert. They pull you in and keep your attention throughout their performance. I predict we’ll be hearing some great music from these guys in years to come.

  • Heather Summerford

    One of the best I have heard yet. We As Human is my favorite band and absolutely continues to get better and better! Remarkable, and highly suggest you get the album when it’s released.Love it! Keep Rockin Guys!

  • Brian Mason Speaker

    Pure Rock With A Positive Touch……Awesome….. Can’t Wait Till “Aftershock” To Rock Live With “WE AS HUMAN”!

  • Patricia Wry Erickson

    What a smart, well crafted album! I have not heard anything this good in so long! Tired of boy bands and squeeling pimple faced kids! An amazing sound I can’t get enough!!!!
    I can’t wait to see them live!

  • Micah Dingman

    Incredible…Saw these guys in concert with Red who is one of my favorite bands and these guys managed to melt my face before Red even had the chance!

  • meh

    they sound too much like RED for my taste

    • Logan

      um who are you red is awesome

      • meh

        i’m me and no they’re not

  • AudioOutlaw

    just got done listening to it and I am very disappointed. I’m not going
    to talk about the over production but what is getting to me is it seems
    they backed down from shouting Christ’s name in their lyrics.

    that made them stand out from most Christian hard rock bands is they
    blatantly spoke His name in their lyrics, now they have censored it and
    changed it to He and You. I want to hear Jesus’ name in there like it
    was in I Stand but they completely shed His name away. It’s very
    heartbreaking to see them do this.

    • Joona Pasanen

      Lyrics can save someone’s life. If there’s jesus mentioned in the lyrics that doesn’t mean it will save someone’s life. Maybe they don’t wanna be labeled as christian band because it draws attention away. “Christian” is turnoff to people.

      • AudioOutlaw

        Never said it would save someone’s life if Jesus is mentioned. That’s funny that they now choose to remove that Christian label when they had no problem with it before and made sure people knew. We don’t know for sure. As a Christian, we are not called to censor ourselves because it’ll turn someone away from listening. We are called to be light in the darkness and stand out from the rest of the world and hiding is not right. We are not of this world but in the world. We are called to speak the words of Christ and speak of Jesus Himself. By taking the words they previously written with Jesus and God already written and changing name to term is saddening. The message remains the same, listen closely but, it’s still sad that they would remove His name just to because some people don’t want to hear it. Fact is, they need to hear it.

        • Edward Powidzki

          I here your point, and it is well received. However, knowing some of these guy’s as I do personally, I believe there was much prayer and seeking counsel from our Lord on how they were going to go forward as those called to ministry. It is not an easy industry and some things maybe perceived as compromise if looked at with a quick glance or brush stroke. Accept that these are radical fueled Jesus freaks as your going to get to witness, if you go to any of their concerts… Sometimes Jesus did or said things that His followers thought was downright unprofitable for His mission or cause, but we know how that turned out. In conclusion Audio Outlaw, on the surface your point seems to have merit, but soon the world is going to be introduced to this Unique band of misfits. And when they are, these radicals will have an opportunity to showcase their all out zeal for who they serve. I for one can’t wait to witness the impact they’re going to have for God’s Kingdom..

          • Tim Coates

            Thank you Edward. I don’t know these guys personally but follow them closely online and had the privilege to meet them on a couple of occasions after shows. You are so right. I’ve been telling my family for 2 years now that it was a matter of time and these guys were going to hit it big and be given the opportunity to shine.

        • Guest

          There are many christian bands and bands that don’t describe them as christian. Some choose christian market some secular. Not every band can do the same. Many atheist has became christian or theist by listening christian music and without Jesus in the lyrics.

        • Joona Pasanen

          There are many christian bands and bands that don’t describe them as christian. Some choose christian market some secular. Not every band can do the same. Many atheist has became christian or theist by listening christian music and without Jesus in the lyrics. And even when Jesus isn’t mentioned in the lyrics the band can still tell about Jesus in the concert if they plan to do so.

    • Collin

      Dude, you listened to “I Stand” right? The song where he sings “that Yahweh alone is the only way”? I don’t think you could ask for much more……………..

  • Emonty

    I’ve been waiting for almost seven years for this. They were already a great band seven years ago and have done nothing but improve. So excited for them! Way to go, Idaho!!

  • Kimberly

    This is such a good cd cant wait to get my copy =)

  • Diana

    Es genial! Me encantó! I really love it!

  • Lenka

    TAKE THE BULLETS AWAY!!!!!!! <3 This song is amazing! I love Lacey Sturm and this song is really, really good!

  • IQueenK2312

    I have just officially had my face rocked off! LOVE IT! Can’t wait to get my hands on the CD!!!

  • Melodi Warren

    The worst part about this album is that I will have to wait a week to hear it again in about 13 minutes! Can’t wait till June 25!!!!

  • Jeremy K

    I’m pretty disappointed in the remake of Dead Man. It got weaker…

  • Heino

    So what now? Can they not say God or Jesus anymore? This album contradicts what they used to say in “I stand”.

  • Jacob White

    I stand!!!!! With We as Human !!

  • Jason Cordle


  • Houston Cordle

    Good job Uncle Justin.

  • Enrico

    ooooooh i can’t wait for it being released!!!! Justin and John Cooper = Perfect Match!

  • Robb

    Great Album! Cannot wait for the 25th!
    Not a huge fan of the remake of Dead Man as it was perfect before, but the rest of the CD is awesome!
    I Stand With We As Human!

  • Jenna!

    Awesome!!!! Take the bullets away is my favorite! You all rock, Love you all!

  • Casey

    I’m really glad that Let Me Down didn’t get cut off of the album. It’s really nice to listen to

  • Christopher

    I really wish they didn’t remake dead man I stand and sever…three of my favorites and compared to the originals these versions suck (never thought I would use the suck word on a we as human song) the rest of it is really good though

  • Brandon

    I’m living the version of deadman that is on this album. I’ve know Justin Cordle for a while, and have heard them remix that song at least 6 times. This one is almost exactly like the original.

  • Ellen McGehee

    Awesome! Can’t wait to download it on Tuesday!

  • Ross

    Love We As Human! Last year i discovered the awesome band Nine Lashes, and this year We As Human! Thank Jesus for great musicians like these two bands!

  • Matt Bellamy

    Pretty sweet, especially for a first record. The only bad part is that Justin is a great singer, but not such a great song writer. I think that their second and third records after a little more experience, will be great.

    • Jenna

      Will you explain just a little, what you think the songs are missing? just genuinely curious.

  • Nathan

    I think I can get used to Dead Man and even though they changed I Stand, it still rocks. All the other songs are perfect! Let Me Down and Zombie are my favorites! Great tone, well written. WAH is a straight up rock band.

  • Tiger

    This is a great cd by a great band. Very powerful, and I really like all the songs.

    That being said, I really dislike the way they changed I Stand. I don’t have a problem with Christian rock bands marketing themselves in a way to reach the secular rock world. Bands like Skillet and Red have songs that lift of God without needing to use His name in them. But the reason I first was drawn into We As Human was because of the convicting power of their songs. Songs such as Burning Satellites, that went after false teachers, unafraid to offend.

    “Why should I be afraid to talk about the one I know is real?”

    Then why don’t you? Why do you censor yourself? You say you don’t play for the money, but whey did you change?

    I guess I shouldn’t judge; I don’t know the circumstances, but it saddens me to see that such a band seems afraid to speak the name of God in their songs. They’re becoming something they weren’t before. Musically, they’re better than they’ve ever been. But did they lose something to get here?

  • Matt Bellamy

    For Jenna- I guess its that their structure and note structure just doesn’t appeal to me.

    I’m a musician and as I hear a song I kind of anticipate what the songs gonna sound like. But the band has weird timing and note structure on some songs. For instance, the solo on the song Zombie. I love Skillet( favorite band), and its a great song, but the solo just didn’t cut it in my opinion. I think they could have made it a lot better. But like I said, this is FANTASTIC for a first record. With a little more experience song writing and playing, I believe they’ll start putting out some great music. They have true talent and potential. Sorry if that was a little unclear, it’s kind of hard to understand unless you can kind of see from my perspective.

    • Jenna

      ah, I see. So nothing really about Justin’s lyrics. Okay, I understand your view now. Have you heard their older more raw music like from their Burning Satellites CD?

  • Donut

    Not as hard as their previous stuff, but take the bullets away is a solid new song.