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Executioner, the Hero of the New Animated Series Executioner, Lists the Most Metal Ways to Kill

Executioner, the Hero of the New Animated Series <em>Executioner</em>, Lists the Most Metal Ways to Kill

Since having been transported from the medieval ages to modern times by a vengeful wizard, Executioner has been a busy behemoth, becoming Southern California's only fully licensed assassin for hire. And now he has a new show on Rug Burn--the second episode of the series airs tomorrow. Having a passion for heavy metal music as well as murdering people, Executioner sat down with us to discuss how he likes to combine both into one.

1. Do the metal "devil's salute" with your fingers and ram it through someone's eyes.

2. When a crowd is moshing, roll a huge boulder off the stage and flatten everyone.

3. Stick someone's face in Zakk Wylde's beard, wait as the parasites in it eat away your victim's flesh.

4. Chop someone's head off and then headbang with it.

5. Trick a stage diver to jump off a cliff.

6. Force Motörhead's Mikkey Dee to play the drum solo from "Sacrifice" on someone's head to induce "jelly skull."

7. Skin someone alive and use their skin to make an awesome leather jacket.

8. Bite the head off a bat, spit it at someone, and when they're busy wiping their face, bite their head off, too.

9. Grab a guitar and jam the riff from Mastodon's "Blood and Thunder", remove the strings, wrap them around someone's throat and garrote them (see below).

10. Play someone High on Fire's new album and blow their fucking mind. Awesome album.

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