Exlcusive: Hessler Premiere New Music Video, “Waste Away”

Chicago heavy-metal outfit Hessler have teamed with Revolver to premiere their new music video, “Waste Away.” Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments.

For more on the band, visit HesslerChicago.com and Facebook.com/HesslerChicago.


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  • marta

    “Awesome job, you crazy kids! Badass job and even better live!”

  • Bryan Hranicky

    Awesome video! Hessler kicks ass, and are on their way to big things!

  • wolfgangr5150

    Very cool tune and cool video, I have seen this band live and the kick serious ass live. I am jazzed as hell to see this video posted here. As an old school rock guy I find it awesome to see bands still kicking absolute ass on the rock scene. I hope to see more of them on here. How about an interview? Keep spreading the word about bands like Hessler.

  • Amanda Oshiro

    Awesome music and video, great job guys

  • Ryan V

    One of the best metal bands to rock Chicago! Waited a long time for the new vid and they did not disappoint!! If these awesome dudes and beautiful girl are ever in your neck of the woods, SEE THEM!!!

  • Chris Santi

    Hessler.. the new gods of metal! Great people to be around an always a band for the fans. If you haven’t heard of them yet, you have now and will more in the future! Hessler Rocks! They are very photographer friendly too! -CAS Photography

  • Ralf Lipp

    Congrats Hessler. Very cool Video. m/ (*-*) m/

  • Josh HeavyMetal Samra

    Fuckin amazing. Good jobm/

  • Sammy Marini

    Lariyah Daniels you Amaze me more every time I hear your voice! The Production & Mix are Top Notch! Keep Rockin’ my friends! m/

  • Breanna Lynn

    Perfect video from a perfect band! Never fails to impress. All such dedicated musicians that know what they’re doing.

  • Steph

    Loved it! Even the new version of the song is awesome!

  • Steve Hurta

    People need to start stepping up to the plate and putting their money where their mouth is. People who praise Hessler but are also in the position to show how much they like them, not just with lip service either. If you’re in a nationally known band or musician and you like Hessler and publicly state this… then put up or shut up. Take them out when your band releases your next album. I’m tired of seeing this band play for 10,000 + yet still open for cover bands around town. Seriously? What the fuck? There’s no reason on earth why a band who can keep the interest of 12,000 people opening up for a national act, needs to be still opening for other local acts around town. That’s ridiculous. Time to step up to the next level…sometimes you just have to plow your own way to the next level when others won’t take notice and make way for you. But then again, that’s what’s always nice about doing it on your own… you owe no one nothing.

  • Johnny Price

    A kick-ass video for a kick-ass song from a kick-ass band. The music industry needs a major dose of Hessler right now. In an industry full of flavor of the week bands, it nice to see true talent rise up and get noticed.

  • Walter Williams

    Hessler is one of the most ass-kickingest hard rock bands currently flying the flag out there right now on the planet Earth! Live, in studio…this band totally kills it! I love this new video for “Waste Away” from the Comes With The Territory album! Lariyah Daniels looks hot as ever in it (I’ll leave the ladies to comment on the dudes, lol), and she is, by far, one of the best rock vocalists slaying the masses out there at the moment! Great job on the video, Guys! Always loved this song!

  • Erin McConnell

    HËSSLER is AWESOME! And they prove here in their new music video… GREAT JOB GUYS!!!… When I think/hear of HËSSLER the first thing I think, Great music, Amazing stage presence, and an AWESOME group of people… I enjoy listening to these guys! I am a proud fan of HËSSLER, I cannot wait for what’s to come next with these guys!!… m/(^.^)m/

  • Mabel Bauers

    Love it!!!!!

  • Alyssa Burge

    Love it!

  • e harris

    Very impressive. Great combination of sight and sound. Incredible energy. What you would expect from Hessler.

  • Anthony Lucero

    Awesome video fits the song….Love it…

  • Chris R

    why is this band not opening for national touring bands…?
    Being played on sattelite raido?
    Signed ?
    Why is it when most people think metal the first band that comes to mind is Theory of a Creedleback and not bands like this?
    they need to be on a national tour,whether it be Maiden,Fates Warning,the LaTorre fronted Queensryche….
    this band is awesome…

  • Paul B

    Hessler continues to rock!!!!!

  • Alex Magdalene

    This video is sweet! I’ve been following Hessler every step of the way since their Kamikazi video release and, man, they keep bringing the bacon. Great music, amazing live shows, and they really know how to show their appreciation to their fans. Check out the other tracks on Comes with the Territory; the album kicks ass! And if they ride through your town on their next tour, don’t miss ’em!

  • Cassie Schreck

    Hessler rocks, You guys just get better and better, everytime I listen to your music or watch your videos. You’re also a huge isnsperation 😛 Keep rocking you guys love ya!

  • Marina

    I feel it gritty and raw.. And I like it 😉

  • Gerald Guzman

    I love this band! Not only talented, but extremely friendly and great to their fans. Hessler is going places!

  • Chaya

    Hessler is awesome! I especially love the blonde!

  • Add Hessler to INFERNO Fest

    Much love and respect for this band- they truly deserve to be at top of the chain!!
    -TR Guillen

  • Robbie Ballentine

    Just when ya think they can’t improve on Awesome….THEY DO !!! Is it any wonder Chicago is so proud? Great Job guys, can’t wait to see what your future holds :)

  • Austin

    Great video guys!!! I love it!!!!

  • Biliana Grozdanova

    Now that’s INTENSE!!! I can’t believe we survived two tours with these guys, but we did! Hess Xpress forever. Great job Motion Source!!

  • Phil Kosch

    Finally!! Someone took notice. Love this fucking band.

  • groovieknave

    Hessler rocks! Great video!

  • Bobby Macrito

    that main chorus hook is KILLER! whole song is incredible, but 0:15-030 kicks my ass every time

  • Jimmy Fuson

    Hessler killed it again, but then again knew they would they always do. No matter if its live, video or recording they always rock.

  • Michael Cleveland

    well once again Hessler has proven to be a Top Act with Waste AWAY! This song is driven by two very talented Guitarist Igz and Frankie these guys Never stop amazing me with with those electricfying Rips and Shredds on their Axes and oh so Clean! Erik never fails to lay down a Thundering solid Bass line that just keeps Punching it! And the newest memeber of the Band Derek on Drums Bro. you laid down a rock solid Drive on this one that would make Niel peart of Rush Proud ! Great Job! And then we Have The Amazing and Talented and Beautiful LARIYAH DANIELS on Vocals L D you never fail to Truely put your Heart and Soul into your Performance! You really Belted this song out alot of Punch- Drive – Clear Voice-style and Edge! You are a true Talent ! I truely believe you Have one of the Best Female Heavy Metal voices ever if not the Best!! i really enjoy the music Hessler puts out always gets me pumped!!! To all Music executives out there lets get behind Hessler put this Band on the National stage! You will not find a band thats this Talented work any Harder with Passion Fire Heart and Soul that Lives for the Road and the Music as Hessler Does! So please get behind The Hess Express!!!!! NICE work Lariyah Eric Igz Frankie and Derek!!! Well Done! Looking forward to your next Project! Love yall Best wishes and take care and Keep on Rocking!!!!

  • Gary Vernon

    Hessler never ceases to grow and amaze me, every time i hear them and see them they keep getting better and better. They have the sound that NEEDS to be played in front of tens of thousands of people. They will headline those places sooner than later. These guys have been continuing to blow my mind with there innovation and talent. Keep doing what you do, don’t change a fucking thing!!!!!

  • Marissa Laabs

    Looks amazing ! I loove love love it!! Ahh can’t stop watching it.

  • JohnandMichelle Parks

    Been telling people about this band for a while now on my page. They are the real thing both live and in studio. John….Legendary Rock Interviews

  • niaz ;)

    dope video! im really diggin the projector affect
    rock on guys! keep it metal fraaaankiiieee ;D

  • Billy Michael

    Simply amazing!! Hessler is a band to watch out for!! :- )}}

  • Eddie

    Awesome! Nice job!

  • Shan

    Very cool. Keep doing what you’re all doing!

  • lyrical


  • Michael Schwalbe

    I got to see Hessler in Nashville and it was one of the most fun concerts I’ve ever seen. Every single person in the room was throwing down harder than any other show I’ve ever been to, and it kicked ass. Hessler RULES!

  • May


  • Sandy Krygier

    Never disappointed!! Your passion and dedication to your craft shine through once again!! Great job guys, can’t wait for the next one!!

  • Cow Destroyer

    These guys kick ass, I knew the guitarist a while back and it’s great that they’re making it big because they definitely deserve it.

  • Wil Lopez

    EPIC EPIC band, this is definitely a band to look out for!

  • Veronica

    I LOVE HESSLER!!!!!!!!!! GO FRANKIE SNAKES, YOU SO SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jake Zimmerman

    All Aboard the HESS EXPRESS!!!!

  • Myglobalmind Webzine

    Killer video and nice song with plenty of energy!!! Hessler Rawks!!!

  • Josh Loaf Montedoro

    Great tune great video Hessler never a let down . hope to see them in Pittsburgh again .

  • Mean Mike LaBay

    These guys and outstanding gal are the true essence of what rock n’ roll is all about. Outstanding live, and humble as american pie. Cheers to your continued success!!!! Much love and respect from your boys in MODiFiRE!!!!!

  • James Anaya

    Hessler continues to bring their unique brand of Rock N ‘Roll – the Hellion

  • Tim G

    F**kin AMAZING!!

  • Maribeth QueenofEyeliner

    Great band and Lariyah is a sweetheart! I love me some hair metal :)

  • Alan Frohlichstein

    A real treat! The Hess Express moves in only one direction…Forward! Can’t wait to see what’s next. Great performers, great writing, really keeps me rockin.

  • G

    Kick ass video! Awesome job to all involved!

  • Ruchi

    Awesome video :) Yay Frankie!!

  • Barneybolac

    Great live band people.

  • phamily

    this is way too sick…theyve come a long way!

  • Sayaki Guilt

    Mega great band!!!!
    In Japan need HESSLER rules!!
    Come Japan!!
    HELL YEAH!!!

  • Trauma Metal Nation Radio

    Hessler doesnt disappoint! Amazing vocals, solid musicianship. Kick ass video! What more could you ask for!!

  • Joe

    damn, this seriously kicks ass. Great song, great video. Rock on dudes.

  • Meep

    This is awesome! :) go Frankie!

  • Dash

    great job guys! looks like it was a blast to shoot!!



  • Alex Ruiz

    All aboard the Hess Express!!!

  • Steven Montoya

    Hessler ROCKS my SOCKS off!!! They have the most energy I have seen in a band since Iron Maiden!!! YEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!

  • Moe Khan

    You’re a badass lariyah!#!

  • J. Bennett

    Lookin good! Well done guys

  • Brian Durbin

    Great job guys and girl! Very nicely done!

  • John Scaletta

    I love working with Hessler because they bring energy, authenticity, and heart with everything they do. They are also one of the most appreciative bands I’ve ever known. Congrats to The Hess Express for rocking down the traxxx and picking up new fans at every stop! If you never seen them LIVE then get on board and take a Heavy Metal ride cause this band performs and gives you everything they got every time plus more!!!!! ++H++

  • DRockKingdom

    Quite frankly the greatest, most exciting band in Heavy Metal today.
    Truly Outstanding vocals, dueling guitars and a thunderous rhythm section that will blow you away live!
    Excellent video to all involved and absolutely one of my fav songs off the
    “Comes With The Territory” LP.
    To see it live is just sick!
    A new bar has been set!
    Hess Express ‘Til Death!
    D. Cain
    The D Rock Kingdom

  • yourmom1804

    Fuck yeah, this is some awesome shit, keep it up!

  • Charlie Bagnall

    Fookin Awesome!Love this band

  • Morgan Maria

    LOVEEEEE THIS BAND!!!!!! Lariyah Daniels IS SMOKING HOT! Amazing band, but…. even more amazing people! :)))))))))

  • Christina Camacho

    Awesome band! seen Hëssler three times live and they are bad ass!

  • Genotype

    Killer video lady and gentleman! Every time you bring it all the way. Your hard work pays of, and its well deserved. Can’t wait to see you again!

  • Ken K.

    Great band, great song, great video. I really like the “look” of it. Nice job. These guys have come a long way since I first saw them and all very cool people. Look forward to seeing you guys again.

  • Bipwad

    Awesome!!! Lariyah is the best!!

  • Ryan M

    You guys rock! Daniels is Awesome!!!!!!!!!

  • Kenny Nasty Habit

    Frankie and Derek are my dudes! Siamese glass hats from oslow Texas OWW! Hessler fuckin’ RIPS!

  • Katana

    band, amazing job guys !! never disappointed by your work ! keep rockin’ you’re
    the best !

    Fraaaaaaaannnnnkie !!!!!!!

  • Juliet March

    Hessler is a great and hard working band. I especially admire all that Lariyah does. She’s an amazing front woman.

  • Taylor

    Damn great song! love this band and their style. In order to get to the top you have to go up hill. No one said it was easy and this band is kicking ass all the way to the top. Don’t stop Hessler!

  • Darla

    Frankie one of these days I’m going to see the band live, can’t wait!

  • Shaun Combee


  • aki

    love the guitar solo

  • Dellacoma Rio

    You guys always kick arse!!! Gotta come play Australia one of these days :)

  • Tom Koehler


  • Sam Cotugno

    Well done, guys! The Hess Express continues to give it their all, and I love it more every time I watch it! m/

  • Kayla


  • Shunya D. Wade

    Awesome!! Love it! ^_^

  • Payton McConnell

    Great band, Great tune, Great video. One of the best, if not the best metal band to come out in a long ass time. Hessler keeps the faith in modern music alive! All Hail Hessler!

  • Johnnie Vrana

    Great new metal song from a band that gets it. Killer video really captures the spirit and energy of the Hessler live show.

  • Jerry Joerres

    Hessler is an up and coming band that in my mind is bringing back old school metal to the stage….Check out all their music and make sure to see them live …They will blow you away….Oh and they are freindly too..LOL

  • Maiden Fan

    LAME. 2nd guitar solo not bad but vocals suck ass. All she’s got is a great body. Video makes no sense and is a mess. Definitely 2nd rate, it’s sad to see metal at this point. If this is the best we have got these days, then this music is truly dead.

  • Morgan Maria


  • Maiden Fan

    Maybe if they had a real producer it would be better. Their songwriting is ok but the mixing is not balanced very well. The double tracked high harmonies throughout are annoying and impossible to reproduce live. The lead vocals aren’t melodic enough. Male backgrounds are way too loud. 1st guitar solo is weak. Just needs a professional touch. I saw these guys live and although they had their moments, they were more about the visual impression and not about just having really good songs, and that is the key to becoming successful. The Trooper was their best song and that’s a cover. Make the singer sing a little more melodically instead of shouting/screaming all the time and back the guys off in the mix and you may have something. I would be interested to see what Mutt Lange would do with this band. It would probably be kick ass. Needs a professional hand producing.

    • wolfgangr5150

      Sounds like another parent basement dweller who dresses up and poses in front of the mirror while blasting his favorite metal CD and pretending he is in he band. Your reviews reeks of jealously and envy. I have an idea for you. Go down to the local mall and buy yourself a Craftmatic adjustable bed so you can fold up and blow yourself.

    • Sinsation X

      I agree that a pro hand should be engaged in it but overall it’s really high end. For gods sake, look what they achieved on their own! They just played for 12,500 folks! Hopefully there will be a great producer coming their way now to get them out. They need to be heard world wide. F*cking awesome stuff. And she’s hot

    • Jason P. McConnell

      Douche! Piss of and go back to wanking off to your Eddie poster! Just cause every song doesn’t sound the same (Iron Maiden) you don’t like them. They’re making their own way and not making any deals with the devil to do it. You heard, you saw,you don’t like, move on.

  • Martin Tully

    I’m an old school metalhead. Hessler delivers the music. Period. They don’t forget their fans either. So many bands out there have forgotten where they came from. Not Hessler. Genuine souls to the core. Chicago Proud!!

    • Jason P. McConnell

      Right on Martin! m/(>.<)m/

  • Nolls

    Hessler continues to please the metal masses with a great video! Then continue to improve and evolve. I saw them in Chicago two years ago and they are really stepping it up. Much love!

  • Mark Simcik

    All show and very little musical substance. The writing sounds generic and typical 1984, Skid Row clones. They are fun to watch but that’s all I can say. The only thing the band has going for them is their beautiful-model female vocalist. She needs to be more melodic and have better dynamics and technique–sounds mostly like high energy yelling. The male vox don’t fit and sound like “youth gone wild”. In fact, They shouldn’t sing at all unless it’s one dude actually singing and harmonizing certain parts. She needs to harmonize with her self more too–think Halestorm. The production isn’t very good, specifically the mixing. The rhythm guitars aren’t mixed right. Overall the music sounds very generic and typical of sub-par 1980s album fillers from bands like Doro and Skid Row. Hopefully they get a better producer and write better songs; although, they have slightly improved musically since their earlier material.

    • Jason P. McConnell

      And what band are you in? So we have a basis for your critique.

  • RLeadbetter

    You Tube Removed it because too many people watched it in one day?? !! so much for good publicity