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Eyehategod Premiere New Music Video, "Medicine Noose"

Eyehategod Premiere New Music Video,

Last month, New Orleans sludgecore legends Eyehategod released their self-titled new studio offering--their first full-length in nearly 15 years. Today, they've teamed with Revolver to premiere the music video for one of the tracks off that record, "Medicine Noose." The clip was shot in various parts of NOLA by Josh Graham/Suspended Light.

Vocalist Mike IX Williams comments on the song: "I'll tell you right now, Eyehategod do not tell narratives or stories in our songs. It's all about the feeling and pain. Life, love, loss, chaos and hate. It's abstract, angry and cryptic all the while being soaked in alcoholic pharmaceutical properties. The song 'Medicine Noose' conveys the message of suicidal thoughts and of hanging yourself off of your own medicine cabinet, literally and figuratively. The nonsense and horror of addiction in relationships and the co-dependency involved will inevitably destroy us all. 'Her drugs are tangled just like mine/Her drugs are strangled just like mine...'"

'Eyehategod' is available now via Phil Anselmo's label, Housecore Records. For more on the band, visit and

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