Falling in Reverse Premiere New Video, “Alone”

Falling in Reverse will release their new album, Fashionably Late, on June 18. In anticipation, they’ve release the video for the record’s first single, “Alone,” today. Check it out below. The song, and the album, feature a notable new hip-hop influence.

“My dad raised me on metal, but my first serious love was hip-hop,” frontman Ronnie Radke explains. “When I heard Dr. Dre’s The Chronic, that’s when I fell in love. I didn’t know what the hell they were talking about, the beats were intertwined, and it came inside of me and took me over. When we added hip-hop elements I was thinking, ‘Should I do this? This sounds crazy! Are people going to like this?’ Now I’ve never been so proud of something. The final product, Fashionably Late, is the best work I’ve ever done.”

Of the single, “Alone,” he adds, “It’s everything I’ve ever wanted to say to all these Twitter followers that talk shit. I wanted to let everyone that dedicates their lives to just one genre of music know why they are so unhappy.”


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    Um…Linkin Park?

  • Vortex

    Hollywood Undead

    • nois

      yeah i think he’s rolling to mutch with HU guys !

  • Realrocker

    Sucks,,,,,, and then SUCKS EVEN MORE.

  • Saddened

    Jackie’s talent really shines in this song. : Vocoder, rapping, fancy cars? What just happened?

  • Pb317

    A turd……..marinated in vomit.

  • Sean

    I love rap but these verses are awful. The chorus and instrumental is really good, but those lyrics are really bad.

  • http://twitter.com/jgj67 Jeff Johns

    whoa!! that’s awful!

  • blah blah 28

    way to go, Took awful shit rap lyrics and put them into an even more mediocre metal song. Lil wayne should be on this track. It’s ok to cross over the genres but have more to say than generic “Haters gonna Hate, money and bitches” Lyrics. and yes, I’m a Hater!

  • FIR anon..

    Its not….horrible just isn’t FIR and just …confusing…

  • Marco Batista

    What the fuck is this ? Is this a parody of something ?

  • Michael

    I like how 2 of the 5 related articles are about the singer being arrested.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jaeme.mcentyre Jaeme McEntyre

    What just happened? I’ve been a proud Falling In Reverse fan before they even started. If I had known that this was going to happen… I probably wouldn’t have been. I like that they are branching out…. this just wasn’t good. Um. No

  • Seth

    “I wanted to let everyone that dedicates their lives to just one genre of music know why they are so unhappy.” I’ve dedicated my listening habits to a few genre’s hip hop is not one of them. Am I unhappy? Fuck no, this just means I most likely won’t be listening to this album. Does that make me sad? A little, I expected something else. Unhappy? No I have plenty of bands to listen to. Sorry Ronnie, but because I do not enjoy hip hop this is shit to me.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rdaishah Daishah Ross

    dont know why everybody got a problem with the song i loved it . its different from their usual music. aye gotta keep these people guessing thanks falling in reverse.

    • hiya

      i agree with you!!

  • scythe

    Man, this band couldn’t have gotten any worse. This band was always shitty, and now they’re fusing their trendy generic talentless hardcore garbage with trendy generic talentless hip hop garbage.

    Dr. Dre and every band that they think they’ve taken influence from would be in shame. If this band fulfill any purpose, it is epitomizing how idiots attempt to take over counter-cultures with intent of being accepted and mainstream, and providing an effective fool-proof way of identifying strangers as idiots (their fans).

    • seano

      here here…this is gonna be one of those videos that în 20 years, after these guys are long forgotten, people are gonna watch and say things like “oh my god…look at how awful music was back then”…. and “look at these guys…they must be really embarrassed by this now”…and trust me, they will be embarrassed…especially the other guys in the band…they may tow the party line now and do their gay little squatting on cocks headbanging move along to it for the time being…but later on down the road, the humiliation will take hold for sure

  • f1utterby3

    Love the chorus and the instrumentals, but the verses need some work, they’re hella generic at this point…

  • geeker

    sucks…….. no where near hip-hop or rock…… sounds like watered down European techno kiddie music……

  • http://www.facebook.com/Blindspot360x Jorge L. Castro Torres

    NO. Just NO.

  • Glub

    No me gusta. – I don’t like it. =(

  • mike


  • Catherine Kalinowski

    Wow, stop complaining people its his life, whose rich and famous and whose on the internet talking smack. Who gives a shit. People complained about him not changing, and now there complaining that he did change. I love it, he is doing what he loves and trying to please his fans, after all the shit he has been threw. Its not the beat of the song, or how the lyrics are sung, its the story behind the lyrics that matters to me.

    • Tommy Pickles

      “Wow. Stop complaining people, it’s his life. Who’s rich and famous, and who’s on the internet talking smack. Who gives a shit? People complained
      about him not changing, and now they’re complaining that he did change. I
      love it. He is doing what he loves and trying to please his fans. After
      all the shit he has been through. It’s not the beat of the song, or how
      the lyrics are sung, it’s the story behind the lyrics that matters to me.”


      Also, the lyrics tell a story about an arrogant, lonely child. I’m thrilled that you’re a fan of that story.

      • Firsucks

        Yeah you can see how much he’s been through by listening to his lyrics.

        “White boy on the beat rocking gucci sneak’s
        All I do is win, Charlie Sheen
        Started out on 06 now revive the scene
        So many mother fuckers wanna be like me

        Came from the lowest of the lows
        Rose to the top with a vision
        My haters talking shit while washing
        Dishes for a living

        Fucking bitches I’m on business
        I’ve been kissing on your mrs.
        What you spit in fifteen months is what I spit in fifteen minutes
        Oh! Don’t give a fuck about you
        I hear you talking motherfucker and there’s nothing you can do
        Bitch, you’re a bitch, don’t make me pull the pin

    • Zachary Morris

      You are too funny Catherine.

    • Sean

      rich?!?! HAHAHHAAHAAAHAHA….I hate to break it to you kiddo but no one in this genre of music is rich…this kid probably makes about a hundred grand a year…I don’t give a shit what he says in his awful lyrics here….I understand the music business well enough to know that none of these kids are even close to being rich

  • ASIA

    this song gave me cancer. the video made it fatal.


    maybe if we sent him back to prison he’ll write good shit again.

  • Temcore

    Serious ? I hope this song is only a big joke…. if not please stop doing musik … if you can call that music.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jake.castle.545 Jake Castle

    the hell is this…

  • http://www.facebook.com/jake.castle.545 Jake Castle

    sounds like they copied the new fall out boy

  • raisedbywolves


  • http://www.facebook.com/michele.maggiolini.3 Michele Maggiolini

    what is this shit? Falling in reverse go home, you are drunk!

  • Mark A. inHEARTandSPIRIT

    god i hope this is a troll if not, WTF i’ve never been so dissappointed in a band

  • TragicMagic

    Funny thing is they disabled the comments on youtube! LMAO They got sick of everyone shitting on their party. I Knew their first CD had a different like 3 different people, I was guessing their music would change with the new additions. Just had no idea it’d suck this bad. DAMN R.I.P. FIR

  • Yes.

    I still listen to metalcore and grew away from F.I.R the same way I got bored of ETF. I just knew it was not going to end well. I honestly don’t mind the experimentation because it’s just music, you like it or you don’t.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Justinr1993 Justin Richard

    If you don’t like it go somewhere else, no need to hate on everything. Its called music, music evolves and every band changes as they grow.

  • Mike

    I would hope Dr. Dre wouldn’t be caught dead listening to this. If he’s such a big rap fan he should be able to recognize that his own lyrics are terrible and have the respect for the genre not to put this out.

  • Clem

    Where is the old Falling in Reverse ? The lyrics are average and the music style… I’m so disappointed !

  • http://www.facebook.com/zombieslayerjeff Jeff M. Thompson

    Stop trying to rap you suck at it. Go back to the old Falling in Reverse style

    • http://www.facebook.com/haterbot9000 Daniel Gregory Piotraschke

      How about his style with ETF? Thats when he was good… If he would’ve implemented that with Falling In Reverse I would listen to them more, but this is just depressing!

  • devin

    i dont like falling in reverse all together but this song is just horrible.
    listen to rage against the machine for some good rap rock.

  • Takeover374

    Haha this song, no matter how bad, or good people think it is. Is all about you people talking crap below, and above now.

  • Riot

    I initially thought Radke should have done this as a solo project. Then realised FIR is his solo project. He’s an egotist, from his face on the album covers to his name on the back of band t-shirts, its just about him and not the rest of the band. This shit song sums what a dick he is.

    • http://www.facebook.com/haterbot9000 Daniel Gregory Piotraschke

      Same EXACT thing with Deuce and Hollywood Undead… I bring this up because Ronnie is featured on Deuce’s solo album that came out last year. Ronnie should have stayed trippin with ETF and died a great. Instead hes making himself look like an idiot.

  • http://www.facebook.com/aiden.barkhouse Aiden Barkhouse

    Loved Falling In Reverse’s first album, really not digging this new track though :/

  • http://www.facebook.com/jeff.rosner.16 Jeff Rosner

    Another poser wanna be,death to false metal!

  • SaaadFaaace

    Shitty song :(

  • http://twitter.com/Hardrockfan1994 Andrew Chadeayne

    Ronnie I used to think you we’re awesome but now your a sellout dick!

    • http://twitter.com/Hardrockfan1994 Andrew Chadeayne

      Totally not metal!!!

      • Kris

        He never was metal.

  • Sean

    hip hop and metal are both humiliated by this

  • The Girl w/ Tattoos

    It’s not that he’s a sellout or a poser. Yeah, the new song “Alone” sucks and not that many people actually like it. Personally I don’t like it but Ronnie does. If he continues to make music like this new song is, He’s going to lose alot of fans. Hopefully he realizes the mistake he has made and he steps up his game and makes the next newest song or next album better. I’m giving Fashionably Late a try.. If it sucks, it sucks. Nothing to do but wait. Right?

  • thatonebitch

    People listen to Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz, Nicki Minaj….THEY SUCK. At least Ronnie makes since in his lyrics. He may not be the BEST, but personally I liked it. Don’t sit there and hate on it unless you can do better and millions of people know and worship you. Till then gtfo.

  • Bloodshed kitty

    Fuck all of you that are talking shit about Ronnie and his song if you don’t like his new style then fuck you bet you won’t say it to his face bitches damn people its called once a true fan always a true fan

  • Fuck this

    Unspeakably horrible, all of it. If you actually like this music or the assholes that shit it out of their numbskulls, you are actively trying to destroy music. Good fucking job! DIE!!!!!

    • Fucker

      you don’t like the bands we listen to and because of that we deserve to die?

  • :/ wtf?

    people are pissed because he sold out.. you dont get it… he went from being one way to the OTHER side of the spectrum… its dumb….