Falling In Reverse Singer Ronnie Radke Arrested

Falling In Reverse vocalist Ronnie Radke is out on bail after being arrested on an outstanding warrant. Radke’s girlfriend apparently reported him to the police back in May for alleged domestic assault.

Radke is no strange to run ins with the law. Back in 2006, the former Escape the Fate vocalist was given probation for his role in a shooting death. In 2008, he landed in prison for two years after failing to show up to an appointment with his parole officer.

Radke took to Twitter not long after his release to comment on the incident, saying, “It’s funny how people are my fans after hearing about my prison sentence I served for fighting in the desert but read some random story online then completely flip the script on me and hate me. Until of course im playing a show in their town. Then they automatically love me again.”

He added, “Curiosity was framed. Ignorance killed the cat.”


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  • Kim_armes

    he DID’NT get arrested !! danm 

  • guest

    his tweet before that one he said he did NOT get arrested and not to believe all the bull you read on line. i defiantly believe him over anything it is about HIM after all 

  • Savage

    Throw him back in jail. He’s obviously an idiot and his music sucks anyways

    • Pandatigerlove

      No, that’s where you’re wrong. Ronnie is amazing, inspirational, and yes, he has chosen the wrong paths sometimes, but nobody’s perfect. Falling In Reverse’s music is extremely inspirational, and if you would take the time to listen to the lyrics, you would see that they are amazing. “I have these questions always running through my head, so many things i would like to understand” That is an amazing lyric, and Ronnie’s music has helped many people in the past few years and this year too. So please, say he’s an idiot again when you don’t know what he’s been through.

  • ThedruginmeisRonnie

    I still love Ronnie!

  • http://twitter.com/armyVet1972 Christopher Mullins

    Based on his own words, guy sounds like he has a huge ego. “Yeah, you hate me because there is bad stuff about me on the internet and love me when I’m playing in your town” I sincerely doubt that someone will flip from “hating” you to “loving” you simply because your band is in town. And why did they stop “loving” you? Because they found out what a freakin low life you really are. Pitiful. Sure, you have fans, money, all that shit. But I’ve never hit a woman. 

    • Niya7900

      She could be lying ya dipshit. I love Ronnie hope he is innocent.

    • hey there.4

      You are honestly a retard for even thinking your right about this subject, Ronnie’s lyrics have really helped me through some personal instances in my life, and I bet you know absoulutley shit about him so how about you keep your opinion to your self cause I don’t recall anyone asking for it OK and the next time you even think about talking shit about ANYONE LIKE THIS AGAIN just know that I’ll be there and I WILL prove you wrong, have a nice day.

  • Becca

    He’s right; people claim to be die-hard fans than act mad because of things like this. He made a mistake, according to the media. We weren’t there, we don’t know. Just leave the guy be, I still support him no matter what. I supported him then and I do now. He’s human, he makes mistakes like everyone. Don’t judge when you don’t know what happened. I hope he gets through this drama and comes back, like he always does.<3

  • http://twitter.com/BernalBlack Karen Bernal

    ronnie will surpass this