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Six All-Girl Japanese Metal Bands

Six All-Girl Japanese Metal Bands

While compiling our recent list of Six Totally Insane Japanese Metal Bands, we stumbled upon, and fell head over heels for, all-girl group Aldious. And we happily discovered that they are hardly the only pack of ferocious femme fatales making heavy music in the land of the rising sun. Below, led by Aldious, are six of our favorites.

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Active since 2008, these Osaka-based shredders have three albums to their name and a fourth one, titled Dazed and Delight, coming in June.

Tokyo's Cyntia look cute enough to play power pop band but are actually chug out power metal. A much better choice in our book.

Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in the Dilapidation
Grindcore is generally a man's game. A smelly, hairy, filthy, ugly man's game. Which is why we were particularly stoked to discover this all-female Japanese grindcore outfit, who can blast with the best and burliest of them.

Nodding to Iron Maiden and Helloween, Destrose deliver dexterous, fantasy-heavy melodic metal--and have been doing so for nearly a decade.

Exist † Trace
Part of the visual kei scene--a very Japanese style of over-the-top and often androgynous glam-goth rock--this girl group is known for its darker aesthetic, with sometimes sees frontwoman Jyou growling and shouting as well a singing.

Mary's Blood
Primarily featuring ex-members of Destrose, Mary's Blood play a slightly rawer, crunchier version of the former band's high-soaring power metal.

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