Six All-Girl Japanese Metal Bands


While compiling our recent list of Six Totally Insane Japanese Metal Bands, we stumbled upon, and fell head over heels for, all-girl group Aldious. And we happily discovered that they are hardly the only pack of ferocious femme fatales making heavy music in the land of the rising sun. Below, led by Aldious, are six of our favorites.

UPDATE: Check out Six More All-Girl Japanese Metal Bands.

Active since 2008, these Osaka-based shredders have three albums to their name and a fourth one, titled Dazed and Delight, coming in June.

Tokyo’s Cyntia look cute enough to play power pop band but are actually chug out power metal. A much better choice in our book.

Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in the Dilapidation
Grindcore is generally a man’s game. A smelly, hairy, filthy, ugly man’s game. Which is why we were particularly stoked to discover this all-female Japanese grindcore outfit, who can blast with the best and burliest of them.

Nodding to Iron Maiden and Helloween, Destrose deliver dexterous, fantasy-heavy melodic metal–and have been doing so for nearly a decade.

Exist † Trace
Part of the visual kei scene–a very Japanese style of over-the-top and often androgynous glam-goth rock–this girl group is known for its darker aesthetic, with sometimes sees frontwoman Jyou growling and shouting as well a singing.

Mary’s Blood
Primarily featuring ex-members of Destrose, Mary’s Blood play a slightly rawer, crunchier version of the former band’s high-soaring power metal.


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  • arnold schwarzenegger

    the power of bukkake

  • Rocco Agostino

    Seriously… Where is G∀LMET? m/

  • Walter Boswell

    You forgot one of the best….BRIDEAR. incredible!

    • Dean Baker

      Totally. Thank you, google search that led me to this page.

  • nyan

    it still blow me away knowing exist trace is an all girl band. i think growing with bishounens in v-kei with heaps of makeups have already messed my mind

  • Jean-François Cloutier

    Where is Doll$Boxx

    • 僕メタル

      Exactly. Doll$Boxx stands above the rest of these other outfits when it comes to songwriting, technicality, presence, and prowess. It’s an absolute shame that they did not top this list.

  • Chris Topher Hill

    Destrose was good, and by far the hottest… Since I love hot Japanese girls, and guitars, and metal… That was like porn…

    • vividlycrazy

      Destrose has been putting out some pretty sweet music, but with the recent change i am curious to see how their sound may change.I cannot wait to hear their new vocalist!

  • C.J.

    Babymetal should have been on there

    • Baby Metal Fan

      If it was an all female band it would have been. The only females in the band are Su-Metal, Yuimetal, and MoaMetal. The drummer, guitarist, and bass player are male.

  • Tonk

    The only fucking metal bands that can get signed from Japan is shit like this. Take it from someone that lives and plays metal in Japan. If you are a guy and you don’t look like you tuck your sac between your legs forgetta bout it!

    • vividlycrazy

      umm, have you ever looked at bands like Saber Tiger? Galneryus? Cinq Element? Sure depending on the type of metal that is the look of the scene, but definitely not a tell all tale.

      • Tonk

        Obviously there are exceptions to every rule, but that is the vast majority over here.

        • vividlycrazy

          that is very true also.

  • Nayalan Moodley

    First 2 are better than that Babymetal abomination I suppose, but they only have fame because they have boobs. If you have the misfortune of seeing them live you’d understand. Their fans are Idol fans not metal fans. Again. hope you never have to encounter them in the wild.

    Destrose Is good but methinks they could be better if money didn’t hold them back.

    Exist trace is epic and have the actual skills (and time served) to make for epic live shows but their more recent stuff also shares the reek of big production. They were better when them being chicks wasn’t the main marketing point. That said they are still on of my favorite bands in this country. and are the most powerful in this lineup.

    First time I heard Mary’s Blood. I like. Been looking for something to compliment Onmyouza, this could do it, Gotta make a point of seeing them live.

    • Geah

      I actually like BABYMETAL, think it’s hilarious and puts a smile on my face, but I agree with everything else you said. Also, people sleeping/hating on exist need to see them live, that’s what they excel at, which is a rarity in any language.

  • Jared Orion Garcia

    I’ve been into exist trace since I was in highschool (I’ve been a fan for 6 years). I love them, not their more recent stuff but in the beginning they were awesome dark and heavy check out songs like judea, venom and proof of the blood.

  • John Wayne Gacy

    It’s a shame it’s ALL GIRL bands because there are better ones like DazzleVision which are far better than Exist Trace.
    Exist Trace always seems to be 4 years behind the boy bands. I guess they are good, better than baby metal, but their music hasn’t changed or progressed in any way over the past 10 years. They still live off the “we look like boys but are really girls’ gimmick, but thats how most music, not just metal in Japan is, just a gimmick for a quick buck.
    Destrose and Cynthia are pretty decent.

    • Geah

      Gotta say, you’re an idiot and you sound like some cynical loser with a neck beard. exist trace has done nothing but change up their style and evolve, it’s part of why they are alienating a good deal of their long standing fans. The girls looking like boys gimmick comment is your worst offense. Have you ever seen them live? They kill it live, they know how to perform and that’s why they have such die hard fans. It’s not because of looks or persona… They barely get any publicity, save for articles like this where they are shoehorned in with a bunch of other bands. I’d have to say most of their fans are from word of mouth through lives (they do a shit ton) and so on. Also, I like DAZZLE VISION, but putting them above exist, come the fuck on… I own every DAZZLE album and they are all over the place in quality. Have you even heard their latest album FINAL ATTACK? Has maybe 3 good songs and those still have “dubstep-ish” electronic weirdness going on with them, not to mention autotune/vocaloid singing.

  • C.J.

    They need to feature on the hottest chicks in hard rock issue sometime

  • Knox Harrington

    don’t wear so much damn makeup pretty ladies

  • Pawel Dawid Syrek

    Dazzle Vision!!! The only girl is the lead singer but her voice is pretty powerful!my favorite song セカンド