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Six Totally Insane Japanese Metal Bands

Six Totally Insane Japanese Metal Bands

By now, you're probably well aware of Babymetal--the totally bonkers viral sensation that super-collides cutesy J-pop and extreme riffage--but the group is hardly the only whacked-out heavy-music monster to raise its bizarro head from the country that brought us Godzilla and tentacle porn. Kicking things off with a dose of Babymetal (because can you really get enough?), here are some of our favorite metal acts from the land of the rising sun--ranging from werewolf party rock to baseball-jersey-clad Warriors-worshipping beatdowncore.

You know them, you love them. Metal has never been cuter.

Maximum the Hormone
As if this band's manic mix of thrash, grind, doom, and nu-metal styles weren't insane enough, watch this video--and keep watching the video. When it switches from high-energy performance footage to multi-headed high-energy performance footage, things truly get unhinged.

Man with a Mission
This group's music is poppy nu-metal lite--nothing too off the wall there. But in some ways, Man with a Mission's accessible, unoffensive sound makes their decision to wear wolf masks at all times seem even more demented.

Musically, long-running extremists Sigh have always pushed boundaries, mashing together black metal with psychedelic rock, jazz, classical music, and horror-movie soundtracks. But what takes the group to another level is the female half of its vocal duo: Dr. Mikannibal, a Physics PhD-certified, saxophone-wielding siren with a penchant for little clothes and lots of blood. Not to mention fire-breathing and eating bugs.

Ever wonder what would happen if the baseball gang from The Warriors decided to form a tough-guy hardcore band, but also if they were Japanese and had very bad English skills? Neither had we, but now we know the answer. As for the band's name, Sand, we can only assume that it's an oblique reference to The Warrior's beach-side Coney Island location.

Active since the mid '90s, Swarrrm are ostensibly a grindcore outfit but play grind like you've probably never heard before, taking sharp left turns into indie rock, noise, and even pop. Their penchant for confrontational live performances and mind-melting psychedelic videos only encourage the sense that this is a band made up of truly insane individuals.