Flashback Video: Nirvana Rehearsing In Bedroom – 1988


Do you remember the Nineties? How about a band called Nirvana? If you’re a fan of either you should peep the following video in which a young Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic and pre-Dave Grohl drummer Chad Channing woodshed some early Nirvana tunes in a small bedroom.


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  • Me

    This is just great! another pure nirvanic session

  • Michael Stockton

    Awesome video !!!!
    Check out my book in September 2014 Rome – The Otherside Memoirs of Mike & Will
    My best friend told me #KurtCobain was his brother. Google it Cobain Lies.
    Much Love and Light

    • Dave

      Hopefully the book is written better than the website, which was obviously created by an illiterate lunatic.

  • Juliana Munin


  • Mike 95

    Its not a wood shed , its a house Party wit Wood Pannelling dummies

    • drakolan

      “Woodshed” is a term musicians use to mean “practice”… dummy.

    • http://blog.rain.ph indyo


  • Jered Hitsman

    Actually it was at Kris’s mom’s house.

  • Mike Roberts

    Chad where he should be and not Grohl!!

  • Mike Baldwin

    God damn that drummer sucks, thank god they fired him!

    • Alexander Ragnarsson

      so what you’re saying is that chad sucks and that his drumming in Bleach sucks… thats low man

    • Jim Kamlowsky

      Chad Channing does not suck.

    • Darin Clements

      actually Chad left on his own accord. Not fired! just thought that might be prudent

  • Mike Baldwin

    It’s funny how Kurt is facing the wall the whole time

    • Elijah Davenport

      it’s how he would be on a stage though, facing the audience.

    • Hal Fast

      Well Mike, I used to do Sound Engineering at one time for a living and almost exactly Kurt’s age, and I was doing it in that era too, so I think I am somewhat qualified to answer why Kurt was facing the wall. First off, his Microphone is there, and he is facing the same way as the drummer as if they were on stage live playing in front of a crowd. Plus knowing Kurt, he wanted to focus on what he was doing, and not be distracted by what the other band members were doing. I hope that answers your question. Selah…HF

  • Valentin

    Its that Pat Smear in the back?

    • Connor

      Pat Smear joined Nirvana in 1993 so I highly doubt it

  • Ana Castro

    I love Krist’s enthusiasm haha.

    THE band that had a drastic impact on my life — forever my favorite band.

  • Sérgio Ferreira

    From “With the lights out”.

  • rodigrohl

    Krist Noveselics is a rocking giant! hehe

  • mharienjam

    Well,, this is really awesome n cool video of the band,, I m really happy to see sush an old video, n I hve read in article about their old drummer, I m seeing hm for gim first time, dave grhol is the best drummer I hve seen in grunge n rock music,, love it

  • jen ten

    Oh the Zeppelin cover rocks!!! Good to see this :)

  • Manuchef

    Took me a while to recognize “Immigrant Song” on 10.50 I was very surprised and happy to hear that. Great to see those vinyls piled up on the corner of the room as well! Took me back there for a while even if I was just only 7/8 years old.

  • ggggg

    Who the fuck ever said Kurt sucked on guitar? He’s playing semi difficult phrases of Love Buzz that I thought the other guitar player was playing until I watched this!!!

  • wsucram15

    Ive seen this before..it is great to see this. Kurt and Krist were great live, I never got to see Chad just Dave who is incredible. But its fun to watch them in the early years. The only band I remember with this much fondness over the years is the Ramones and thats just history for me.