Flashback Video: Young Marilyn Manson Explains the “Sexual Thrill” of Death and Mosh Pits on Phil Donahue’s Talk Show


This Saturday, July 19, marks the 20th anniversary of the release of Marilyn Manson’s debut album, ‘Portrait of an American Family.’ We’re counting down to that date this week and celebrating the Antichrist Superstar’s two decades of rock and shock.

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PHOTO GALLERY: Marilyn Manson on Set of Sons of Anarchy

In this classic clip from 1995, fear-baiting talk-show host Phil Donahue is moderating a show exploring the dangers of moshing. For some reason–likely to get a rise out of the audience of petrified parents–Donahue brings out Marilyn Manson, Twiggy Ramirez and Madonna Wayne Gayce. We’re not sure what the parents are more shocked by, Manson’s progressive views on the connections between sex, death, amusement parks and moshing…or how elegantly he articulates them!

To jump straight to Manson’s appearance, go to 23:30 in the following video.


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  • http://dptlc.blogspot.com/ DmpstrBaby

    I like how the woman in the video says she “gets on line to get tickets” and actually mean that she gets into a line of people to buy tickets from a boot.

  • APFW

    Oh man… I was 7 in 1995… But i feel like i’m watching something from the 60’s

  • Upsala

    Who wrote this article?! Don’t you require your writers to be informed BEFORE writing? This was ONE silly episode he did out of thousands of not silly episodes. Phil Donahue wasn’t a “fear baiting” talk show host. He was actually quite the opposite. He was very intelligent and had the only such talk show that actually talked about substantive issues. One show out of THOUSANDS on something could actually be harmful, and something he actually was thoughtful about and somewhat supportive, doesn’t make him a fear baiting talk show host. I’m a musician, for the past 25 years and have seen lots of slam
    dancing/moshing/pits, and general weirdness. So this isn’t some
    manufactured issue like all the other talk shows of that time period. Donahue was actually a really positive force on television, despite what you think of this episode. Do your research.

    • crapmcpoopin

      Donahue has always been a fear baiter, especially on The Phil Donahue show. Maybe some of his other shows have been less tactless and shock journalism, but he’s still just as bad as Geraldo, but not quite Springer. You might want to go watch some Katie Couric, while you’re at it. Go for the video game episode, great shit on that one. Don’t forget to vote Libertarian. LOLZ.

  • JennaShay

    I don’t understand why people think it’s so strange for someone to live the rock or metal lifestyle. They are being who they want to be, and what’s wrong with that? What people do in there spare time doesn’t affect you, so why should you care. There is a fine line between “normal” people, and “weird” people it’s always been that way, and it will continue. Think before you judge, because who actually know what’s right and what is wrong in society.

  • dcdmon

    Those were the days Marilyn-Keep rockin’ We love ya!!

  • Andrew


  • Nic

    Wow, so this is like a time capsule, and I grew up in the 90’s

  • Mike Meyer

    marilyn manson is one of the best music artists ever. sure, parents never understood him but his music sure was awesome. Smells like Children, Portrait, luncbox, antichrist superstar and mechanical animals were all awesome albums.

  • Tsu The Killer

    Well, marilyn manson is so right. I mean it’s not his fault or others musicians fault that those kids are doing what they’re doing. He’s just doing his job. And those kids are right too. If you’re aware of getting hurt then you don’t fucking go in the place you see they’re moshing. I mean we are free to chose for ourselvs, right? If i want to go there i know that something might happen to me. No one force me to go in there and get hurt. And it’s exactly the same if i don’t want to go in something like that. It’s my life and there are my choices.

  • Paul McFee

    I forgot what a douche Phil Donahue could be, what a camera whore he could be.

  • Lauren Watson

    This really pissed me off tbh. They have no idea what it’s really like. c’x

  • Amanda

    Ah the 90s..

  • David Wahlstrom

    Most clubs don’t even allow moshing anymore….Fuckers. Gotta abide with the times of being a pussy.

    • No One

      Is that in the US?
      I was in the UK last year and they don’t let you crowd-surf and stuff
      but here in Poland there are no problems with moshing, surfing ect.

      • David Wahlstrom

        It’s just venues in general a lot are picky over liability issues in the event that someone gets hurt at their venue. Considering booking shows is always a crapshoot especially when booking local acts the extra money for insurance for liability is too much for some venues do you even wanna be willing to put up but a lot of the more rolls cities in the venues within the cities are a lot more lenient as far as moshing goes… Really it more or less just depends on if the venue is willing to provide extra security and liability insurance so its a 50 50 chance at 90 percent of the venues nowadays if machine is allowed or not

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