Flyleaf Premiere New Song, “Set Me on Fire”


Hard-rock band Flyleaf will release their fourth album, ‘Between the Stars’–their first full-length with new lead vocalist Kristen May–on September 16 via Loud & Proud Records. In anticipation, the band has teamed up with Revolver to premiere their new song, “Set Me on Fire.” Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

“We’re excited to release our first single, ‘Set Me on Fire’ today and we can’t wait for people to hear it,” May says of the song, which will impact radio on July 7. “It’s about the passion we feel when we first fall in love and our emotions are running high, along with our thirst for this great life and all it has to offer. There is so much beauty, excitement, and hope in this world, and when we collide with one another and fall in love, magic happens. I hope everyone turns this song up to eleven, and sings at the top of their lungs.”

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  • lexi

    this is really good, surprised. im excited about the album.

  • TheGameGuru

    Lacey was better.

    • Keyko Sakura

      Nobody asked. =P

      • JK2223

        It was just an opinion no need to be rude

        • Leikans

          No need to voice a negative opinion regarding this news. Its your opinion that lacey was better. Who cares? She’s been gone for 2 yrs now. Whats your point posting that anyway?

          • Richie

            There was nothing negative about Keyko’s opinion. Simply said Lacey was better, which a lot of people will agree that she was. But that does not mean that we think that Kristen is not that good. I will always be more of a fan of older Flyleaf because of Lacey…but I think Kristen is great in her own right and I am a fan of the new stuff as well. Specially this song…it makes me look even more forward to the new album.

            As for the opinion thing, everyone has their own and is entitled to it….the only negativity I see here is the people who complain about someone else’s opinion. If you don’t like someone else’s opinion, who cares, just move on and share your own.

        • Keyko Sakura

          Opinions are made to be posted on our own personal pages. It is also rude to come here and say the other was better. Have you ever thought about it? You show your work and ppl say the other person is better than you? That’s pretty rude and useless.

    • Ethan-Joshua Greig

      Yeah, but Kristen is still great, too! :)

  • Keyko Sakura

    Pretty good song. Different than what I expected, but still rather good.

  • Michael

    I’m SO EXCITED for their new stuff!

  • JK223

    To me it sounds like Kristen is trying way too hard to sound like Lacey in her vocals quick no one can do period Lacey had a different more passionate voice like you connected with her emotion immediately when you heard her sing and I mean this isn’t a bad song but at the same time it’s not a great song

    • yup

      I feel that you are wrong, this song sounded nothing like what was done in the original lineup. I will say that if her voice is similar that is why she was chosen to take Lacey’s place. this is not like when they replaced David Lee Roth in Vanhalen and wanted to be different.

    • Leikans

      No way she sounds like Lacey. Kristen is above lacey when it comes to the technical aspects of vocal training. She studied music and vocal training in college. She sounds nothing like her.

      • Richie

        Just because she studied music and vocal training in college does not automatically make her better than someone who didn’t. I mean, I have seen someone who went to college get out done by someone who didn’t even graduate high school, doing the thing that the person went to college for.

        Having said that, I don’t think either of them are better than the other. They both have their strong points and then their not so strong points, but they are both great vocalists. And there are things Lacey can do that Kristen can’t, and things Kristen can do that Lacey can’t.

        • Keyko Sakura

          Actually, technically speaking, Kristen really is better singer than Lacey. Lacey has a great voice, but she gets out of tune all the time. I never liked to listen to Flyleaf live because of that. Doesn’t mean Lacey is not great, she is, but she is a great artist.

          • Rebekah

            I don’t think anyone is better than anyone. Lacey relies on her unique vocals which is why she sounds great on album, Kristen relies on techniques & sings by the book which is why she sounds great live. Both cover different dimensions of the spectrum and are therefore not comparable.

            As someone above already said, there are certain things that Lacey does with her voice that Kristen can’t quite achieve, there are also techniques Kristen uses that I’ve never heard from Lacey. I think people should start appreciating their differences

  • Lecrazy

    I’m really digging Flyleaf’s new sound with Kristen. Make no mistake, Lacey was the best singer I’ve ever heard, but these songs on the new album sound incredible. Good job!

  • LPFreak64

    Sounds great!

  • Henry

    I think the song sounds great and cant wait for the new album…im glad you are here to keep flyleaf alive and cant wait to hear more from you guys.

  • Thais Cristinne Sant Anna

    Very good!

  • Elizabeth

    Super wicked vocals. I can only imagine how tough it is to step up and take over Lacey’s previous position as lead singer. Kristen is really brave to do that and she’s executing the transition with 110%. Keep up the good work! I’m really excited for the new album. :)

  • Ian Blanco

    not too shabby!

  • Brittany Ashley Wigand

    This song is so amazing! Flyleaf has really outdone themselves. Best lead single from any of their records, I think. :D Kristen is doing a great job.

  • Syd Filmore

    I love it! It’s really good! Can’t wait!

  • essassin

    I needed this. I needed to hear Kristen singing songs that weren’t Lacey’s songs. Kristen’s voice on this track sounds a bit reminiscent of Lacey’s tone and style. I don’t know if that is just how it was recorded or how she actually sings, but it’s kind of nice to hear they kept something of their former vocalist. I actually stopped liking Flyleaf when I saw Kristen perform with Flyleaf in NYC awhile back. I missed the rawness of the entire band, but they are at a new chapter and this song is getting me interested in hearing the rest of the album. So far, so good.

  • Day_is_Over

    Great song.

  • Claire

    Well this song is ok, not great but ok. Hopefully the rest of the album is better. Still trying to get used to not having Lacey in Flyleaf but that is why she is doing her own stuff and coming out with a book soon that I cannot wait to buy.

  • Scarlett Letterman

    Negative. Missing Lacey :( lyrics are missing that, ummph.

  • Santiago

    I LOVE THIS! Kristen’s voice is amazing.
    Brazil loves Flyleaf <3

  • DL

    Love it!! And I prefer Kristen to be honest. And In case anyone asks, I have been a Flyleaf fan for a while. I have seen Flyleaf live with both Lacey and Kristen

  • ted

    its okay. I don’t know if it makes me want to buy anything but it is okay.

  • ChuggaChooChoo

    It’s just OK. Not horrible, but not really encouraged to buy it.

  • SonicOldie

    Sounds good on decent cans. Liking the background riff and the vocals. A bit repetitive maybe but overall I like it.

  • Cheyenne O’Connell

    I really like it…kinda sounds like something that should be on Divergent. Its not the same flyleaf, but they are good. I agree with whoever said its refreshing to hear her sing something that wasn’t Lacey’s. I cant wait to hear more.

    • Nicole Vacca

      Kristen has said on the Pledgemusic page that this song is inspired by Divergent :)

    • tatilee

      When I heard this single for the first time this was my first thought: it’s perfect to Divergent! By the way… The songs are differents, the band is different and I think is a special-different. I like! Kristen rocks!

    • Lecrazy

      Flyleaf inspired Divergent. Flyleaf has a Divergent reference (factionless).


  • Jon

    Totally a different band now with new sound. There’s no emotional depth. I’ve been a long time Flyleaf fan, and this doesn’t do it for me. First choice for first single could have been better. Sorry.

  • Allan Hack

    Sounds like Paramore…..not necessarily a bad thing. I like the song!

  • Tyler Wilson

    This band died when Lacey left, this isn’t as bad as I expected but this girl will never compare to Lacey and songs like this don’t do the Flyleaf name justice, I’ll stick with the old flyleaf

  • Cody Rust

    This is not flyleaf. This is “The Kristen May Project.” This sounds nothing like the music Flyleaf made. Flyleaf had heart and soul in it…this is just a weak attempt at making something musical for the money and publicity. Kristen is not what Flyleaf needed!

    • Brittany Ashley Wigand

      You have no idea what you’re talking about. Kristen is exactly what Flyleaf needed, and she’s doing an amazing job. Her heart and passion for this band is amazing, and matches that of Sameer, Jared, James and Pat. The fact that you’re chalking this up to them doing this for money and publicity just means you have no clue what Flyleaf is about. At all.

      • LolaS

        This version of Flyleaf won’t be around in a couple years.

  • Brian Pierson

    All you whiners who don’t like this new sound…go listen to the Frozen soundtrack or something. smh

    • LolaS

      That’s the problem, pinhead. This sounds like a song from the Frozen soundtrack instead of a good, hard driving alternative song like Flyleaf was known for. Flyleaf was never a pop music, disney channel band. Now they are.

  • Craig Poland

    I think everyone that is talking mess needs to just stop. I don’t see you with a record deal. No Kristen is not Lacey but Kristen is not trying to be. She is keeping the band alive and full of energy. Remember a band is more than just the vocalist, you all need to think about the band as a whole. This is a new direction for Flyleaf, but if you ask me it is a positive transition. I love this band, their songs over the years have inspired me to do a lot. This song is no different I feel the energy coming from the band (The band includes Kristen). I think if you stop comparing Kristen to Lacey you will agree that this is an amazing song!!

    • Tyler

      With bands like this yeah the singer is basically the most important part, none of the other members do anything to make me stand out, no offense to them but they could be replaced pretty easy. It’s like when all four members of evanescence left Amy lee and started another band, she took the name evanescence with her because she was really the only reason people listened to the band. Same thing here, it’s not awful but this is far from Flyleaf and the majority of fans probably won’t like this

      • Brittany Ashley Wigand

        I think you’ll find that Set Me On Fire is definitely a new type of song from them, and they’ve enjoyed exploring new territory musically. But there are songs that have that old-school Flyleaf vibe too. Songs like Ship of Fools & City Kids really have that same old Flyleaf feel to them. I think they’re just mixing things up a little, and keeping things fresh. Which is awesome! Set Me On Fire is amazing.

  • Lewbuu

    I had my Doubts but they all just got shot out down i love this new song

  • Cactus

    If Lacey were the one to Sing this Song and Sound Exactly like Kristen None of you would have A Problem With it But Just Because it’s a New Lead Singer Y’all Don’t Like It, sounds like A Flyleaf Song To me, now I Loved Lacey, I was Disappointed when she left the Band (to have a Family ) but They wouldn’t have gotten this Girl to replace her If She wasn’t a Good Singer
    I don’t See any of you Guys having the Honor Of Being Laceys Replacement . Plus if She Sounded and Acted just like Lacey you guys would Be Bitching That She’s a Lacey Imposter It’s Good She Don’t sound A lot like Lacey.

    • Steve

      Nah, sounds like newer flyleaf. Flyleaf’s original album was sick. A bit dark and chaotic, but somehow beautiful and heartfelt. It left you with a feeling of hope. Their newer stuff with Lacey was still good mind you, but not quite as emotional and unique as their self-titled album. Despite the bands change in pace or maturity or whatever it may have been, I miss Lacey. This new vocalist is good, but it’s never quite been Flyleaf since their second album.

    • revenantmedia

      Kristen and Lacey sound nothing alike. Kristen is decent but she’s no Lacey. This isn’t the original Flyleaf anymore.

  • Gabriel C.

    I’m so used to the live version of Set Me on Fire that it’s hard for me to like this final version more. Seriously, they’re coming with awesome songs like Marionette, City Kids, Carry You, Well of Lies and Thread. Can’t wait for Between the Stars! It’s going to be so good! :-) I understand people who don’t like the new Flyleaf. When a band comes with a new vocalist it is a big deal indeed. But c’mon, if you don’t like their sound anymore, stop coming to every single post about them to say that. Get over it! I love Lacey and I can’t wait for her solo project, but Flyleaf still sounds good to me.

    • Nicole Vacca

      I also prefer the live version. But I think this one will grow on me. What threw me was the funky guitar that kicks in at 0:26. I thought of The Ting Tings haha. It is good to hear them experimenting with other sounds, though. We all know what Sameer and Jared are capable of (esp. Sameer), but we haven’t heard them try other styles much, so I’m looking forward to seeing what Between the Stars has to offer.

  • JonsThreeCents

    When did Flyleaf turn into a Disney Channel power pop band? Yikes.

  • Jazz Tong

    Love this song <3

  • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

    I knew when Lacey left that I wouldn’t like the band nearly as much, but I said I’d at least wait til the new singer is singing her own music before I totally gave up on Flyleaf. Must say that this isn’t bad, not amazing but it’s given me a glimmer of hope that I can like the new Flyleaf if I just think of them as a totally separate band from the one Lacey was in.

    • Steve

      Indeed, my thoughts exactly.

  • AshleyNicole

    The reason I love Flyleaf is because of songs like I’m so sick and Again. Their last album wasn’t bad either but didn’t have as many strong chorus based tracks. Listening to this I don’t really hear any sense of that old Flyleaf. This song just doesn’t cut it for me, its too different. Its lighter and Kristen’s voice just doesn’t stand up to the hard rock element of the band in my opinion. Not my favorite song but still anxious to hear what else they come out with.

  • revenantmedia

    Flyleaf officially sounds like Fireflight. They’ve lost their heavy rock element with the departure of Lacey.

    • beregond23

      I still think that this sound is more mature than Fireflight. Not as much as old Flyleaf, but more than Fireflight I think.

  • Smashzord

    I loved lacey but this is progression in the right creative direction. The band has enabled itself to move out of any kind of rut they were in before.

  • Bernardo

    It is just AWESOME! I’m loving it. I can judge from now that this album is gonna be one of the best albums Flyleaf will make!

  • Andre

    I loved Lacey’s tone, aggressiveness and the way it mixed with dark, heavy, rough/soft songs. I too decided to give Kristen a chance before I only listen to the old Flyleaf. She has potential, but she has to realize what made Flyleaf amazing. I’d love to see her bring a heavier sound/tone and produce songs that are true to the original Flyleaf. As a fan base, as much as MANY of us truly miss Lacey, I’d think she’d want us to support Kristen and give her the chance she deserves.

    • suizidraupe

      I listened to some of the old songs performed by her and think that the heavier darker ‘old’ tone doesn’t fit her that well. If she would force herself to do it I think it would miss some of the honesty and I think that would be less Flyleaf then …

  • Truthful

    Satanic tattoos …. no thanks

    • marianamor

      Which tattoos would they be?

    • Ron Zombie

      …their known for being a Christian band.

    • benjiy

      Fail troll is fail.

  • marv

    ok flyleaf’s album was the only thing i like from them, i didnt care for all the other ones, but this sounds great.

  • marianamor

    The new sound is awesome, from someone who’s listened to them for almost a decade. Also, I guarantee that anyone who sees them live will fall in unconditional love forever.

  • DJ Mike Zero

    No. Just…just no.

    • thwart14

      Such an intelligently constructed response.

      • DJ Mike Zero

        This song sounds like something you would hear from a crappy Disney kid. Her voice lacks any real strength or push, the instruments sound like an afterthought…it’s almost like they’re not a band anymore, but rather done solo artist with a session group in the background. Flyleaf suddenly turned into the new Paramore after their last album, and this new vocalist can’t hold a candle to what Lacey could do. I foresee this being the last Flyleaf album. They had a good run, but it’s come to a screeching halt.

        In short: No. Just…just no.

        • LolaS

          Yes…..just, yes. You’re are absolutely right. This reminds me of Gwen Stefani going solo and sucking. Flyleaf did have a great run. Great, unique alternative hard rocking music. This is horrible. It’s hard to believe their sound is changing this much without Lacey.

  • guest

    Um, Flyleaf was never a great band. Ever. So who cares if they want to make some money before the exit the scene they were in for their one hit years ago.

    • LolaS

      guest – wrong. Just…..just, wrong.