For All I Am Premiere New Video, “Overthrown”

Deathcore group For All I Am put out their EP, Lone Wolf, last year. Now they’re releasing a video for the first song on the album, “Overthrown,” which you can see below. Check it out and let us know what you think of it in the comments.

Photo by Tarina Doolittle


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  • Guest


    • Blah

      You suck my dick faggot!

    • Rachel

      These guys rock! Anybody who thinks otherwise is ignorant. They’re so young and incredibly talented! It must suck to be the a hole behind a computer screen with zero talent. Support music, don’t hate on it. BTW you suck.

    • Angela

       Everyone has their own opinions, but being completely rude is unnecessary. You could of at least given some constructive criticism, not just bad-mouth them. 

  • BeiberHole69

    This turned out incredible, I AM IN LOVE WITH FAIA <3 

  • Matt

    I hate waiting for videos to load, good thing I have their CD!

  • Ryant45

    Pretty terrible

  • ChaseSalazar

    Damn. I dont know who these kids are, or where theyre from, but they can fcuking make music. Incredibly talented group of lads.

  • Robs Gabriel

    OMG i cant watch this, i am in Brazil

  • Benjamin Radcliffe

    These guys are from the greater Chicago area. They were previously known as “I, Artificial”. I’ve been tuned into them before they debuted their EP, before they were signed; they’ve matured a lot, and they bring a unique sound to the genre.

    Unless you understand the intricacies of what goes into producing music, you can’t badmouth this at all. Flawless production. Music is all subjective–everyone has different tastes. So shut your fucking mouths and enjoy it if it’s your cup of tea. If it’s not, it’s your loss.

    Keep it up, FAIA. Waiting on that full-length.

  • Charlene Lee Gardner

    Amazing. I miss when you guys used to play mojoes all the time :/

  • Citylvrgirl

    Keep hating, these guys have been through hell and high water pretty sure they can deal with petty comments. Awesome video and awesome band who are completely passionate about music. KEEP ON SUPPORTING

  • Zoltar8x

    I remember them as CBTH. Congrats guys, I remember supporting you at your first show in greys lake. Look at you now. :) hatersgannahate haters ganna make you famous

  • eigna

    Truly talented and passionate. This fine group of gentlemen, undoubtedly have great things ahead of them. real and from the heart, fucking amazing 

  • Mitch

    eh, pretty generic. nothing really exceptionally technical or unique about it. but.  it’s good for what it is. good job!

  • Tk400turbo

    kinda reminds me of the bands they went on tour with, sounds cool!

  • Hahawhaaaaa

    Is The Singer Asian?