For All Those Sleeping Premiere New Song, “Crosses”

For All Those Sleeping

The Minnesota five-piece For All Those Sleeping will release their new album, Incomplete Me, June 23 via Fearless Records. In anticipation, the band has teamed with Revolver to premiere the lyric video for new song “Crosses.” Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments.

for all those sleeping“It’s hard letting someone you care about into your life and leaving your past and flaws exposed, but it’s even harder when you haven’t forgiven yourself for those mistakes,” guitarist David Volgman-Stevens comments. “This song is taps into the whole idea of you can’t love someone else until you love yourself. If you feel like you’re your own cross to bear, then it’s selfish to expect someone else to carry that same burden.”

Incomplete Me–see the cover art to the right–is available for preorder via iTunes.

“We wanted to create a symbol for Incomplete Me that would be just as powerful as the music itself and an image that our fans could feel a connection with,” Volgman-Stevens says of the album cover art. “We made the design incomplete for how we feel at times in life. Whether it was the feeling of lonesomeness or the sense of not belonging, but the flame represents the fire we all have inside of us for what we are passionate about. For us, it’s our music. Whatever it is for you, keep it burning.”

You can catch For All Those Sleeping live this summer on the Vans Warped Tour. For more on the band, visit and


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  • iLikeCats

    The best thing about this song is that the cleans aren’t annoyingly high like they had been on older stuff. Overall a good song.

    • Sunny D

      I agree. I am not a fan of the really high cleans trend with these bands now days. Kind of messes with the flow of the songs most of the times. There have only been a few bands that are able to pull that transition off,and that is mainly because their dirty vocals are on the higher end themselves.

  • whatcom_bassist

    Sorry, couldn’t listen past 1:30. Nothing special here. And if I may, downtuned guitars screaming/whispering doesn’t make you metal, and the “Something About Mary” hairdos and neck tattoos make you about as metal as Justin Bieber.

    • UrAllTalk ☮

      Then you’re really missing out. I feel sorry for you. And if I may, I don’t believe anyone said anything about being metal or how metal you can be. They are artists. They will do what they like.

      • Radelaide

        I used to be a huge fan of For All Those Sleeping. But there really isn’t anything special here. Just like every other band in the scene nowadays. There’s nothing ground breaking or Earth shaking here. They’re following the same trend every band does.

        • iamwhoiam

          Too bad you grew apart now you sound like some old dude reminiscing about the past and won’t care to listen to new music

  • Kim

    I love it

  • Chels.xD

    So I love this. Really though. Love you guys and your music so much ! ♡

  • Shelly

    Love it guys! Can’t wait for the new album:)

  • Taylor Jacyshyn

    I really like the meaning of the symbol and I love the new single and I can’t wait for the album!

  • miranda

    The song is really awesome I can’t wait for the album. Revolver did good choosing this song 😉

  • Joey Arocho

    This band just keeps getting better and better. This song is amazing and meaningful. I can’t wait to buy this album and see them on warped tour.

  • Hannah Carr

    Oh my gosh! This song is incredible!!!!! I love this band so much I’m so excited to see them at warped tour!!!

  • Dale Ferguson

    This song definitely has an amazing message. It’s honestly one of FATS best! It’s truly amazing

  • Ashley Weezer

    This is so amazing. Plus the message behind it is just great. I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album!

  • James Tragedy

    Very pleased to here their new song, and I can honestly say this one of the best they have ever written.
    So STOKED for this Album Release!!

  • Ashley Jennifer Rodriguez

    I am so excited for Incomplete Me to come out!!! Crosses is absolutely amazing, and is a tease for what’s to come. 😀

  • Lauren Evans

    Glad to hear these guys back at it again! Judging from this song, its probably gonna be a great release.

  • Ashlyn

    I am so excited for the new album this song is just so amazing! cant wait to see it live at warped tour

  • Shelby

    I love the message behind the song; it makes it twice as good! Can’t wait to see these guys live at Warped Tour! :)

  • LaShawna

    It definitely is hard trying to let go and forgiven your past yourself. This song is awesome and the message behind it as well. Learning to love yourself is something I’m still working on so this song hits home.

  • Peyton Taffe

    So stoked for the new album(:

  • Tina Richardson

    I seriously love the meaning behind this song. I think that in order for you to love yourself you have to let go of your past and that’s something that isn’t easy to do. It makes this song super relatable and I am so excited for their new album!

  • Tori

    I love the meaning behind both the symbol and the song. So passionate and relatable. Can’t wait for the new album!

  • Joey

    Love the song and i cant wait for the album to come out (:

  • Jade

    Combine a bad ass song with a killer meaning and the final product is this song. I cant get enough of it! Its made me super stoked for the new album to be released!

  • Anonymous

    Combine some bad ass sounds with a killer meaning and you get this song. I love this song! Cant get enough! Im so ready for the new album!

  • Alexandr Zavala

    This song really hits home for me now more then ever. To know that I’m not alone with feeling burdens is amazing. This songs musical compositions are also very amazing. I’m defiantly listening to the rest of the album when it comes out!

  • Wes

    This song is great as is the meaning! I’m excited to see where this band goes on the album! I love me some Fearless bands!!!

  • Kristi Agne

    Great song!! Love the symbolism behind it. So ready for the new album!!

  • Morgan Danger Chbosky

    YAY! been waitin forever to hear a new song from for all those sleeping – at least it was worth the wait .. (:

  • Tia

    Wow, I really love this song and I really love the message. FATS is such a great band and it’s amazing how easy it is to connect to their music. I’m so excited for the rest of the album.

  • Isa

    I love this song as well as FATS. I love the meaning behind the song as well as they symbol! I can’t wait until their new album releases!

  • Kaity

    I can’t wait for this album, Crosses is such an amazing song! I love the meaning behind it

  • Andrew Chatwood

    Quality video with an even better meaning. Love the passion these guys put into their music. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the album!

  • Kyleen Blunt

    This song is sick, For All Those Sleeping has a great road ahead of them. I cannot wait for the rest of the new album and to see them on Warped Tour !

  • Class of 2014!!!

    Love this song! It’s meaningful plus I’m the nerd that loves the quality of the video. I’m excited to hear the rest of the album!

  • nerdynance

    This song is so awesome! I think I found my new favorite song! Can’t wait to hear the rest of the album.

  • becca

    This song is awesome! So stoked for their new album to come out!! :-)

  • JanTrekell

    Believe it or not Ethan, I enjoyed this song! Great job guys!