Former As I Lay Dying Guitarist Nick Hipa Responds to Tim Lambesis’ Sentence and Interview

Nick HipaFormer As I Lay Dying/current Wovenwar guitarist Nick Hipa (pictured left) posted a statement on his Facebook page today regarding his longtime bandmate Tim Lambesis. Lambesis was recently sentenced to six years in prison for his involvement in a murder-for-hire plot targeting his estranged wife, Meggan. Read what Hipa had to say below.

Last Friday I sat in a courtroom to support a friend. For the better part of a decade our professional and personal lives were woven in a relationship akin to family. As if family, the intention of my attendance was to publicly acknowledge the deep care and compassion I hold for this individual.

I watched as she searched for the strength to behold her transgressor for the first time in over a year since learning of his plot to have her murdered. I listened to her describe the love she once possessed for this man whom she adored, trusted, and depended on as her husband. I followed along as she detailed his abandonment of her and her children; a betrayal he failed to own but opted to blame on a lost sense of morality. This excuse became further excused by a defense that drug abuse had clouded his judgement.

She attempted to rebuild a life with three young children apart from a man who viewed them as disposable. The strength and resilience of these children—whom she saved from abandonment, poverty, and certain early death—were being further challenged by this domestic unravelling. Her desire was to give them love and stability, his response was to have her executed.

I observed his defense acknowledge the crime but defend it once again with the argument that steroids created mental instability. I followed as the prosecution reminded the court of an intricately calculated series of actions occurring over the course of many weeks. A scheme which involved using her children to secure gate codes for a would be assassin, and his plans for their further exploitation as an alibi; a plot indicative of careful premeditation over momentary mindlessness.

I watched as a Judge highlighted how many men use steroids but do not plot to murder innocent women, and for someone to move towards such action reveals something twisted within their character. He continued to point out that a willingness to involve children in such matters is deeply disturbing and reprehensible as well.

The accounts I interpreted within this courtroom were details of people and a past that I had known and observed first hand. All and everything was as I knew it to be.

I share this in response to an interview between Tim Lambesis and Ryan J. Downey that was released on moments after this women and her family were given their closure. Behind the facade of a penitent man with renewed outlook, restored faith, and apparent remorse is a fairly appalling agenda to further damage the lives and reputations of his non-supporters. It is the continued defense of behavior that leveled every facet of an innocent woman’s being and traumatized children who have already persevered through the actual pain of an orphan’s life.

There is no contrition in his pseudo-philosophical jargon, and the verbalized assessment of his relationship with myself and former bandmates is absolute slander. I had spoken with him directly and in length of how 100% of my heart, love, and loyalty was being directed in support towards his victims. These victims being people I had opened my heart to as family for many years and whom I pray will find healing from his deep abuse. In complete disregard for the truth as I’m certain he understands it, he opted to fabricate motives that describe us abandoning him as a callous business decision.

The intent of his defamation is to create an air of sympathy and support under the false pretense of a forthcoming tell-all. Unfortunately this has worked to a degree, as many strangers have put effort into projecting hatred towards those of us who chose to defend the guiltless subjects of his crimes.

It is regrettable that he utilized this platform as a means to justify his conduct. The prosecution of this case profiled him as a sociopathic narcissist in definite need of rehabilitation. For those of us who truly know the man for who he is, it’s shameful that in spite of all he is still as he ever was and just as they say.

For Jordan, Phil, Josh, and myself, we’ll continue to carry on knowing we behaved honorably, lovingly, and loyally to the individuals who truly needed it.

Here is the interview Hipa is referring to.


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  • shadowhog

    This response is written as that of a true christian: histrionic and oversimplifying.

    I never thought I’d find myself taking the side of Tim Lambesis, but this Hipa man is an idiot.

    • Shaun

      What are you talking about? He’s obviously well-written and sincere. He’s lived out the trial, had first-hand experience in court AND with the family. Pretty sure he’s not making this shit. What we do know is that a man tried to have his wife murdered. That’s all you need to judge. Fuck Tim Lambesis and fuck you for siding with criminals.

  • David

    Whoa! shadowhog uncalled for! nothing in this says Jesus or God that being said he also does nothing and says nothing wrong in the article whatsoever that would give any Christian a bad name only you are saying such things making yourself the bad example for nonChristians. Tim has good points in his argument for his actions but they still aren’t excuses and Nick is simply defending his reaction to the article, tim’s actions, and defending his friends and bandmates without anything malicious in the words at all.

  • The TRUTH

    They NEVER RECOVER . They can not capable of feeling Empathy or real Love . I had a Narcissist parent . He could have just divorced her . I believe it’s more of a control issue . Psychopaths and Narcissists need to be in control . Do not believe he will change , you will be deceived again , and hurt . He is where he should be away from innocent people . I pray she will be able to overcome her severe PTSD and Betrayal .

  • Negativemrb

    Finally someone in the right frame of mind, and heart. I read that article as many others and I thought Tim did not sound apologetic, and still was blaming his ex, for his actions. How many times did he say ( ROID rage) is made up, yet that was his whole defense strategy in court. Hope that dude slims out, gets raped in prison, and becomes a victim himself. Truly fucking hopeless douchebag.

    • lordtheshred

      “Hope that dude slims out, gets raped in prison, and becomes a victim himself”

      You’re a goddamn blight on the planet, you fucking worthless mouth-breathing piece of shit. Do us all a favor and kill yourself.

      • Shaun

        Do you ever think before you type you mindless babbling hypocrite?

    • Shaun

      Good observation… he really didn’t apologize to anyone! … He had one elongated opportunity to do so but not once did he show any real sympathy or apology. Not towards her, his kids, his fans, not the press, NOBODY!!

  • lordtheshred

    This is fucking pretentious drivel. Fuck this idiot and fuck all of you pathetic pieces of inferior garbage sympathizing with the bitch of a wife who was awarded sixty fucking percent of Tim’s income. “saved from abandonment, poverty, and certain early death” Shut the fuck up, you sensationalizing prick. Jesus Christ. All of you idiots need to get a clue.

    • billy

      you need to get mr. lambesis’ cock out your mouth terd burglar.

    • The Maximalist

      After what that pathetic cocksucker did to her, 60% isn’t enough. We get it, you love his band, but wake up to the fact that he is a heartless motherfucker and needs to be locked up.

    • Shaun

      Really dude? So let’s allow someone to put a hit out on your mom. Better yet, let’s allow your favorite band member to put a hit out on your mom and see how you feel. You’re a joke. Now this dude is only gonna do 6 years and eventually that woman will have to tell her children that her father tried to have her murdered. You are one heaping fucking mass of jackass!!!

      • Rob

        Ignore the fool. His opinion is worth slightly less than the cost of the keyboard he uses to spread his would-be menace.

    • Fear Monkey

      clueless much?

    • sean


  • WWoman

    Woman how wants someone out of her life and fears him so much..ain’t taking that man’s money. .

  • sean

    FUCK CHRISTIANS FUCK THE 6 YEAR SENTENCE -get more time for weed in some states !!!!

    • Cpt Howdy

      Truth. He got off hella easy.