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Former Sebastian Bach Drummer Mark "Bam Bam" McConnell Dies

Former Sebastian Bach Drummer Mark

Drummer Mark "Bam Bam" McConnell died yesterday morning after suffering brain damage as a result of kidney and liver failure.

McConnell sat behind the kit for former Skid Row vocalist Sebastian Bach for the better part of eight years, joining the singer in 1997 and departing in 2005.

Before McConnell's death, Bach asked fans to send out prayers to his former bandmate, calling him "an amazing drummer and lifelong friend."

He added, "We love you, Bam Bam. You can kick this in the ass just like you play your drums!! Fight hard, buddy. We all wanna rock with you. We love ya, dude."

A relative to Facebook last night to officially announce the news, writing, "Mark passed at 9.42 this morning, surrounded by family and close friends. We will miss him. He was previous to all of us and touched all our hearts deeply and profoundly.

"On behalf of our family, thank you to all of you for your prayers and support."

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