Fungonewrong Premiere New Music Video, “Cry Me a River”


Featuring band members Belter Skelter (vocals/guitar), Milez Long (guitar/vocals), Ballz Deep (guitar/vocals), Manny Wrektor (bass), and Buster Hymen (drums), Fungonewrong deliver a mixture of metal, punk, and death-thrash, all while wearing bags on their heads! Their fans join in by wearing their own bags to every Fungonewrong show and refer to themselves as members of The Baghead Nation.

Fungonewrong will release their self-titled debut album this summer on Legend Group Records and embark on a full U.S. tour.

The band unveiled the video for their first single, “Cry Me a River,” this past Sunday before their show at the Social House in Soulard. Following this in-person premiere, Revolver has the exclusive world-wide debut of the video right here right now. Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments.

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  • Houston Curtis

    So proud of these guys! Despite a bazillions hurdles, Fungonewrong has risen to the top of the Midwest heavy metal circuit to become the most “hardcore band from the heartland” and this music video is just the beginning of their full scale assault on the metal universe! Thanks revolver for reporting on this important and relevant band that is bound to change the face of heavy metal!

    • Rocky Dennis

      “Most HARDCORE band in the heartland”?

      • Houston Curtis

        Well…they are all from the Heartland, and they are Hardcore MO FO’s with a debut album that’s gonna blow everyone away! Does that help Rocky? :)

  • Shawn Hutton

    Cry me a river is an awesome song…. I strongly encourage everyone to check out the entire album

  • Oliver Bush

    Great .. Dig it. When can I get album?

    • Houston Curtis

      There will be a full two page spread announcing the album street date in the next issue of revolver! Be sure to pick it up!

  • Steve Edwards

    Does this mean Belter wont be delivering pizzas to my house anymore? Haha! This has been a much anticipated video for all of us bagheads and it fuckin rocks!

  • kmdyf

    Not bad

  • Ani Briones

    I love the song and the video kills, I can’t get enough of their crushingly heavy sound. FUNGONEWRONG is definitely a force to be reckoned with so watch out world THE BAGHEAD NATION is going to be everywhere so you too will FALL KNELL and WORSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gene mean

    Wow….totally blew my mind away!!! You wanted the best you got the best…the most notorious band in the world…FUNGONEWRONG!!…get these guys a world tour…I’m telling ya, if I don’t see these guys close to a city near me soon, I will pack all of my shit, and come to them…they say right now everyone is moving to Colorado most likely cause of the green industry boom….well I’ll move to a small town in southern Illinois to be apart of the METAL BOOM..these guys are real and sound unique compared to all the other sold out bullshit…FUNGONEWRONG is not just the metal revolution…they are METAL EVOLUTION!!! Get these guys on the road…so people can see what REAL METAL IS ALL ABOUT!!!

  • Mary Beth


  • Guitsy

    Alright! Crunching metal with cool lyrics and some humor!

  • Mike Deadmond

    Awesome video guys…wish I could made it for the shoot !!!!!keep on kicking ass !!!

  • Lezlee

    I loved all of this! The music, the players, the actors…very engaging!

  • Chaotic C

    Awesome!!! So kool. Can’t wait to see what these guys come up with next.. Didn’t think anyone could top some of the greatest legends, but DAMN, you did. Welcome to BAGHEAD NATION!!! Love this band!!!!

  • Mike Anderson

    this is the next best thing to hit the metal scene by far my favorite new band ……..baghead nation will overcome this planet like a plague…….cant wait to hear more

  • T-Bag

    If I wasn’t pumped before I’m jacked now this song rips
    The video kicks ass too can’t wait to these guys on tour.
    Metal Rules and you all are keeping true to form.
    My bag is ready and my fist is in the air.

  • JenDamnit

    OMG that just blew my mind!!!! I absolutely, positively LOVED IT!! Can’t wait for the album release!!! Baghead Nation for life!!!

  • Keenan Ruckman

    True heavy metal in your face just like it should be! This band rips through every other band here in the midwest. BAGHEAD NATION!

  • Stacie Brow

    This band is freaking awesome! Love everything about them, the look, the lyrics, the whole shabang. Definitely a force to be reckoned with….Florida wants FUNGONEWRONG to rock our faces off!!!! Baghead bitch for life!!!!

  • farmbitch

    Had a blast with these guys last night. Super professional, bad ass, high energy intensive event.

  • Jennifer Bosler

    The video was awesome can’t hardly wait for the to be continued….Baghdad nation….


    FUNGONEWRONG!!! Awesome. Metal at its best. Great song. Their sound is huge. Insane riffs. Look out metal fans. These guys are coming full speed ahead.

  • Dave Chandrasekhar

    LOVED IT!! Cool theme! Great hook!! MOVE OVER ROVER AND LET FGW TAKE OVER!!! Love you guys!!

  • Scooby George

    Damn proud of these boys and how far they’ve come. Hope you guys are all ready for FUNGONEWRONG & the Baghead Nation. We come, we drink beer, we fuck shit up!!! Give em hell guys!! You really did it!!! 😀

    ~ScooB~ (Lead Admin/Writer – ScooB’s Local Band Spotlight)

  • Doodles

    So awesome, I knew you f#ckers could do it. Congrats fungonewrong, so proud of you guys.

  • Chris Greider

    Great job, gang! Keep on kickin’ ass!

  • Byron Keith Shaw

    Yeah FunGoneWrong!! Way to go!! Come back to Kill Devil Hills,NC soon! We’ll be waiting……..

  • Carly S

    Awesome job FGW!! GREAT SONG!

  • phil

    HELL YA!!!!

  • Greg Porter

    Hellyea guys!!….the video is awesome!!..FGW for president!! haha

  • Nathan Collins

    Loud, obnoxious, crushing and angry – exactly the way music was meant to be! Great video!

  • clarence kellerman

    FGW, FGW, FGW!!!! the video kicks ass! you guy’s are going to destroy!

  • Chad Henry

    Great Video!! FGW will be bigger than Backyard Wrestling for the founder of Legend Group!!!!! Be thankful for the bags, Baghead nation….. I have seen these guys without the bags and they have for sure, ROCKED THEIR FACES OFF, over the years!!!!

  • Missy Meador

    Blown away!

  • Rolin Rutledge

    These guys are incredible. I can’t wait to hear more of their music. Any idea as to when the album comes out?

  • Amy


  • Byron Keith Shaw

    Search youtube Rolin…… you will find more……

    • Houston Curtis

      if you go to the all new FUNGONEWRONG youtube channel which the video is linked to, and subscribe, they will send you a link to all of the fan-posted fungonewrong videos! there’s a ton of awesome stuff out there!

  • Brandon Smith

    This is one of the reasons that I love this magazine: Always introducing great bands!!!!!

    I love this band!!

  • Carly Smith

    WOW, I like it!
    When is the album coming out?

    • Houston Curtis

      The label will be setting a street date soon! Look for an editorial and two page spread in the next issue of revolver!

  • Jack Johnson

    I have never heard of these guys before! Good start!

    • Houston Curtis

      Thanks jack! New fans welcome!!

  • kaybae

    yeah definatley kickass!!! and very honored that me and my boyfriend got to be apart of the video! had fun head thrashing with all the guys from FUNGONEWRONG! definatley was a crazy night! cant wait to see them again!

  • Shawn Michael Wimberly


  • Tim Hill

    Fungonewrong is absolutely amazing I’m proud to be a Baghead you guys are the greatest!!!!

  • Harry Wadley

    LOVE IT!!! Great job by LEGEND GROUP on this! KEEP IT COMING!!!

  • norm

    I just love you guys! Rock on bagheads!

  • rcorn

    Sounds good! Dig the video!!


    Totally BADASS video bros! Metal rules!

  • James pate

    if funsgonewrong then I don’t want to be right

  • BaLdBaG

    Cant get enuff of this song guys ….

  • Ron Kehn

    Great video you guys!! Loved it!! Glad I got to see you guys at the social house before you went on tour.. It was a great head bangin night and a lot of fun! Love u guys and wish you the best!!!

  • OGX1

    Where the hell did these guys come from. I just got my ass kicked. Where do I get a CD and how do I get you to my clubs in VA Beach and KILL DEVIL HILLS NC. The video was GREAT, but if the rest of the album has that old school feel yet New and Original Relevance that I just heard, Im an instant fan. I wanna right more but I cant wait to watch this video again. That’s why I love Revolver. You always keep it real and brings the next best bands. Keep up the good work and bring us more FUNGONEWRONG.

  • Doug Juday

    Or the time they threw down in Mt,Vernon Il. ,,and made it rain!!!! FFFFFFFFFFFFGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ani Briones

    FUNGONEWRONG, FUNGONEWRONG, FUNGONEWRONG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Baghead Betty

      LOVE LOVE LOVE FUNGONEWRONG!!!!!! We should be friends!!! Connect with me on twitter @bagheadbetty #GoTeamBabes Xo-Betty FGWSuperfan

  • James Pennington

    SGT.stripes comein at you with a HELL YEA! about time i prayed to the metal GODS ! and begged for some good METAL! AND BOOM! now its on ! i literally watched a alien space ship flyn over me playing F-U-N-G-O-N-E-W-R-O-N-G while HEADBANGING! EPIC JAMS you guys when i am a old fart in my wheele chair i will still be turning this METAL UP! and as for the green vuggers they got good taste in music lol