Ghost B.C. Cover Depeche Mode, “Waiting for the Night”

Swedish occult rockers Ghost B.C. have recorded a cover of Depeche Mode’s “Waiting for the Night” for the Japanese edition of their latest album, Infestissumam. Stream it below and let us know what you think in the comments.


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    Hmm. Might work live, with all the lighters/iPhone screens waving in the air, but it’s not really doing anything for me as just a recording. The words are right up their alley though.

  • mercurystain

    Sounds pretty cool…I agree, the mood and lyrics are leaning their way…wish they played more U.S. gigs..would love to see them here in TX…the south central bible belt Texans would lose their freaking minds

    • Ykcir Rekrap

      not really, we’ve had worse “shock rock” bands here

  • Sid-x

    I like the song, but this cover seems to be a bit boring IMHO.

    • Billy

      It’s the vocals, that’s always been my only problem with Ghost. I love the whole vibe they’re trying to put out there, the lyrics, the costumes, the music, but I feel like their vocals have always lacked the dynamics you need to sell this kind of music. That’s just me though..

  • Rafa

    I love Depeche Mode, but this cover not being bad, lacks more power.

  • James

    I just saw these guys last weekend at Rock on the Range in Columbus (front row) and I gotta say they were amazing live. They even opened up their set with Masked Ball from “Eyes Wide Shut” soundtrack and people loved them. Their energy is very unique and they sounded great. This song doesn’t do much for me, but if you can check them out live, do it!

    • James

      What was even funnier is that they immediately followed Red, the Christian rock band on the same stage haha.

  • Satan


    • Bloodrose

      When they got a large contract, another band that goes by Ghost sued them over the name, so they had to add BC to their name. So it is now Ghost B.C.

  • Derek C. F. Pegritz

    This is friggin’ amazing. I mean, I *love* Depeche Mode…but even so, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to listen to their version again. It’s nowhere near as epic!

  • Richard Moore

    Wow! that guy looks just like the catholic church! ( DEAD! )……

  • vanessa

    I like it like it a lot !