Godsmack Premiere New Music Video, “Rocky Mountain Way”

Godsmack recently released their first ever live album, Live and Inspired, which also features four covers including one of Joe Walsh’s “Rocky Mountain Way.” The band is premiering the video for that song right here right now. Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments.



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  • http://www.facebook.com/scott.patterson.1485 Scott Patterson

    All I saw was an ad.  No Godsmack.

  • Tuss

    “aren’t allowd to watch.. good news.. thousands of OTHER videos”

    F.U.C.K   Y.O.U

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/FHQIKJKRVI75WAHEBH5C37VY6I Hassanein Sadeq

    Can’t see the video.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kim-Marie-Ostrowski/666911713 Kim Marie Ostrowski

    WHERE TF is the video? 

  • Thedudee01


  • http://www.facebook.com/casie.sharpe Casie Sharpe

    Love it!

  • http://www.facebook.com/casie.sharpe Casie Sharpe

    Love it!

  • c d w

    Yeeaa!  Great re-do!  (took 2 tries, and Chrome froze up for a long time before it would finally play tho.)

  • Kronvallc

     It played fine for me. Was any of that shot in Fort Wayne a few weeks ago? Hell of a concert!

  • Lisa

    I saw the commercial, but no video. #EpicFail!

  • Romulan 614

    Can’t see the video!! Please fix this…

  • dj

    I wood love to see it but it won’t play..

  • Bizkitfan226

    Not working for me either

  • Phil Anselmo

    doesnt work :(

  • Ballardtsma

    Sully is THE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Well….along with Shannon, Robbie, and Tony!!!!!!!  GODSMACK is hardcore ruleage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Drx

    Rocks Ass !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DeaDecay

    says it ‘gon play tomorrow 12 p.m. eastern time

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QWALNV4SY73PHVJR3MQQTSBJOM Inga


  • BooneBadboy

    R & F’N Roll!!!

  • Demogirl2u

    not working for me either bummer

  • DeaDecay

    it’s on youtube people. type in ”
    Godsmack – Rocky Mountain Way (Live & Inspired CD)”

  • coffinman82

    you know when godsmack has hit rock bottom when my mother is making dinner and singing this song as i watch it right now…   wtf happened godsmack…

    • http://www.musicmediagroup.tv/ Davo

      u know you’ve hit rock bottom when your mom is making you dinner…LOL

  • Stewartdunn

    I will tell you wtf, they kick ass no matter what they do! Sully’s solo album is different, but he still kicks ass! I turn 46 on May 28th and I have a son 13 years old and rocks to Godsmack! Don’t like the song, well, get the fuck over it, listen to another song! “wtf happened Godsmack?” nothing did, they rule it all in my book! keep on rockin’ Sully!

  • Raiderdan

     Wont let us watch the video in Vegas  WTF

  • Doreendorsi

    fckn awesome! the concert looked freakin amazinG! thanx for rockn my world! xo

  • Mystic_merlin1964

    nice video ,saw you guys at verizon with staind and halestorm grazy good show thanx to the mass bros and halestorm…bb