Godsmack Premiere New Song, “1000hp”

godsmack 2014

Godsmack premiered their new single, “1000hp” on radio today–the song marks the band’s first new original music since 2010’s Oracle. The track is the title cut off the group’s forthcoming sixth album, which is expected in August.


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  • Daniel John Gibbs

    Oh my God! Yes! This band never fails to blow my mind!

  • Bjørn Brenne

    Sorry, I’ve been a fan for many years, but that sucked….

  • Dave Hartpence

    We are rich and no longer angry. Poor and pissed off makes for good music.

  • LakesideHappy

    more like a 1000hp session of ego stroking, lol not what i was expecting at all. i figured usually stuff with cars and horse power is an auto slam dunk . ….just proved me wrong lol

  • L-m Ahouin

    Well it officially blows

  • Sully a fag


    • John L

      I bet you know all about blowing

  • Muegano D. Izkariote

    fan for many years…
    and yes, that sucked….

    • John L

      Nickleback fan ?

  • Tedd Serratore

    Damn i hope the rest of the CD is better than that. Coming from one of their biggest fans since the 90’s. Born and raised in Mass with these Massholes, C’mon Sully WTF!!!

  • Pietro Ernesto Cantisani

    i bet it s not the best hit of the album …
    this one is for the radio .. and fans ll dig their favourtes off the album

    it s not what i expected … but Sully’s voice takes me … it s fresh … fast … catchy … it s different … listening the same thing over and over is boring anyway …
    i approve … and hope in a uk tour …

  • Shannon Stone

    all you haters can suck a fat one Godsmack has been one of the better bands out there and them being one of the top 10 for over 10 years should tell you that but go ahead and hate because that’s all you can do

  • Mark

    Way slower than it could have been. Could have been much faster and more pissed off but sucked??? Seriously?? WTF

  • Brooks Ploskina

    What the hell are you talking about Shannon? I agree with you about Godsmack being one of the top ten for over ten years but that doesn’t change the fact that the new song is shit. It sounds like they slapped the song together in 2 hours. The lyrics are terrible and they barely even flow with the music. It sounds more like a shitty punk song than Godsmack. Nobody is hating on the band, just the song.

  • kgilpatric44@gmail.com

    awesome song. never doubted the band….cant wait to hear the rest of the album….

  • Dick Manchester

    This is what nickleback fans listen to when they want to be “edgy.”

    • Tom

      You sir, I salute. For this is truth.

  • zanevorhis

    A song about your own band…not liking it.

  • Edchat3

    Do people hate the song because they think it sounds like “traditional” Godsmack music?

    • Tom

      Maybe it’s because he sings like a tone deaf cross between James hetfield and Jim Morrison on quaaludes

  • Edchat3

    No shit – my dr. who helped put me back together back in ’03 after a motorcycle accident dated a chick who was also dating Sully Erna!

  • Kevin G

    I agree with the populous on this one. It sounds like they just ripped off the sound from “Crying Like A Bitch”, stuck it on here, and threw on a bunch of shitty lyrics to try to make a catchy radio song, Even the new artwork looks like shit. It’s been 4 years boys, I hope the rest of your shit is together.

  • Jeremy Shaw

    The song was okay, but it was a big letdown. Not like Godsmack at all

  • CinBak1

    I agree with Pietro Ernesto Cantisani, every song that ends up on the radio is never my favorite from the album/cd. Bands always use catchy tunes to attract new listeners but for us fans, these can become a let down. I’ve been a fan since their 1st cd and waited til their 3rd to get the sun tramped stamped on me as a testament of my forever love of GODSMACK!! Not excited about this one and owning an American Muscle Car, it is disappointing to me, but I do expect the power, intensity and Godsmack sound to pour through this album/cd in “MY” favorites off this album/cd. GODSMACK FOR LIFE!!!

    • Tom

      More like love of layne staley since they ripped off his sun artwork to make their sun logo