Godsmack Premiere New Song, “Generation Day”


Godsmack have premiered a new track, “Generation Day,” off the group’s forthcoming sixth album, ‘1000hp,’ which is due August 5. In our recent interview with frontman Sully Erna, he called the song “more epic and weird and unique and artsy” than the typical Godsmack cut. Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments.


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  • Lucas Paulucci Pereira

    Nice tune .

  • Mark Hazelip

    I like the new tune

  • Faye Janni

    I like this new song, a lot! sexy!!

  • Karem Cruz

    Me gusto mucho la canción y la voz de Sully woow! Super sexy!

  • Carol Lynn Kervina

    Love the diversity. I could listen to this over and over. In fact I’m sure I will. Sully you have an amazing band and an amazing voice. LOVE IT.

  • http://www.techrave.net/ Michael Chase


  • Connie Holmes Loney

    Love it can’t wait to see you guys in concert again

  • godsmackforlife

    great new song love it

  • Philippe Duarte

    Dont know way, but that song brings to me the spirit of the IV Album, Its cool but I still dont feel the spirit of the old Godsmack in this new songs. I prefer songs like Moon baby, Bad Religion, Voodoo, Straight out of Line, Re-Align and Devil Swing

  • Patricia A. Heinisch-Schulte

    Love the new song Generation Day Classic Godsmack. I love all of you, thanks for
    working so hard. Each Album is better than the last, You Guys ROCK!!!!

  • Grovia

    Freakin schweet!

  • Carl

    BAD A ** Love it !

  • Hnatman

    Who else will be getting this album as soon as available? I don’t waste a single day for Godsmack, Disturbed, Pop Evil or Black Stone Cherry!!! Energizing!!

  • Jessica Anna Herrera

    Great song, Godsmack is one of my top favorite bands great riffs and everything. Totally dig the length of the song too. Can’t wait until August 5th to get here.

  • JOZ

    OMG. Like totally sexy. This song is just sex sex sex. I love you Sully. You’re the only member in thus band and that’s why the song is so……. SEXY!!!!!!! I want to be your whore. Insert sarcasm and forget about Godsmack’s songwriting ability now.

  • sean morse

    those dudes are so bad ass love it.

  • Cvgsmackfan

    Really cool song with a strong beat. I’m so pumped for this release.

  • Siz

    I love Godsmack, watched them in Tampa(Rockstar Mayhem Festival)but this is dull and disappointing. Get back to Faceless Album vibrant and full of energy!

  • RasberryRiot

    Loved it!

  • kmdyf

    Hey Shannon we miss Souls at Zero.

  • Renee

    Loved, loved, loved it!!!!!!!! You guys rock…………. muah xoxoxo

  • Shelly Harrington-Ruddell

    it is different than their previous songs;but they did a great job! Love it!

  • Falcon

    Well… It’s epic)

  • Dylan

    Love this song, love this band. This album is going to be killer. This song could easily fit on their debut record right beside Time Bomb.

    • Junior

      True, I’m in need to hear new songs like this one… Its not that heavy, but it is at the point, hard rock with some traces of metal… I’m lovin it!

  • cardffreak

    really nothing that great, its a good song but it doesn’t compare to anything off of Faceless. Im not bashing them. I love Godsmack but this song is just a little too different for me.

  • Jeff

    I’m so disappointed! I was really excited for this new CD to drop, been a fan since the beginning. I actually think The Avalon CD was better than what I’ve heard from this one so far. I’ll still support and rock with them though, their music has helped me through so much not too

  • Finho

    Big fan but I like old Godsmack more…

  • tomboyshell

    Faceless is amazing but I am not disappoind with this song either…look forward to hearing more

  • DeeZ133

    I look forward to hearing more….people complain, I like old Godsmack or whatever…they wouldn’t be musicians if they didn’t grow and change and evolve…open your mind as well as your ears!

  • DeeZ133

    I look forward to hearing more…people are so annoying…I love old Godsmack or whatever….they wouldn’t be where they are if they didn’t grow and change and evolve….don’t just listen with your ears, open your mind as well

  • Bradley Clifton Smith

    this should be the Name/album art for their new album looks alot better and alot less cheesy. but i will buy the album. godsmack rules!

  • Tish Mathis

    I love it , so nice to see them take it to a new direction , it feel fresh ,yet it is unmistakeably Godsmack.

    So happy they didn’t break up.

  • Roy Willis

    Right on track IMO….great new godsmack music….same bad ass sound!

  • Viktor Wolfe

    Like it, but I don’t LOVE it …. I see they’re trying something new, I guess. Kind of like Metallica’s song, Master of Puppets, with the interlude, just not as cool.

  • Guest

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz boring ass song

  • Godsmack fan

    This is so much better than 1000hp! I was really concerned about the new album when I heard that song! Looking forward to hear the rest of the new music!

  • Dd

    This song actually has a faceless / awake vibe to it. This song is so much better then 1000hp. It sounds like old school, kinda curious to here what the rest of the album .

  • Sheila Perkins

    I absolutely love it! Can’t wait for the new cd to drop!

  • Carrie Richelle Berney

    i love the new song

  • Steve Gillespie

    Now that’s what I’m talking bout!!

  • Julia Kholmakova