Godsmack Reveal Cover Art for New Album, ‘1000hp’


Multi-platinum hard rockers Godsmack are revving up their highly anticipated sixth full-length, ‘1000hp’ (Republic Records), for release on August 5. It’s the follow-up to 2010’s ‘The Oracle,’ which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Top 200. In anticipation, the band has teamed with Revolver to reveal the cover art for the record–check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments.

The title track and first single is available on iTunes and other digital retailers now–you can listen to it right here.

The album is now available for pre-order, including special bundle packages, at Godsmack.com. The digital pre-order for ‘1000hp’ will go live on iTunes starting July 22nd.



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  • Rick

    Kinda crap…. Hope the tracks are good

  • hester kukk

    What a joke

  • http://www.fstopmedia.com JHG1271


  • BB89

    Nice… but ew, horrible cover.

  • Batman

    Funny cover!

  • looch

    The background is sick but get rid of that truck or put a Bugatti on the cover haha.

    • I don’t have an account here

      Wow, you are a tremendous fucking idiot.

    • godfuck

      Your are the dumbest person ever that truck is a classic. It goes with that cover. A bugatti aint got 1000hp that truck does. It goes with it

      • Coop

        Your both dumb. 1. it’s not a truck. 2. a bugatti does have 1000hp tards.

    • VL123

      wow…you are dumbass. That’s a rat rod.. WTF would you put a Bugatti on the cover when these guys like muscle cars!? Moron.

  • John

    Looks like they got an idea from Metallica’s Through the Never video. In the beginning James is in a hot rod and shoots a huge fire ball from it .. Why not put it on their new cover – Way to be original Godsmack! :)

    • gmac1998

      Are you retarded? A LOT of rat rods can shoot flames. It in no way means they took any ideas from Through the Never…

  • Brendon Whitfield

    Kick Ass!!!! Godsmack are the inovaters of modern rock! PERIOD……………Mink..

  • Krystal Shaffer

    Godsmack is a kick ass bad love all there songs

  • Negativemrb

    Please pay Alice in Chains royalties for their sun logo you ripped off , Godsmack

    • Michelle G.

      Umm that Argument, is decades old!! Get over it!! Alice n Chains don’t seem to have any issues….I Love Alice in Chains, Godsmack does too, they have many times openly expressed AIC was an inspiration, they gave credit, Move on already….don’t be a “Greedy little baby”!! lol Peace!!

      • Negativemrb

        I’ve read that jerry Cantrell and company do have issues with it, they can’t come to a lawsuit due to the fact that Layne Staley drew it and has since passed away,…. Besides I just don’t like Godsmack! ( so I’ll cry like a bitch)Peace to you as well!

  • Michelle G.

    I Like it!! I Like how the S ties into the GS logo. It’s Cool looking, actually rather Bad ASS!! Nice Job!! Can’t wait, see you BOYZ in Cincinnati 8-17!!!!!!! For the Record, GODSMACK KICKS ASS!!!!

  • MidnightFairy 28

    It’s cool, maybe not their best one. My favorite will always be their first album cover. I’m more excited about hearing the rest of the new music. I’ve loved these guys for like 16 years now and anxiously await any new material. 1000hp,the song, is awesome musically and has a wicked chorus.

  • Pete Braun

    That is one awesome album cover!

  • Flip

    I’m amazed that anyone cares what an album cover looks like beside the band and the record company. I’m more amazed that people feel the need to post negative comments about EVERYTHING, ALWAYS. I hope some day all these sites will realize that the comment sections are MOSTLY magnets for nasty, negative, crappy people who are incapable of a kind word or original thought. REALLY?!?!? It’s such a “Horrible” cover?!?! IDK people…… on my screen is a pic of a Race car, not a picture of Jesus blowing Osama Bin Laden or Hitler peeing on a Menorah. Maybe some people are seeing something like that. That would explain a response like Horrible. I hope they catch this hacker that is replacing these innocuous, pleasant images with Horrible ones that evoke such negativity and hurt people’s eyes.

  • chief

    This drag racer approves :) bitchin man, can’t wait!!!

  • Jon Thompson

    i hope these guys make a heavy metal record,if not ill pass,and this cover ,they could do better

  • Tish Mathis

    Totally wicked, good job guys.

  • Dixie619


  • jim

    Sick cover, can’t wait for the album.