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Guest Blog: Chimaira Frontman Mark Hunter, “Coffee”

Guest Blog: Chimaira Frontman Mark Hunter, “Coffee”

Mark Hunter is the vocalist and founding member of Cleveland metal act Chimaira. For more than a decade, Chimaira has been imposing its gravity on the metal community by continually touring the globe and selling more than a million albums worldwide. Their brand of heavy music has evolved and transcended both itself and the trends while maintaining its persistent, bludgeoning force. The band released its new album, Crown of Phantoms, on July 30th. Watch the video for the new song “No Mercy” at the bottom of this post.

Coffee |ˈkôfē|

“Coffee is a language in itself.”--Jackie Chan

I was never big on coffee. It always made me feel anxious, and I wasn’t crazy about the taste unless there was a mountain of sugar covering it up. I always wanted to like it though. For years, I sat on the sidelines while my friends bonded over a steaming cup of “Quad Venti” something or another. The guys in my band love coffee and it would bum me out when I couldn’t enjoy the daily trip to Sixbucks.

All of that changed.

If you follow me on any of the various social media platforms, you’ve probably seen me post about Bulletproof Coffee. While you’re right to assume I am obsessed with the stuff by how much I rave about it, you might be wondering why I had the change of heart.

Back in May, I found Dave Asprey and Bulletproof Coffee through this Gnostic Media podcast. I was researching Celiac Disease (my girlfriend was misdiagnosed), and this interview had a ton of intriguing information regarding health and wellness. One wild concept was the benefit of coffee mixed with MCT oil (super potent coconut oil) and… grass-fed butter. Butter? Yes, you read that right. Butter.

Did you know that coffee can help with weight loss, is a good source of antioxidants, and is shown to improve brain function? Neither did I, until I visited and researched this peculiar concoction. MCT oil helps with mental clarity and is a natural fat burner. So what’s up with the butter? More importantly, why does it have to be grass-fed? It turns out that grass-fed butter is filled with high quality nutrients and tastes a thousand times better than regular old butter. It is super good for you and makes the coffee creamy and delicious.

There is a ton of science, data, and medical backing that coincide with Bulletproof Coffee. I highly suggest anyone interested in feeling awesome check out the Bulletproof site. Above and beyond the coffee, there is fantastic advice on dieting, sleeping, brain hacking, and even sex. It’s all about upgrading the way you do things in your life while continually trying to improve. Hack yourself and perform at your best. I love this philosophy and it has worked wonders for me.

Side note - I’ve yet to try Bulletproof Coffee then immediately have sex. I might need to do that ASAP.

While I could spend hours talking about the science behind Bulletproof Coffee, the essence is that it tastes amazing, curbs the appetite, increases focus, and can aid in weight loss. They also say you won’t feel any of the negative side effects that some, like me, experience from coffee. I am as skeptical as they come, so I had to try it for myself.

After the first month of using Bulletproof Coffee I was convinced. The coffee worked exactly as mentioned. Not only for me, but also for everyone else I know that tried it. I never once felt jittery, anxious, nauseated, or ran to the bathroom after having this coffee. I always feel turned on and ready to go and I only need one cup. It’s official; Dave Asprey is the “Heisenberg” of coffee.

It’s crazy how popular this is already becoming. Finding Kerrygold butter on tour in Portland was a challenge, and everyone knew what I was up to. One woman even made fun of me for being the real life version of Portlandia. But the trend didn’t start with Dave and Bulletproof, he discovered this brew through Tibetan Buddhists who use Yak butter in their tea. It’s a perfect way to deliver your body the healthy fats it so desperately craves.

I’ve made a cup of Bulletproof for over fifty people across the US now. I’ve yet to meet someone who didn’t love it. They’re also pleasantly shocked by how awesome the butter tastes. Everyone reported a noticeable difference in focus. It was incredible to see how enthusiastic they felt on it. They are charged up. I wish more people felt this good and were this alert. Nothing worse than going out in public and observing humanity re-enact a Romero Zombie film.

The first time Chimaira drank Bulletproof before a show it turned us into maniacs. It was one of the most intense performances of our career. Focused rage. Perfect for heavy metal! I also had enough energy for the show without having to eat beforehand. I’ve had a difficult time balancing the timing of meals leading up to a show for years, so this works perfect for me.

Our drummer, Austin, said he felt like he leveled his health up on a video game after his first cup. He’s also been following other aspects of the Bulletproof Diet and feels he is now in the best shape of his life. Sean, our keyboardist and coffee connoisseur, loved BPC and compared it to a high end Ethiopian cup. After adopting BP diet principles with me on this tour, Sean said, “This is the most alive I’ve felt." Remarkable, if you ask me.

Jeremy, our bassist, said his joints felt at ease and his mobility improved. Emil and others report the effect of coffee as a “clean high” and all wanted a second cup. The funniest transformation was our guitarist Matt whom I found jumping invisible rope at lightning fast speeds.

What about the weight loss claims? Absolutely. Before the tour, I dropped 10 without lifting a finger. Austin and I continued to lean out big time on this tour, and my family and friends back home continue to lose. By replacing your breakfast with this coffee and butter, you stay in fat burning mode.  It’s all I’ve had for breakfast for three months. I legitimately smile when I drink it. You know me. I don’t smile.

When I was assisting the edit on our DVD, I drank Bulletproof. I’d push over 15 hours a day with little sleep. I felt like I had a cognitive boost the entire time and never felt drained. My creative juices never ceased to flow. I think it’s safe to say the full band will be loaded up on BPC when we write the new album.

I’m healthier, intensely focused, and fully energized while creatively on fire… from a cup of coffee. I had to speak to the guys at the company.

Bulletproof sponsors UFC Fighters, Olympic Medalists, London Real, and a bunch of other cool cats. You may have seen Dave on the Joe Rogan show. As it turns out, I am the first dude in a band to hit them up. This led me to becoming an Ambassador for them. Stoked! They also hooked me up with a rewards program so if you want to buy anything from the folks at Bulletproof, and I highly recommend you do, please use this link. It will help me keep my pantry stocked with Bulletproof products. This too will make me smile.

If sending a starving artist a bunch of free coffee wasn’t sweet enough, my rep at BPC, Josh, set me up with a video conference via Skype so that I'm able to chat with BPC founder, Dave Asprey. I want to discuss how we can “Bulletproof” life on the road. I think I might present one of the biggest challenges to Mr. Asprey yet. Traveling on a bouncing land submarine with 11 other men across the world is not only insane… it’s taxing!

I hope that you look into Bulletproof, and if you do that it makes you feel better. The last thing I want to do is sound like a salesman, I want you to feel as good as I, and a ton of other people, do. Even if you just want a badass cup of coffee and don’t care about health, try it. Check out the site, read the feedback, watch some podcasts and decide for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

If anyone would like to try a cup with me on tour, bring your own stick of unsalted Kerrygold and we’ll tear it up. Hit me up on Twitter!

- Mark

Official Bulletproof Coffee Recipe –

Start with 4-500 ml of black coffee brewed with mold-free Upgraded Coffee beans. (Why)

  • Add 2 Tbsp (or more, up to 80 grams, about 2/3 of a standard stick of butter) of Kerrygold or other UNSALTED grass-fed butter

  • Add 30 grams of Upgraded MCT Oil for max energy, weight loss and brain function (this is 6 times stronger than coconut oil, your next best choice)

  • Blend with a pre-heated hand blender, Magic Bullet, or (best) counter top blender until there is a creamy head of foam. (It doesn’t work well if you mix it with a spoon)

“It’s really fast and easy to prepare. Realize salted coffee is a crime. Do not do this with salted butter. Bleah.”--Dave Asprey

To order your Bulletproof Coffee and other Upgraded Self products click here

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