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Guest Blog: Chiodos Tour Diary, “Week Four”

Guest Blog: Chiodos Tour Diary, “Week Four”

Chiodos recently kicked off their Crowd Surf America co-headlining tour with Blessthefall and special guests I Killed The Prom Queen and Capture the Crown. Later this fall they will head out with A Day to Remember and Bring Me the Horizon. As the band continues to tour in support of its newest album, ‘Devil,’ which was released earlier this year via Razor & Tie, they will be blogging about their experiences for Revolver. Watch the video for “Ole Fishlips is Dead Now” at the bottom of the post.

Three weeks in on the Crowd Surf America tour and we already want to go home. Just kidding! So we continued our adventure through the South of the U.S. into some territories that we don't normally hit. First stop was Corpus Christi, Texas. This city has quickly become one of my favorite stops on tour. The crowd was amazing to the point where I wanted to take them on the road with us and play to them every night! It was outdoors and it was an extremely hot one. Fortunately, the owner of the venue who owned a water park and let us have access some awesome water slides afterwards!

Next stop was Mobile, Alabama. A few of us woke up early and decided to go to the YMCA to get some basketball in (basketball has become a heavy theme on this tour, if you haven't noticed). I'm pretty sure we had never played there before, so to see how awesome the crowd was to us was very refreshing! Post show, a lot of people from the tour went to a bar around the corner and sang some karaoke. Some treats were definitely sung! Karaoke is one of my favorite past times, so of course I sang a couple ditties as well.

Moving on to Knoxville, Tennessee--we showed up and the venue was a bit larger than most of the venues on the tour, so of course we asked if we could set up our basketball hoop inside! The security guards joined us post show and we ended up playing ball 'till the wee hours of night.

Heading through the mountains we ended up in North Carolina next. It was more of an intimate setting than a lot of the spots, so this show was definitely one of my favorites of the tour. The southern hospitality was prevalent and the crowd was rowdy! It's always a good night when it ends in acoustic sing-alongs of the bands you listened to growing up on a sidewalk at 3 a.m.

Traveling up the East Coast now, we landed in Silver Springs, Maryland, where I woke up to an abundance of awesome restaurants around. If you've never heard of Nando's, you are missing out! It's like a classier Buffalo Wild Wings from the UK, and boy, is their Peri Peri Sauce delicious! There are only a few in our country so it's always a pleasure to run into. The show was awesome--though I was bummed RG3 didn't come out.

Finally we ended up in New Jersey. Not only was I stoked because I finally got to see my girlfriend, but there's something about New Jersey and their music scene that always causes an exciting day and show. A lot of bands we grew up listening to are from there, so it is kind of surreal to play there even to this day. It turned out to be the biggest crowd of the tour so far and the energy in the room was absolutely amazing.

That wraps up week 4--a week and a half left! Be sure to come out and join in the rowdiness!
- Brad

UPDATE: The band has cancelled the rest of the remaining dates from Rochester, New York through Columbia, Missouri. The following statement was provided from the band: "We are sorry to our fans as well as the bands on the tour Blessthefall, I Killed the Prom Queen and Capture the Crown. Our guitarist Thomas Erak has had a reoccurring medical emergency that needs immediate attention and we want to support him in his recovery. We plan to make up these dates this year. We appreciate our fans continued support and look forward to seeing everyone on the upcoming Parks and Devastation tour with A Day To Remember, Bring Me the Horizon, and Motionless in White.”

You can check out Chiodos’ tour dates on their website and get ‘Devil’ on iTunes.

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