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Guest Blog: Chiodos Tour Diary, “Week Three”

Guest Blog: Chiodos Tour Diary, “Week Three”

Chiodos recently kicked off their Crowd Surf America co-headlining tour with Blessthefall and special guests I Killed The Prom Queen and Capture the Crown. Later this fall they will head out with A Day to Remember and Bring Me the Horizon. As the band continues to tour in support of its newest album, ‘Devil,’ which was released earlier this year via Razor & Tie, they will be blogging about their experiences for Revolver. Watch the video for “Ole Fishlips is Dead Now” at the bottom of the post.

What a week it's been here out here for us on Crowd Surf America! This tour has seen its fair share of ups and downs, and we're only just now nearing the halfway point.

First off though--let me preface this entire tour diary with a personal pat on the back. You see readers--our tour bus A/C has been broken for the past week, and we have been in the the summer. Yes, this means sleeping on a tour bus with no A/C in temperatures consistently over 100 degrees. Waking up dehydrated in your own sweat will cause even the quietest of band members to turn serial killer in a split second (as we saw yesterday). However, the pat on the back isn't just because we survived a hellacious week of sweat and stink, no, it's because somehow, someway, a choice few of us have remained optimistic during this challenging time. And optimistic this tour diary shall stay.

We kick things off on Wednesday in Tulsa, OK. Each morning when the bus stops, I B-line for the nearest local coffee shop. Now, in my head, I wasn't thinking of descriptive words like "hip" or "artsy" when venturing out into Tulsa, OK, but boy was I wrong! Less than a mile from the venue, next to the violin repair shop (where classy gentlemen were fixing different stringed instruments in the window for all to see) was an amazing local coffee / vegan eatery called Chimera (I pronounce this eatery like the awesome metal band Chiamara) that I had the pleasure of dining at. The service was great, and the food was even better. I will be attending Chimera the next time that we are in beautiful Tulsa. After my coffee excursion, I headed back stage to find a whole slew of goodies for band dudes, like myself. If you have spent any time around band guys, you know that no matter how scary looking, crass, or how many face tattoos… THEY ALL LOVE TOYS. Ping pong, fuss ball, and corn hole tournaments took place, and feelings were hurt. Before I knew it, it was stage time and we were ready to rock! Walking out on stage was an overwhelming feeling, as Tulsa won me over with their passion and enthusiasm for music. Truly leaving me inspired, and all smiles. After the show, there were some fans waiting out by the bus, who I then spent some time with, thanking them for the inspiration, and the smile that they had provided by caring so much about something dear to me.

The tour continued, and we played for some awesome and overly enthusiastic fans in Odessa, TX where I saw oil rigs in backyards. I could go on a rant about the titans of the oil industry, the future of energy and how our planet is dying--but I'll save you the preaching. You want rock n roll, don't ya readers?! Well, this strip club turned rock club, in the middle of a strip mall, had lots of it that Thursday night. Here are the photos to prove it.

The next night we combine tours with some of our friends on the Mayhem Festival, Miss May I and Asking Alexandria in Austin, TX. Both bands full of upstanding young gentlemen. I got to catch up with the ever so charming Danny Warsnop, and his awesome dog Cowboy, and as always it was a pleasure. Before the shows each night, we do meet and greets, which allows us to look in the eyes of our fans and thank them for supporting us, and basically allowing us to continue living out our dreams. Here are a few of my favorite meet and greeters, whom I know all by name. Afterwards, it was show time. We walked out on that stage, sweat through every piece of clothing on our body, and rocked Austin to the ground that night. I can only assume that it will never be the same...

--Craig Owens

You can check out Chiodos’ tour dates on their website and get ‘Devil’ on iTunes.

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