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Guest Blog: Huntress Frontwoman Jill Janus, Part 4

Guest Blog: Huntress Frontwoman Jill Janus, Part 4

Jill Janus is the vocalist of heavy-metal act Huntress. The band released its sophomore album, Starbound Beast, earlier this year. Currently the group is on the road with Lamb of God, Killswitch Engage and Testament. Below, the vocalist contributes the fourth in a series of guest blogs.

Hey Revolver!

Huntress is deep into touring with Lamb of God, Killswitch Engage and Testament. We’ve already hit Canada twice and the shows were sold out. Canadian fans truly worship heavy metal. Bands traveling this time of year in Canada with a van and trailer be forewarned--the weather can be brutal and road conditions can become extremely dangerous. Our good Canadian friend Cam Pipes, vocalist of 3 Inches of Blood remarked that, “Booking agents and bands on a bus don’t understand how dangerous it is to tour Canada October-March especially if you’re in a van.” Huntress learned just how dangerous it can be…

Huntress was traveling from Calgary to Saskatoon when the highway iced over. We started sliding a little, but kept pushing on. More sliding, more snow, and we started seeing more accidents on the side of the road. We stopped to put on chains, but that wasn’t enough. We spun out, nearly being hit by a semi truck and jack-knifed our trailer. No one was hurt, no real damage to our van, but it messed up our trailer hitch. My bandmates handled a very scary situation like warriors. After 36 hours driving at 20mph, we finally crossed the US Border. We were unable to play the show in Saskatoon, which was a bummer. But no show is worth losing your life over.

Touring Canada is always profitable and Canadian fans are very supportive to bands. The Lamb of God shows were all sold out and the audience reaction was wild. I’ve also experienced a new level of fan love, having my autograph tattooed on the flesh of pretty girls. I’ll admit it, I feel humbled by the gesture to ink my name on your skin--it’s even a little bit confusing to me. My life consists of relentless touring, songwriting, recording and the occasional interview. But I haven’t taken a moment to acknowledge any fame during this stage in our young career. I won’t watch interviews I’ve done, I don’t read reviews. Like I’ve said before, feedback whether it’s positive or negative, I don’t let it affect my path. So, I only live for my purpose and block out noise. I’ve had success as a DJ prior to forming Huntress and I felt the heat of fame before–I  don’t like it, but I understand it’s part of the game. Now that Huntress is gaining visibility and expanding our fanbase, things are starting to get weird. But that’s cool, it’s never weird enough.

Canada, you’re awesome. I already miss you and we can’t wait to storm your stages again. But I think we’ll let it thaw out before attempting another tour up North in a van!

Stay heavy,
Jill Janus

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