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Guest Blog: Huntress Frontwoman Jill Janus, Part 5

Guest Blog: Huntress Frontwoman Jill Janus, Part 5

Jill Janus is the vocalist of heavy-metal act Huntress. The band released its sophomore album, Starbound Beast, earlier this year. Currently the group is on the road with Lamb of God, Killswitch Engage and Testament. Below, the vocalist contributes the fifth in a series of guest blogs.

Hey Revolver!

I’m writing this guest blog during the final days on tour with Lamb of God, Killswitch Engage, Testament and Huntress. I’ve become friends with all the bands and crew, learned a lot about touring with a legitimate production and have been offered up some amazing advice. I wanted to share some insight with my fellow musicians, especially those just beginning their journey as a touring band.

I asked Testament’s Chuck Billy and Gene Hoglan, “What advice would you give a novice metal band?” Chuck offered up some pointers for metal vocalists, stating that vocal training and maintaining your health is vital to a long career. Listen to entire the audio recording below:

Gene’s response was really cool, stating that it’s important to find band members you like hanging out with, looking at a band like family, knowing you’ve got each other’s back. He also puts great importance on learning how to read a contract and understanding the legality of the music business. Listen to entire the audio recording below:

I also asked Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler to give me three guidelines to help the novice metal band. His response:

1. Don’t eat sushi before a flight.
2. Don’t expect your singer to carry shit.
3. The most important member of your band is the soundman.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with me Chuck, Gene and Chris! My final guest blog is coming next week. I’m going to miss these dudes!

Stay cool,
Jill Janus

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