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Guest Blog: Huntress Frontwoman Jill Janus, Part 6

Guest Blog: Huntress Frontwoman Jill Janus, Part 6

Jill Janus is the vocalist of heavy-metal act Huntress. The band released its sophomore album, Starbound Beast, earlier this year. Currently the group is on the road with Lamb of God, Killswitch Engage and Testament. Below, the vocalist contributes the final post in a series of guest blogs.

Hey Revolver!

I’m writing my final guest blog from Los Angeles, days after returning from tour. Huntress has just wrapped up our North American run with Lamb of God, Killswitch Engage and Testament. We’re in LA for December, then we join forces  again with Lamb of God overseas in January 2014 for a wintery tour in Europe/UK with Decapitated.

When tour ends, I always feel a little misplaced. The same thing occurs after I record an album. I’ve become very good at shaking it off and getting back to songwriting. I never stop working on music. I’ve always had a vicious determination to maintain my creativity – this is one reason I can write and release an album a year with Huntress. From the age of ten, I would do four theatrical productions a year. A unique feeling from childhood creeps back into my life every time a tour ends. I feel it strongest standing alone in the wings--I smell the musty old theater and I’m clutching the heavy velvet curtains while watching those hot colored lights burn the dust in rings of goodbyes. I know the scene will end soon, I’ve memorized each line. Soon, the stage will be cold again and the old theater will sleep. The end of another tour.

I know there will always be more shows. I wouldn’t have it any other way. This year has been surreal. I’m so grateful to have bandmates that have become my family, who look out for me and keep me on the level. These dudes have seen some shit and stayed with me and I couldn’t take on this world without them. Endless thanks to Lamb of God, Killswitch Engage and Testament. And thanks to the crew for being so kind and helpful to Huntress. We learned so much on this tour and will treasure the memories forever.

Stay cool,
Jill Janus

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