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Guest Blog: Islander — Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival, Week 1

Guest Blog: Islander — Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival, Week 1

Islander recently released their debut full-length, 'Violence & Destruction,' and are currently rocking stages across this great nation as part of the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival. While they are out on that tour, the band's vocalist, Mikey Carvajal, will be providing us with updates and photos from the road.

Today we are headed to Las Vegas to play an off-date from Mayhem Festival with our homies in Ill Niño and Mushroomhead. Mayhem Festival has been great so far. We've had the opportunity to play some of the biggest shows we've ever been a part of, and we've made a lot of new friends. My wife is out with us also running our merch table, so it's been great having that time with her. Everyone involved with the tour has been nothing but nice to us, and we really couldn't ask for a better crew to be on the road with. The catering has been great, as well. Our debut album, 'Violence & Destruction,' dropped this week so we've been excited about that. The response for it has been great and we've been totally blown away at all the love everyone has already shown us.

All the bands have been killing it every day. KoRn, Ill Niño, and Body Count have been great to us. Take yesterday for instance, Fieldy and I went to the gym to work out for a bit. The gym is something that I've always been intimidated by. It's easy to feel overwhelmed by all of the workout equipment, as well as all of the dudes walking around staring at themselves in the mirrors while grunting. I've been conflicted about that recently, though. I believe that if we are spiritually and mentally healthy, we will also want to be physically healthy and take care of the body that God has blessed us with. Fieldy is holding me accountable with that. It's a process and a struggle. I'm not trying to look like Hulk Hogan or Arnold Schwarzenegger, but I do want to be a more healthy and thankful person.

OK, we are jamming some Future Islands and riding through the most beautiful desert, so I'm going to end this here. We look forward to seeing everyone on the road and killing it every day. Until next week, y’all. Take care!

PS. We are doing signings at the Revolver tent--stop by and say what’s up!


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