Guest Blog: Leigh Kakaty of Pop Evil, Part 1

Leigh Kakaty is the vocalist for Michigan rock act Pop Evil. Formed in 2001, Pop Evil has gone on to sell over a half million singles, with multiple top-charting singles, all while obtaining road-dog status by exclusively living out on the road. Their most recent LP “Onyx” was released last month. Watch the video for their hit single, “Trenches” at the bottom of this post.

Rock is not dead.

It seems like over the past year, I’ve been hearing more and more that rock is dead. After the past few months being on the road with Three Days Grace, Sevendust, and playing four of the biggest rock festivals in the country (Fort Rock, Welcome to Rockville, Carolina Rebellion, and Rock on the Range), I have come to the conclusion that “Rock is dead” couldn’t be further from the truth. Rock and roll is very much alive.

It’s been said, “Rock is dead,” “people don’t spend money on records anymore.” What a cop out. Music sales are down across all genres. I think there were about 10 albums in just about every format that actually went platinum last year. Even though I believe in the album as a format, it’s a singles market nowadays. The numbers continue to grow in the single sales world, which means a song is more important now more than ever. Making a great album is not a lost art; it just takes people longer to buy the entire thing!

So where does this leave rock and roll? It is not known as a genre for million-selling singles. Every single download counts. It starts by staying on the road. You have to be hungrier than ever! I am proud to be in a band grinding during this new era of rock. This is the hardest generation to ever be in a rock band. You have to give it your all these days. Giving it your blood, sweat, and tears is 100 percent the Pop Evil motto. It’s about making music that you enjoy to play every night. We have always spent our time focusing on the things we can control rather than the things we can’t. There will always be things about this business we can’t control, but winning over a new fan is more thrilling than any financial gain you could ever obtain. It has always been more about writing  music and playing it live. The energy that you feel onstage with your fans is the electricity that fuels this band.

The good news is rock fans spend their money in several different ways. Whether it’s on the physical CDs or personalized memorabilia. Fans are more hands-on than ever as bands have become more fan-accessible. Bands have to be more than willing to do the little things that aim to create stronger relationships between the fans and bands. It’s this relationship that helps build a stronger loyal fan base that will stick around for many years.

There is a hunger for rock and roll and it is not going away.


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  • Jed….

    I was talking with Matt about the busness the differences between Now and 20-25 years ago Thursday.
    If I hear something and I Like it, I am going to buy it..
    I allways have, setting on 700 chunks of vinle here and maybe 400 CD’s..

    The business is evolving , It has evolved and it always will evolve.
    But the Roots of it all comes down to the guts of it all..
    I have played 40+ years,,
    One of the biggest grins I ever got was watching my kid who plays Bass, Come in and say,,at age 20,,
    Dad , your not going to believe what we learned tonight..

    And proceeded to rip out on his Bass NIB the full intro..
    All I could say..
    Yep,, He was paying attention.
    The guy that got me started wanted me to play Bass,, and I Had to learn the Sixstring . :-/
    But I Learned.
    ONYX = Absolutely Rockin.
    People are surely “Missing the Boat” if they can not feel that comming out.

  • April Rains

    Absolutely Leigh! Pop Evil never disappoints either. Every song on their albums are likable. Its not an album that youll skip thru half of it to get to the songs you like. Its one you play from beginning to end OVER & OVER All the time!! Thanks for making QUALITY Music with EVERY SONG Pop Evil!! Thanks for all that you & the band do! We love you guys! See you soon!

  • Diane

    You all know how to put on one hell of a show. The chemistry between the band members is obvious and draws the crowd in. I saw you for the first time 2 months ago because someone had extra tickets. I had never heard any of you music before the show but I felt so connect to you all and your music that I immediately got your first 2 CD’s and Onyx when it was released. I’ve seen some of the biggest bands during the 80’s when rock was rock and I can say your band is definitely keeping it alive. I haven’t felt that connect to the band during a show in a very long time and will be at any show you do in eastern PA from now on so PLEASE come back soon.

  • Gail Eaton

    love you leigh great band killer voice GOD bless you all cant wait to see you such a sexy man i know you are going to be around until the end of time you are to good not to be listen to you everyday cant get enough your music is bad ass pray to god that you come back to Evansville Indiana i have told everybody im going to see you if i have to crawl to do it n thats a fact so please come back love the soft side of you leigh and i love when you scream you cant go wrong not with a voice body n face like yours so stay fine and come on back