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Guest Blog: Leigh Kakaty of Pop Evil, Part 2

Guest Blog: Leigh Kakaty of Pop Evil, Part 2

Leigh Kakaty is the vocalist for Michigan rock act Pop Evil. Formed in 2001, Pop Evil has gone on to sell over a half million singles, with multiple top-charting singles, all while obtaining road-dog status by exclusively living out on the road. Their most recent LP “Onyx” was released last month. Watch the video for their hit single, “Trenches” at the bottom of this post.

Thank you to all our fans and radio supporters!

It seems like just yesterday we were back in Western Michigan hustling to get Pop Evil songs played on our local radio station on the Sunday night locals only show. Now all these years later, rock radio has helped us reach our first No. 1 with our single “Trenches,” off our new album, Onyx.

This blog serves as a thank you to rock radio for still believing in independent bands and in the music. It is so refreshing to see the hard work finally starting to pay off. When we first came on the national scene in 2008, it has been a constant grind. The Midwest “blue collar” mentality has been very much a part of the way we have toured and approached radio--full speed ahead. “One city, and one fan at a time.” We can make a difference, and rock and roll can change lives.

We couldn’t of done any of this without the fans, though. All of you are the proof and have given us strength to fight out of the “Trenches.” Thank you to all of you who have been with us during this incredible ride. We can’t wait to continue touring and expand our fan base as our next single is suddenly on the horizon.

How we handle adversity and deal with temptation determine the kind of character we have, both as individuals and as a band. This next single we are about to drop deals with these issues head on.We all continue to get better with age and experience. A wise man once said, “When you play, you better deal with the Devil.” Along with this new single, we look to release what we believe is our best video yet. This is guaranteed to have both your mind and your eyes running in circles. Right along with the video, we have new artwork that compliments both the song and the video, which can be seen below. Look for the official release date of our second single off Onyx sometime in August!

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