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Guest Blog: Leigh Kakaty of Pop Evil, Part 3

Guest Blog: Leigh Kakaty of Pop Evil, Part 3

Leigh Kakaty is the vocalist for Michigan rock act Pop Evil. Formed in 2001, Pop Evil has gone on to sell over a half million singles, with multiple top-charting singles, all while obtaining road-dog status by exclusively living out on the road. Their most recent LP Onyx was released last month. Watch the video for their hit single, “Trenches” at the bottom of this post.

Football Time!

As fall is quickly upon us, I sit here on the tour bus both saddened and very anxious. Sad that another festival season is over as summer draws to a close, but anxious because it's time for football. Football has always been an important time on the Pop Evil tour bus with different band members rooting for the Lions, Packers and Steelers. Football games always result in trash talking, gambling and tailgating. There’s nothing like tailgating at a rock show!

Lets start with a little college football. Since we are from Michigan, we bleed Maize and Blue. We are always pulling for our Wolverines. However, if I'm predicting the next national champion, I have to consider my options. Though I believe Alabama will "Roll Tide," I believe Clemson will win it all on a turnover followed by kicking a game-winning field goal.

When talking about the NFL I have to admit I'm a glutton for punishment. Before every season I believe that the Detroit Lions have a shot to go to the Super Bowl and then reality sets in after the first few weeks. I realize we need to bring "Barry" back! That only happens in the video game world though. This could be the year of the Hawks (Seahawks or Falcons) 49ers, the Patriots, maybe even the Broncos--but with that flashy bit of green in the Seahawks Jerseys, I can sense MONEY! Look for Seattle to return to the glory days of Steve Largent riding on the heels of quarterback Russell Wilson. They are my Super Bowl pick! They will have to do it in a New York Minute though as the Super Bowl should be a cold one this year at the Meadowlands!

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