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Guest Blog: Righteous Vendetta, Part 1

Guest Blog: Righteous Vendetta, Part 1

Righteous Vendetta is a metalcore band out of Wyoming. The band released their latest album, The Fire Inside, last year. Currently the group is on the road with (hed) p.e. and Smile Empty Soul. Below, the band contributes the first in a series of guest blogs.

Hey guys, this is Righteous Vendetta checking in from the road. We are chilling at the Elbow Room here in Wichita, KS and we are glad to finally be out of -20 degree weather and 4 feet of snow. You'd think we would be used to stuff like this being a bunch of dumb kids from Wyoming and Montana, but it instantly becomes much more stressful when all of our gear and our tour rig are in jeopardy. Winter is not a fun time to tour.

We have started this year off hard, kicking it off at NAMM 2014 right into a month-long tour with the mighty American Head Charge and our friends in Cathercist. We just completed that tour with the last show being in St. Cloud, MN where there was a -35 degree windchill. From there, we started the tour we are currently on with Blue Felix. We love the smaller tours like this because the venues are much more intimate, and it makes for some great crowd interaction. After tonight, we will be hitting up SXSW to join the stage with some bands we have toured with in the last eight months: (hed) p.e. and Smile Empty Soul. This tour will last the remainder of the month, so check out our tour dates at and catch a show!

P.S.: We have very important information for touring bands. When you play Sioux City, IA, go to La Juanita Mexican Restaurant. There are $1.25 steak and fish tacos that will instantly ruin your insides in the best way possible. It is a MUST! You'll love it, we promise.

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