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Guest Blog: Righteous Vendetta, Part 2

Guest Blog: Righteous Vendetta, Part 2

Righteous Vendetta is a metalcore band out of Wyoming. The band released their latest album, The Fire Inside, last year. Currently the group is on the road with (hed) p.e. and Smile Empty Soul. Below, the band contributes the second in a series of guest blogs.

We just finished our first SXSW experience, and anyone who has ever been to it knows that if you don't know what you're doing, you're screwed. First things first, we want to send our prayers to all those involved in the tragedy that occurred. We spent most of our time there with heavy hearts, knowing that everything could've been avoided by simple responsibility.

Now at SXSW, if you don't get into the designated parking sections by 10 a.m., you cannot under any circumstances, get in to unload your gear. We had to pick up our Sprinter from the shop and we figured as long as we left ourselves two hours before we played to unload everything and get setup, we would be fine. Well, we weren't aware of the 10 a.m. rule until well after 10 a.m., and all of the exits were closed as well as the streets. Half our band was at the venue already, but we couldn't get within two blocks to unload our gear. Time was running out, so we pulled our tried and true "act like you're broken down in the middle of the street with the hazards on while everyone throws our gear onto the sidewalk." Once we dumped all the gear, the rest of the band got to work walking the gear two to three blocks to the venue.

As they were slaving away, I frantically took off to find a parking spot. After 10 minutes with no luck and two miles from the venue, Ryan called me and said we play in 15 minutes. I told him to make sure the gear was semi-organized as I cranked into a pay-to-park lot. I figured a ticket would be better than missing this show. I locked it up and began sprinting down the street. Thankfully, halfway there, I got a call telling me the schedule was switched and we didn't play for two hours. Everything after that went perfectly smooth and the rest of our experience there was great. Moral of the story is, prepare yourself for your first experience at SXSW, because it will likely be the most stressful experience of your band's career if you don't!

Until next year, SXSW!

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