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Guest Blog: Righteous Vendetta, Part 3

Guest Blog: Righteous Vendetta, Part 3

Righteous Vendetta is a metalcore band out of Wyoming. The band released their latest album, The Fire Inside, last year. Currently the group is on the road with (hed) p.e. and Smile Empty Soul. Below, the band contributes the third in a series of guest blogs.

With the extensive amount of time we spend driving, it honestly is a straight up miracle we don't have more close calls with collisions. It's the thing our family and loved ones worry about every night and day. It is obviously a risk that is just accepted when coming into a life of touring. Even though we have been very blessed with safety in our last five years, we have had our fair share of butt-clinchers that almost sent the ol' white Vandetta into a fiery rolling inferno, and the latest just happened this last week.

We were on our way to Flint, Michigan, to play the legendary Machine Shop, a sold out show with (hed) p.e. and Smile Empty Soul, driving our trusty 40-foot long Sprinter/trailer combo. As always, the road is just completely littered with semis, most either going way too fast or way too slow. Our vocalist Ryan was driving and I was sitting shotgun, and we were in the left passing lane ,slowly making our way past the slow-moving vehicles. I soon realize there is a semi passing us in the right lane and he is intently staring at us. This man was sporting a glorious grey flat-top haircut which I like to call "The Top Shelf," along with a handlebar mustache so thick that guy could be mistaken for a for a motorcycle. He stared at us until his vision was blocked by the back of his truck, and continued on at his steady slow speed, inching in front of us. His trailer was about two feet from clearing the front of Sprinter when he decided to very abruptly switch lanes to get past the semi in front of him with complete disregard of our vehicle, forcing us to slam our brakes just to even have a chance to avoid any sort of collision. Then, as to be expected, he picked his speed up to 80 and sped off to avoid having to deal with the fact he almost caused a massive interstate collision.

After we regained composure, we knew that there was no way we were going to let this guy get away with being so reckless for the sake of all the other drivers he would be sharing the road with. We picked up our speed to 85 and set off after him, knowing good and well that he would see us coming up behind him. Once we gained some ground on him, our first goal was to make it very obvious to him that we were taking pictures of all the numbers on his vehicle, from the back of the trailer to the front of the cab. We have our phones out pointing towards his vehicle snapping photos and then got right up next to his window where I took a picture of him. Somehow, this triggered something in him that gave him the idea that he needed to report us for something. So as we are driving right next to him, he pulls down a notebook, and points at us as he is looking for our license plate as to tell us, "You guys are in for it now." The whole time he is writing down our information, we couldn't help but laugh and picture how the conversation would go when he calls us in to tell the police we were getting his information after he almost ran us off the road.

Once we get everything we needed, we called the company he worked for and reported the trailer number. They informed us that they had absolutely no tolerance for behavior like that, and that they would handle the situation accordingly. I can only imagine how quickly they got a hold of this driver, possibly while he was still on the phone trying to report us for almost dying at his hand. As simple of a task as it was, there was an overwhelming feeling of success--like we just won an intense battle. There is only one word that can describe all of the events that occurred, and this word we will wear as a medal of achievement.


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