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Guest Blog: Righteous Vendetta, Part 4

Guest Blog: Righteous Vendetta, Part 4

Righteous Vendetta is a metalcore band out of Wyoming. The band released their latest album, The Fire Inside, last year. Currently the group is on the road with (hed) p.e. and Smile Empty Soul. Below, the band contributes the fourth in a series of guest blogs.

We stay out on the road for around 300 days a year. With that, there obviously comes 300 days worth of chances something will go terribly wrong for us. Vehicle trouble is usually the basis of all our problems on the road.  If we don't have a vehicle, we are rendered helpless. Our first major vehicle trouble of the year struck last week, stranding us in the middle of Ohio with some friends of the band. Our original plan was to stay here for our two days off to save on hotel rooms and then take off to the next show. Unfortunately, that would've been way too easy and convenient.

We stopped at a run-down gas station to fill up with diesel, and they were filling the pumps at the time. The attendant told us it was alright to start filling up, so we pulled up to the pump and went inside to prepay. Now, here is where this whole situation turned into a miracle. I (Justin) went to visit somebody the night before so I was going to refill the Sprinter with $30 worth of diesel to repay that and then use band cash for the rest of the fill-up. We typically always pay with cash, but I had to pay my part with a card. We take off, and 10 miles down the road, our Sprinter goes into "limp mode," meaning something that could possibly damage the vehicle was occurring. We limped it to a Mercedes dealer and had them start their diagnostics while we waited for our friends to come pick us up and take us back to their house. Once the diagnostics were completed, they relayed the message to us--bad fuel. If we would've paid with cash just as we always do, we would've had no evidence of ever filling up at this gas station and therefore leaving the gas station completely free of responsibility for causing thousands of dollars of damage to our vehicle.

On the bright side, we had a great time on our week off. We found a party bus on Craigslist that looked great in the pictures, so we journeyed the 3 hour trek to Cleveland to take a look. As we sat in a Wal-Mart parking lot waiting for this boss to come in, we see smoke emerging from over the hill. Around the corner comes a rolling garbage can that we had mistaken for a party bus online. We knew right away we weren't going to go for it, but we had to take a ride in it so we didn't seem rude to this guy. On the way back, we were feeling kind of down that we didn't end up finding a replacement vehicle for it, so to cheer us up we stopped at pet store. We left the pet store with a pet rat. I forgot about any disappointment we originally had.

Thankfully, we have amazing friends and family that were willing to bless us. Not only did we have this family let us raid their house and destroy their food supply for a week, but our friends from Montana let us use their 2010 Chevy Express for as long as we needed, and our drummer's mom made the 25 hour drive to deliver the van to us! We are finally back on the road and starting our headlining tour for April!

Unfortunately, this marks the end of our Revolver guest blog. Thanks to everyone for reading, and hopefully we’ll see you on the road!

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