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Guest Blog: Scorpion Child, Part 2

Guest Blog: Scorpion Child, Part 2

Aryn Jonathan Black is the vocalist for Texan rock act Scorpion Child. The band released its self-titled debut album this year and spent the summer on Rockstar Energy Mayhem Fest. This blog comes from their headlining tour with Kadavar, Gypsyhawk, Wilson, and Mothership. Check out their song "Polygon of Eyes" at the bottom of the post.

Day 2
September 13, 2013
No Rest For The Wicked

I've been trying to sleep for ten hours but I feel like I've only accomplished ten minutes of actual rest. Although I've slept many days and nights in the back of a van, this brand of bouncing and shaking is a poor recipe for slumber and it's no wonder that I'm awake when we pull over to get gas. I blindly fumble for my phone in the darkness of my cubbyhole to check the time. I've convinced myself that if it's morning time then I'll just start a new day. Maybe I'll make a pot of coffee and commit to staying up for a while. Lord knows I've got all day to catch up on sleep anyway.

It's 7:30 am. I can see the light of the dawn already creeping into the cracks of my curtain. There's the soft bustle of early movement in the cabin and the overwhelmingly welcome smell of coffee being made. Tiger has beaten me to the punch. I manage to dress myself in the limited room I have and I slip out of bed to join the few early birds that can't sleep either. Josh, our soundman for this trip, has taken over driving duties at some point during the night. Before we realize what's happening, he's maneuvered the bus down a slim path along the waters of Trinidad Lake. The vast majority of us are awake now, eating cereal, drinking coffee, waking and baking. We pile out into an overcast and luscious landscape and head down to the waterfront. The morning clouds seem to be billowing out of the distant mountains and the damp morning air is surprisingly chilly against the skin. I'm still just waking up and the world that surrounds us at this moment is perfect for dwelling in a dream state. There isn't much to do out here, but that's the beautiful part of it all. We've made it to Colorado already. There's no rush to get to Denver just yet. We've got so much time to be leisurely. I can't pass up the opportunity to capture this moment and the way the light is falling on everything in sight. I snap off a series of photos. Handfuls of rocks are collected and studied. Really, the complacent boredom of it all is perfect for the time and place. We all pile back in, Josh miraculously gets this behemoth of a ship turned back around and most everyone crawls back into their holes. I pour myself another cup of coffee just south of Colorado Springs. The sun is a little brighter but the clouds maintain the quiet and blurry morning temper as we climb higher in altitude up the mountains. I can feel the air getting thinner and my head becoming lighter.

Sometime in the afternoon, we arrive in Denver. Once again, I failed to catch any sleep although I gave it my best shot but after a couple of sandwiches for lunch I'm beginning to feel human again. Everyone watched the second half of Pee-Wee's Big Adventure. I'm usually able to fall asleep when I know every line in a movie but not this time. Lunch time is accompanied by a viewing of The Incredible Shrinking Woman--never seen it. Although it's only Friday, it feels like a lazy Sunday afternoon, so it's nice to have the luxury of doing jack shit. Holy nuts--we just passed Mile High Stadium! Watched the opening game last week against the Ravens and the Broncos killed it. Last time we came to Denver we had the pleasure of hanging out with Tig Notaro's brother. Just one of those random things that happens when you're on the road. Cowart and I met the guys from Living Colour last time we were in San Francisco. Anyway, I feel like we should give that guy a call.

I just realized that Weston didn't send the professional camera with us. Son of a bitch.

Tomorrow night is our first show of the tour. It's a snowboard film festival from what I gather. But whatever the fuck it is, we get to play on the bill with Pentagram--not a bad way to start things off at all! We arrive at some warehouse strip because we apparently have no other place to park this beast. The festival grounds aren't completely set up yet due to unfavorable weather conditions, so the promoters have directed us to their headquarters. From the looks of it, tomorrow's weather should be perfect for an outdoor show. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Jason Newsted, Mike Dirnt, Chris Broderick, Jim Norton and Sebastian Bach Added to Bass Player LIVE! Lineup