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Guest Blog: The Devil Wears Prada Vocalist Mike Hranica, Part 3

Guest Blog: The Devil Wears Prada Vocalist Mike Hranica, Part 3

Mike Hranica is the frontman of metalcore act The Devil Wears Prada. Recently, Hranica wrote a short fictional book, Home for Grave, which you can purchase on his website. The Devil Wears Prada’s most recent album, 8:18, was released earlier this fall. The band is currently on a headlining tour of the country and dates can be found here. Below, the vocalist and writer contributes the third in a series of guest blogs.

It seems that most people have a tendency to periodically segment their lives. Most often, one will hear folks categorize specific events as to when they were in college, or when they were single, or working a different job, or this, or that.

For the past six years, since the cessation of my time in high school and the commencement of full-time The Devil Wears Prada, I’ve sectioned everything into tours and record cycles.

Following the end of Warped Tour 2008, I got my dog, Marj.

Sweet Brag Tour acted as the predecessor to our third full length, With Roots Above and Branches Below, which is right before I moved to Chicago.

When we acted as direct support to Killswitch Engage (or Philswitch Engage), I made the decision to stop eating meat.

New relationships, new cities, new habits--all can be partitioned to that certain tour or that certain album.

I thoroughly inspected this inevitably monotonous process and “the tragedy of routine” while concocting the song and short story, Home for Grave. Nonetheless, not until recently did I realize that my own evolution and life span may be just as painfully mediocre as to that of “the normal man." While the steps I’ve taken and the means of categorization may be less ordinary than that of most, one would be blind to not notice the repetition.

2014 awaits. 8:18 will continue tour after tour, each with something new or a different story. It takes years to realize that it all tends to blend together from a distance. Although, I believe it is grace that acts as a beacon in what is to be remembered.

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