Guns N’ Roses Play “Paradise City” with Duff McKagan at Revolver Golden Gods — Video

golden gods 2014

Yesterday, April 23, Guns N’ Roses–joined by original bassist Duff McKagan–closed out the sixth annual Revolver Golden Gods with an epic set, which included their classic “Paradise City.” Watch the performance below and let us know what you think in the comments.


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  • Brandt Mouton

    Axl is stupid sounding. The band it tight but why does Axl sound like a 8o year old lady?

  • FreeFaller

    I’ve heard karaoke versions that sound better than this crap.

  • Anthony Lucas

    Axl needs to give it up

  • Rob

    Move over Vince Neil, Axl Rose has stolen the title of worst sounding washed-up rock and roll front man. I’m not sure it’s even close. I had to stop watching about half-way though.

  • JAX

    I don´t like bashing bands but they sound like a really bad cover band :( the magic is gone and Axl´s voice was big part off it and now when he can´t sing anymore like he used to sooooo …

  • Malcolm

    I’m a huge Guns fan. Have been since Appetite was released. It’s thoroughly depressing how bad Axl sounds in this. The growl in his voice is gone, save for a few spots. Just sad.

  • Rocker Lady

    This was not his best performance, but he still got it. I saw them in 2011 and 2012, it was amazing!

  • 3XC3SS

    That was awful… Ashba sounded good, but Axl needs to disappear into obscurity…..

  • mamathellama

    DUFF!!!!! <3 xoxoxo
    Axl not so much lol he hurts my ears

  • mushroom

    Axel has lost his magic touch when it comes to sining. My opinion is that he takes a retirement, all big band have to retire at some point. Let younger genration come foward, so they can keep the rock n’ roll legacy going.

  • Yomamma

    Sounds like goddamn Minnie Mouse!!

  • Ryan Howell

    There is no rasp in his voice anymore. The raspy grit was what made him so great, personally I’d rather see Slash live, at least Myles sings better than that. Before everyone jumps all over me, I have been a guns fan for a long time and I do listen to chinese democracy, his voice live is so hit or miss and this is a miss.

  • GillianAndersonCooper

    What happened? Awwwkward.

  • Aaron Zilch

    The pipes might not be “perfect” but the charisma is back. I guess you just had to be there.. …

  • Scott

    Get all the original members back and watch them pull Axel in line . The boys wouldn’t put up with it . What made them.

  • EmiSun

    You guys need to get off your high horses. Voices change over the years and a lot of artists sound different when they get older. Nobody trashes Dylan or Cohen so give Axl a break. Also, the reason it sound a bit off is because of the quality of the recording, it doesnt pick up on all the notes so some tones disappear both in the singing and the guitars. But I dont need to tell you people that right, cuz you already know everything…

  • Mark George

    This is absolutely laughable! The music is AWFUL, and Axl is a freakin joke!

  • ItzaGthang .

    If you guys remember Adam Sandler’s early work, you’ll know for a fact Axl sounds just like Fatty McGhee.

  • buckfutter

    wow that suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucked haha io was embraced for him

  • Brian Mohn

    axl sounds like Mr. Hankey

  • JesterName

    The reason its not horse is he’s not shouting.using head voice fully = he’s mastered the art & knows what hes doing. I can tell none of you can sing or know how to. A voice is 2 things 1 is timbr & it has nothing to do with singing ability the other is quality/knowledge of the art. You only listen to the former to judge never the latter as you have no idea what you are hearing when the latter is what you infer.
    Did hear MS “Your Fired” ditty, laughed my chops off & have been doin axl all day squeeking yoooooouuuuur firrrred lol have it so right its wrong, mirth central.

  • George Tyson

    This is awful, I can’t believe that no one has picked up the fact that the song is slowed down in order for Axl to even try to keep up. This is just horrible.

  • baw333

    People are just mean! This was a great performance the only thing that would make it better would be slash up there again!!!!

  • dirtywhiteboy

    Mastered the art and no one knows how to sing. You are full of crap. His voice is going because of the style of high notes he is hitting. When you get older it goes downhill, he may have been out of the loop for a time before the reformation of guns…well that makes it worse. It is not MEAN. It is reality. He is being smart and wording the words saving his voice. Vince Neil did that on the live album they put out. His voice was totally out. You can get your voice checked out actually by a voice doctor. That can help a lot. YES… voice doctors exist, look it up under therapy. You would know this if you really could sing!

  • darren young

    Axl really needs to embrace yoga or something to get back in shape and improve his stamina. He could get most of it back if he really cared.