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Gus Wood of Young Guns Picks His Five Favorite Albums of the Year

Gus Wood of Young Guns Picks His Five Favorite Albums of the Year

Leading up to the end of the year, Revolver has asked some of our favorite artists to pick their Top Albums of 2012 and tell us why each record rules. Here, Gus Wood (pictured left), vocalist of the hard-rock band Young Guns, selects his faves.




5. Smashing Pumpkins, Oceania
"It's great to hear that nasal drawl again and not think back in a nostalgic way. This record sounds classic but also current and contemporary. It finally feels like a 'new' Smashing Pumpkins record. Trippy and a bit cosmic in places but with great riffs and melodies packed in there too. Great stuff."











4. Muse, The 2nd Law
"Maybe the whole record is about excess and unsustainability and how we're all basically royally fucked, but Muse don't seem to show any sign of slowing down. This record is insane, from the thriller stomp of 'Panic Station,' to the Queen-on-acid of 'Survival' to the subtle pop George Michael genius of 'Madness' to the smaller more introspective moments like 'Animals,' this band blows me away and this record more so than the rest. Awesome."











3. The Gaslight Anthem, Handwritten
"I always had an appreciation for The Gaslight Anthem, but this is the first record I can say I really liked. The songwriting feels like they hit a higher level and it feels maybe a little less drowned in nostalgia which helps me to interact with it--seeing as I wasn't born in mid 20th century America. Almost has a Kings of Leon quality to it. Was surprised by how much I liked this record."











2. Make Do and Mend, Everything You Ever Loved
"To me, this record has an almost unassuming Jimmy Eat World quality to it. It doesn't bang you over the head. You just suddenly realize, Hang on, this song is amazing! And it happens song after song. Maybe it's James Carroll's gruff delivery or the understated production, but either way this record is a gem."











1. Deftones, Koi No Yokan
"I was one of the few that liked but didn't quite love--at least as much as everyone around me--Diamond Eyes, but with this record, they absolutely nailed it and have delivered an album as quintessentially Deftones and as brilliant as any of their earlier work. They sound revitalized and I love it."

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