GWAR Guitarist Cory “Flattus Maximus” Smoot’s Cause of Death Revealed

The Smoot family and Slave Pit Inc. released a statement regarding the official cause of death of guitarist Cory Smoot. Cory had played the character of Flattus Maximus for over 10 years, and was discovered dead on the band’s tour bus on November 3 of this year. He was 34.

Stated North Dakota coroner William Masselo, MD:

“We have finalized the autopsy report and death certificate. I have determined that Cory died from a coronary artery thrombosis [a heart attack] brought about by his pre-existing coronary artery disease.”

The band, which will continue as a four-piece until the current tour schedule is complete, has officially retired the character of Flattus Maximus, and has announced no plans regarding a new GWAR-tarist.

Metal Blade and GWAR have since set-up the Smoot Family Foundation to raise funds for Cory’s wife, Jaime, and their unborn child. Donations can be made right here. Also, at The Canal Club in Richmond, Virginia, on January 7, there will be a record release show, featuring Mensrea, Cannabis Corpse, DBX and more, for Cory’s solo record, When Worlds Collide, which he had completed working on just prior to his death. The album will be released early next year, with all proceeds going to the Smoot Family Fund.


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  • Kris Goins

    i remember seeing them with lamb of god one of the best metal shows ive ever seen

  • Katja Rauhe

    so sad…

  • Rockrgrrl

    So glad it wasn’t another death because of overdose…

  • moechelle68

    Damned nice of you Dave, to set up the fund— not to mention giving the album’s proceeds up, too.  You always did have a big heart Oderous….

    • Busguysteve

      dave’s not giving anything up ,that’s from cory’s solo.

  • Cliff Taylor

    saw them at the norva in Norfolk va just before i heard he pass on the best metal show i have ever been to 

  • Sean Halm


  • Jeremythibodeau

    There is no need for donations gwar is huge and raise the money on there own without the help of us broke metalheads. I do care that a member died I just dont see it as our responsability to send money. There wasnt a fund raiser or donations for peter steal when he past.

    • Shaina Von Rae

      are you serious right now .,…  you’re a moron did peter steele have a new wife and a baby on the way!?  Shut up   anyone who wants to help…. can!   You’re a disgrace to the brotherhood that is Metal music.

    • RVAdude

      Yeah, I know a few of those guys.  They all have day jobs, too.  Balsac the Jaws of Death tends bar and waits tables (and is really nice).  No one really makes money in music…at least no one good.  

    • LadyGWARFan

      Geez, please learn how to spell before you make your idiotic comments. It’s Peter Steele!!! Also:
      *raised, or they raise
      Also, GWAR members are not millionaires like some other artists. They make some money, but not enough to ensure that Corey’s unborn child is taken care of for life. Therefore they have established the Smoot Family Foundation. Lots of GWAR fans, like myself, feel horrible about what happened and would like to help in some small way. Making a voluntary donation is a way to do that. Get a grip. Take a English class. That is all.

      • Jeremythibodeau

        You all feed on drama and others opinions. I understand why they are raising money, I truly do. I just dont see why its our responsability. I would ask close friends and family instead of using my fame to get money from fans. Yes it is a loss in the metal community but Gwar will still live on without us sending money so will the child.

        • Auen74

          You are a true, uneducated jackass. It isn’t OUR responsibility to donate money for his family. If anyone donates, it is out of kindness and sympathy for others. Nobody is forcing anyone to make a donation, you insignificant, bloated monkey rectum. Everybody except your dumb ass seems to “get it”. Maybe until you actually understand something you should keep your gaping man pleaser shut… idiot

      • Grimswoon

        *Take an English class LOL

      • RagingANALinvader

        I won’t point out the irony of how you instruct that kid to take “A” english class, but I will say I hope you treat fellow gwar fans with more respect in person, at least.

    • dbagswizzlestickwinford

      you’re a complete and utter disgrace…..why couldn’t it be you who died of a heart attack instead of corey

      • Jeremythibodeau

        I would never wish death on anybody. Your the disgrace to the human race.

    • guy

      it was set up by his wife. to help with funeral costs and what not.
      so…. yeah….

    • Bradcan89

      responsibility* Steele* passed* Have a good day, you….. metal head*

    • Bonesaw69

      I’d Like To Raise Some Money To Give You Spelling Lessons

    • DAKOTA

      FUCK OFF!!!! You don’t know shit about how much it costs to put on a show….. and yes, I do know. My husband is a monitor/sound engineer so I do know how much it cost. Let me give you an example..Hotel rooms, tour buses, drive@facebook-712897829:disqus  for the tour bus, promoters, food etc, I have rode on tour buses that cost $50,000 per week to rent,,,,, need a driver? Well it isn’t going to drive it’s fucking self…add another $5,000. There is so much shit that comes out of the band’s money that you and other people have no idea about. Every crew member and stage hand gets paid…No one works for free.

  • Sean Halm

    I saw them at the Norva a few years back.  Great Venue

  • MinkyUrungus

    Donations are totally voluntary, Jeremythibodeau. Calm down.

    And it was no one’s duty to start up a charity for Peter Steele.

    Some folks decided to open up a charity to give metalheads the *option* to donate and there’s nothing wrong with it. Saying that GWAR (or anyone) has enough/more than enough is when you’re truly approaching the “being wrong” realm.

  • Da_biz302

    Seen them at harpos at one of his final shows. R.i.p flattus

  • Peterlasalle

    Yeah to Jeremythibodeau,its completely optional. and besides if you even read GWAR interviews, you would know that the amazing live shows they put on comes out of their pocket for the most part, so they actually dont make much money, they care enough to put on the best theatrical performance possible. so get your facts out before you start busting someones balls on their financial situation, that you for one, know nothing about

  • VoodooMouse

    Whenever I fart, I’ll think of how it will never be Maximus…RIP

    It was good seeing them the few times I did. Praise GWAR!

  • Kevin Kelm

    That’s crazy just yesterday I was asking my friend who was on tour with GWAR last year if he has heard how Flattus Maximus died. Of course he didn’t know because they just announced it today. But he did say that he was a really cool guy, and it was sad cause he left behind a wife and kid on the way. Its awesome that they are setting up the Smoot Family Foundation and looking out for her. R.I.P Cory Smoot(Flattus Maximus)

  • Kween Nix

    I for one hope to go to the  Canal Club on January 7, I WANT to help.  I know these guys and they are good but they don’t make a lot of money, and nowhere NEAR enough to help take care of an unborn baby. It means a lot to the TRUE Metal brother/sister hood that we attempt to help them out.  I know of no other band off the top of my head that would give a shit to want to raise the money for the Smoot Family Fund like GWAR is doing. R.I.P Cory we will miss you.

  • Melmofielddesigns

    So sorry to hear of this tragic news. My father died of a heart attack less than 2 years ago and I empathize with such emotion. I am a raised Richmonder, now living in Wyoming, and have immense respect for GWAR and ALL members, including family.

  • Demonreich

    you people are fucked up you will argue about anything the dude is dead can we have a moment of silence 

    • RagingANALinvader

      Wish i would have read your post before i posted. right on demonreich. it’s been a long year with no flattus and he deserves to be remembered well.

  • Joanne McCombs Baldwin

    I am terribly sorry to see such a talent at a young age removed from this earth and to leave behind a child that will only know him by name and picture and not throught the love that is father, protector, provider, teacher. If i had it to give i would but i have five kids of my own and I know it takes every penny, especially today. My heart goes out to the mother of child/spouse of Smoot and the extended Gwar family. Thank you for thinking of the needs of his family.

  • Tylor Ray Gallagher

    im glad i got to meet gwar the times that i did and the even more times seeing them when they came to colorado. they were one of the first bands i even learned the names of and knew songs from. love their work so much, on a side note i was hoping they would figure out some way to do a song with lady gaga….i know random but they both do such crazy shows and their both realy fun they would make something realy …strange but amazing together

  • thomas bailey

    So young and such a good artist to die that way

  • Zatharen13

    R.I.P flattus </3

  • Mickey

    My mum died of the same condition. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends

  • Kat Attack

    RIP <3

  • Aerodactyl1998

    i dont get it how r they goin 2 perform with no gutarist someone answer please

    • Inkjunky1

      balsac a.k.a.  mike derks  is their other GWAR-tarist already in the band

  • Mr.Gwarify

    GWAR doesnt need a guitarist to be amazing Flattus can not just be replaced

  • edwin robles

    Rip . gwar has my support .

  • eduardo castellanos

    rest in peace

  • Jresendez28

    Another fallen soldier of metal,, we ,, us metalheads will miss him at Gwar shows.

  • Ladysith9000

    My sincere condolences to Cory Smoot’s family and friends. To his GWAR companions, I hope he is happy on Planet Home, sux that he stuck you guys here on the dirtball with a bunch of stinkin monkeys! THANX for rockin out at the Masquerade in ATL, Ga! It was AWESOME!

  • Spacemaggot666

    will always be a legend. Made excellent music with Gwar. Love every record he played on

  • Chris

    My favorite band for 15 years now and the only real concert I’ve ever seen. Cory lives on in all of us, RIP brother <3

  • Tapdaddytool

    Dat SUXXX!!! :,(

  • Crackules

    flattus is finally getting to set on that golden throne in the sky. so every time it rains, snow, hails, or sleets remember it is are brethren spraying us once again.

  • Knubby1

    Flattus is now in Metal Metal Land!

  • alicia

    I was at the Gwar show at the Palladium in Worcester Mass. on th 21 of October. I had no ticket but I love the band so I decided to go to the show, I hung out by the tour bus and met friends of the band and ended up getting in to the show, it was great flattus sprayed me with blood everywhere. I feel so special to be one of the last people to be sprayed in the face by Cory.
    going to the show was my birthday present to myself. My B-day being Nov. 3rd. the day we lost one of the most tallented guitarests in metal music history in my oppinion.What a drag but the music lives on. R.I.P. Cory Smoot(aka) Flattus maximus

  • alicia

    God What an Awful Racket.. In the sky.R.I.P. Flattus :*(

  • Carter and Dayna

    What a heart you guys had and have.  We were simply impressed when we had you guys for our fashion show for the Richmond Food Banks some years back.  It speaks volumes to your compassion for others and you always were willing to help others.  A bunch of down to earth guys who we had a brief pleasure to have met.  From the owners of the Asylum of Richmond, Va.  Our hearts goes out to you and the family of Corey Smoot.

  • Carter and Dayna

    What a heart you guys had and have.  We were simply impressed when we had you guys for our fashion show for the Richmond Food Banks some years back.  It speaks volumes to your compassion for others and you always were willing to help others.  A bunch of down to earth guys who we had a brief pleasure to have met.  From the owners of the Asylum of Richmond, Va.  Our hearts goes out to you and the family of Corey Smoot.

  • Imdog_food

    lol cuz da crack

  • RagingANALinvader

    Corey would wanna fist fuck all the whining, taint-rubbing fags arguing about such trivial matters like proper spelling in these posts. The loss of such a badass is a tragedy and here we are fanning our smelly pussies at each other like fucking children. If you have any love for gwar at all you will respect the fact that his bandmates, his fans, and his family miss him, and these posts should show that we care as well. I bet his family doesn’t give a flying fuck if gwar fans can spell, whether they donate or not. What if you lost a loved one and came across a web page explaining their tragic death, only to find a bunch of brats are using it to have a pissing match? I’d be pissed. GWAR fans are usually the coolest strangers I meet, but some of you aren’t even worthy to donate to such a noble cause. I know I am no better for pointing out this obvious shit, but at least I’m not ripping on a fellow gwar fan who had trouble spelling his legit inquiries about a foundation, while otherwise respectably minding his own business – even though he didn’t understand the issue. He didn’t hurt or disrespect anyone, he’s a gwar fan – give him a damn break. A hero of mine has died, and I can’t stand it, I miss him and here we are griping about grammar. I hope he farts on you from beyond the grave.

  • warpriders

    Iam saddened by the news of corey smoots death it is untimely and such a young guy w/ the rest of his life ahead of him. He will be missed, and lets all respect the smoot family and everyone say a prayer for our brother flattus maximus and his family! Now u will always have a cool place to park!