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Hell Release New Music Video

Hell Release New Music Video

Hell, the cult Eighties heavy metal band from the U.K., have released the music video for "On Earth As It In Hell," from their upcoming debut album, Human Remains and can be viewed below. The video was directed by Kristian Harvard. Producer, and current Hell guitarist, Andy Sneap comments on the video: "The video we shot at Wingfield Manor in Derbyshire, U.K. is literally five miles from where I live and the band used the same location in the video for ‘Deathsquad’ that they shot in 1983. Director Kristian Havard—who used to be in the band Xentrix—is a friend from when Sabbat used to tour with them in the late Eighties, so I called in a few favors.

"The band always were theatrical and out there image-wise. The great thing about Hell is we don’t feel pigeon-holed into any category: we just do what we want. We are not looking at what’s going on around us music-wise, playing catch up or following the latest trends. Personally, I think it’s very rare that a concept comes across well on music video, so it was really out of ease to do a live performance. After all, this is really to introduce people to Hell."

The band, featuring original members Kev Bower (guitar/keys), Tony Speakman (bass) and Tim Bowler (drums), now complete the line up with David Bower on vocals and producer Andy Sneap on guitar, both replacing original singer/guitarist Dave Halliday who died in 1987. Human Remains is the band's debut album, which is due out this year via Nuclear Blast, and comes out 29 years since its formation and a series of demos and singles.

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