Henry Rollins Apologizes for Comments Regarding Robin Williams’ Suicide

henry rollins

Following the public outcry over his blog commenting on Robins Williams’ suicide, Henry Rollins has issues an apology via his website and  Facebook page. He wrote:

For the last 9+ hours, I have been answering letters from people from all over the world. The anger is off the scale and in my opinion, well placed.

The article I wrote in the ‘LA Weekly’ about suicide caused a lot of hurt. This is perhaps one of the bigger understatements of all time. I read all the letters. Some of them were very long and the disappointment, resentment and ringing clarity was jarring.

That I hurt anyone by what I said, and I did hurt many, disgusts me. It was not at all my intent but it most certainly was the result.

I have had a life of depression. Some days are excruciating. Knowing what I know and having been through what I have, I should have known better but I obviously did not. I get so mad when I hear that someone has died this way. Not mad at them, mad at whatever got them there and that no one magically appeared to somehow save them.

I am not asking for a break from the caning, take me to the woodshed as much as you see fit. If what I said has caused you to be done with me, I get it.

I wrote something for the ‘LA Weekly’ that they will post on Monday.

I wanted to get this out at this moment.

I am deeply sorry. Down to my marrow. I can’t think that means anything to you, but I am. Completely sorry. It is not of my interest to hurt anyone but I know I did. Thank you for reading this.


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  • DenDoomzDay

    In times like this we may feel lots of different things… think different things… say different things… emotions can get the best of us & Rollins has always been known as a man with many feelings!
    Let it go! He wasn’t trying to bash Robin, and he wasn’t talking shit about depression… he was angry & sad as many of us are and are allowed to be. Henry, you’re an awesome dude & though some of your comments upset me I easily forgive you

  • gurpgurp

    That’s cool. That takes balls.

  • Marc Austin Mack

    But, see, what he said, I didn’t not think it was derogatory. He is entitled to his opinion like anyone else. He did not call him a coward or tell anyone to quit complainING and “just kill yourself already”, like Gene Simmons did earlier this month. Obviously he knows what depression feels like and can sympothize. Going in without reading his statement first I wanted to come out hating him, but I didnt. The way he put his words and opinions down made sense from his perspective and we’re not intentionally shaming. Sure an apology might be necessary, but I feel like his opinion was sound.

    • VinceP98

      I agree. I don’t think Henry said anything disrespectful or wrong. A person’s death by suicide is baffling to those on the outside of it. Especially when it comes from someone who appears to be successful and happy as Robin Williams did. Henry is entitled to his opinion of it. I’m certain he’s not the only one who felt let down by Robin Williams’ suicide. I respect him for the first column he wrote about it and I respect him even more now for the apology.

  • Jonny

    probably one of the best if not THE best celebrity apology I have ever read. Henry is Honest, he knows what he is talking about and he even says people can keep writing him.
    the brutal honesty of this apology is exactly what I love so much about him, This was not a half assed apology, it wasn’t a fake twitter apology, It was an actual logical explanation as to why he said what he said at the time and why he regrets it.
    This took more balls than any other public apology I’ve read before.
    Henry Rollings is FUCKING AMAZING