Iced Earth Premiere New Video, “Anthem”

Iced Earth’s latest opus, Dystopia, ranked among Revolver‘s Top 20 Albums of 2011. Now the band is unleashing the new music video for one of the record’s standout tracks, “Anthem.” Check out the clip below and let us know what you think in the comments.


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  • Shidolutero


    from: brazil

  • Carl Frederick

    Awesome – its going to be the best post-birthday show EVER next Tuesday in Hartford!

  • Edccrock

    simplemente excelente!!!! es la banda que me ha influenciado musicalmente…. Iced Earth son los mejores

  • Catherine Swanson

    What an awesome video!  It really shows them as people and the intensity with which they perform.  I cannot wait to see them at the Trocadero on Feb. 1!

  • Geomanthos56

    Pure fuckin’ metal
    Torn asunder
    Our destiny is in sight 
    This is the ANTHEM 
    To celebrate your life m/

  • Rareform27


  • Kevinbeam67

    Fantastic!  Just like it was in Ludwigsburg, GREAT!!!!

  • FraNJ6

    Awesome !

  • !ceman

    Thanks for you Plek, John!

  • !ceman


  • Vengeance66

    Wow! What a shot! I like the new video. It is really cool recorded. I didn’t knew about this video, so this was a surprise to me…

    Great work!

  • Kakizto X

    This song cannot be better…. and the matter is that all song in Dystopia has the same level.

  • SomeoneWicked

    Fantastic! 😀
    Powerful and moving, that’s what Iced Earth is all about! m/

  • Marenco1980

    I love the song but the video is very typical with backstage images and the live performance is something that has been used many times by a lot of bands before. 

  • Ron

    one week and I’ll be seeing this for myself!Awesome!

  • Andy Hall

    New album is awesome, new vocalist is incredible, the band live kick ass, surely this has to be Iced Earth’s time ?

  • She Wolf

    <3 for all the guys, Stu, you rock!!! I've been in front row on concert in Serbia and it was incredible!!!

  • Maycon Chrystian

    Nice! soon in Brazil

  • Anonymous

    Great video guys.  Goes to show why Dystopia was ranked as one of Revolver’s top 20 albums of 2011.  Anthem is an amazing song.  Really looking forward to hearing it in Chicago.

  • Freeman

    Fantastic video for a fantastic song. They’ve done a great job with this!

  • LedZepLives

    Iced Earth never fails to produce something amazing. Going to see them in March I can’t wait!

  • Pl

    This is NOT Iced Earth! Where are the riffs, Jon?